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  1. MrSatoshi

    F1 2019 wishlist

    I mostly play career mode so the below is kinda a suggestion for that particular game mode. . Red flag . More frequent Engine failures or mechanical failures in general to users . Less wear on car components in career mode . Two rewards system:money and points. Money can be won during the race. Points can be earned during free practice, qualifying and race. Money prize to be invested in upgrades or new engines, gearbox and so on in career mode which both team drivers can benefit from. Points are personal and can be used for same things as an additional investment (meaning further development of the car vs team mate) . Ability to move only points earned from one team to another . Pre season test with ability to develop car parts faster (team money budget to spend at the start of each season) . More frequent Tyre puncture casualty when hit from behind . More penalty frequency to AI during race when collisions occurred and they are at faults . Box to announce possible penalties applied to other AI cars . Wider or deeper interaction with media . Interviews on the podium!!! . Ability for team mate to contribute to car development or no gauging at all from my success (at the moment is a bit of a one way street) . Pit stop release on manual to be fully manual... If other cars in proximity I still want the chance to get out when i want, even if I risk a penalty
  2. MrSatoshi

    F1 2019 wishlist

    Anyone knows if csl elite formula for ps4 is mappable with its lx joypad ****? I can't seem to have this recognised at all. It would be a basic thing to have already on this year game, let alone 2019, considering the hefty price I paid for.