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  1. Chiron

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    The same trashed look i get on all my cars....This aint as intended as some people say. I really hope they fix this soon. It's pretty annoying. Would be great if someone from Codemasters could at least let us know they are aware of it or looking into the issue. 😩
  2. Chiron

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    I think he ment the start of races DURING a event. It doesn't make any sense that the car looks trashed at the start of a totally new event or a single race. I wonder how F1 cars would look in real life half way through the season, especially those who crashed during a race.
  3. Chiron

    Are cars meant to look trashed before the race?

    I noticed this as well. When i select the car and while shown while loading an event, the car looks fine. When the loading ends my car looks trashed again, scratches allover the car, same goes for the AI cars. 😩 I hope this gets fixed soon, it's annoying. 😅 EDIT: Selecting another livery will make the car "clean" again. Until you used it in a race, then the car will always show banged up again while using that livery. Changing it back and forth doesn't help. The trashed looks seems to carry over to other modes as well... So once a livery is used, it will always look trashed at the start of a race, until they fix this bug. Ps4 Pro
  4. Chiron

    Warp speed helicopter

    Yup, there's a topic about it.
  5. Chiron

    AI not fighting each other

    I only did a few races after the patch, but didn't pay much attention about this "train issue". Now that i did, it's pretty clear and horrible. I did a race at monza and every team finished in pairs after eachother (as seen on the screenshots). Except for ricciardo, which was my fault for a sloppy pass at him.
  6. Chiron

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    So they seem to work now. But not correctly? The ERS modes doesn't make a difference. They always go on and off on the players car and the AI cars at the same places on the tracks.
  7. Chiron

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    It seems the lights are fixed with the upcoming patch, 1.05. It will drop in 1-2 weeks. http://blog.codemasters.com/f1/07/f1-2019-performance-updates-and-patch-1-05-notes/
  8. Chiron

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    Can we get an update if this will be fixed in the upcoming patch? (ps4 pro, all modes / races, all cars f1 & f2)