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  1. MrHawk

    Damage model

    You are totally right but I think most players are happy with this dull damage model. Such a shame.
  2. MrHawk

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    I mean in the 90s, I’m not comparing GP series with f1 2020 😉 what I want to say is that if Geoff Crammond had F1 games nowadays they would probably be better in terms of gameplay depth and details.
  3. MrHawk

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    From the GP series I miss the little side things of the game, like the animation of the stewards cleaning the track after a crash, the lively little details of that game in general
  4. MrHawk

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    I personally think Geoff Crammond’s gp series were amazing in terms of experience and depth, something codies are missing in this franchise.. that was the peak imho
  5. MrHawk

    Lack of AI mistakes and crashes

    Man this game IS GOING TO BE EXACTLY LIKE NEED FOR SPEED. That’s what I was trying to say. Contacts and physics are already very arcadeish, just like need for speed 😂
  6. MrHawk

    Lack of AI mistakes and crashes

    It seems you don’t like dramas in games. Go check my new topic and you’ll understand what I mean 😉
  7. Hi guys, I’ll go straight to the point with this probably useless topic. I’ve been playing F1 for 8 years and I am thinking about giving up with the franchise. ”ok who cares, stop bothering us, we are enjoying the game”. The game is in fact enjoyable, I have to say it’s challenging, has great graphics and it has the official license so most of the users (casual players mostly) will be happy with it, but there’s a thing I want you to think about: this game is utterly shallow, dull and lifeless. Why? Because in general, it has no “mojo”, it’s not “dynamic” and “alive”. Randomness, unexpected things and human aspects of racing are completely missing. I know it must be hard to put life in a game with complex mechanics like a racing one but I think it should be one of the main missions for a developer. That’s why I’m giving up with it, it is just the same thing repeating every damn time, in every mode, in every track, zero new scenarios, zero entertainment besides the race itself. Please think about it, F1 fans like it because of passion and the race dynamics: I DON’T WANT A SIM and I am not hatin, I just want to enjoy a good licensed game that translate well the vibes from the track to the pc / consoles. I would like to give you some examples of things that really destroy the good racing vibes and shuts down every feeling I have for this game. - LET ME DRIVE MY CAR!! This really drives me crazy. I SHOULD BE ABLE TO DRIVE TILL THE END OF THE FORMATION LAP TO MY PLACE IN THE GRID, IN THE PIT AND AFTER A CRASH. Let us park the car after a failure or drive it to the pits, IT IS SO HARD?! That’s the main cause of my frustration, I really can’t stand it and I can’t believe I’m the only one who thinks this. Too hard for casual gamers? Toggle button! - REMOVE THAT ARCADEISH SLOWMO AFTER A TERMINAL DAMAGE, IT IS A JOKE - Very rigid physics in general. Cars seems VERY heavy, I mean too heavy - AI behaves weird, like they are glued to the ground, if you hit them they don’t spin but if they touch you, it’s DNF for shure. Most of peoples says F1 it’s not wreckfest but AI cars are a 300 Km/h war tanks - AI does not care about where you are / breaktests you sometimes - I have NEVER witness a first corner accident / yellow flag / safety car ecc, and I’ve been playing A LOT. Very disappointing. I don’t want a carnage, just a minimum of unpredictability, the game now seems scripted, I know AI will never DNF in the first lap of the race - Safety Car bugs, in 2020 there’s the same bug of the previous years, it is not coming out. Some virtual SF every now and then. - Safety car line bugs, like other drivers sometimes overtake you even if you are right back of the car in front, you just ghost and the driver behind pass through you, boom, position lost - Incredibile load game bug: sometimes when I resume a session loading in the middle of the race the car has no power, barely full revving in 7th gear. Very strange - Corner cuts. Seriously?! It’s all or nothing, cutting easily most of the turns or getting penalized for touching the Kerb with a tyre. Too inconsistent - Damage physics inexplicably terrible, there are too many things to say about this. Just a disaster IMO. Rear and sides of the car are unbreakable AND DON’T TELL ME IT’S ABOUT FOM AND SPONSORS, I don’t want cars to be on fire/totaled, JUST A MINIMUM aesthetic damages. Another ugly thing, little contacts brake the suspensions but sometimes big crashes don’t. What amazes me most is that reviewers / users almost never mention this topic. Let’s remove players falls in FIFA at this point! Unbelievable and unacceptable - I have never drove an F1 car but I’m dubious about the lack of traction of these cars, I mean, without traction control I can easily spin in 5th gear in the last Mexico corner, that’s weird - Just a word: multiplayer. - Scripted race dynamics - boring out of the track contexts, interviews are dull, your race engineer is very repetitive. - lack of lap time reference / deltas. Little feature but game changer IMO, would be cool to have time targets for the compound you have or target to react to undercuts etc - During races I feel alone, I don’t know what is happening in the race, I can’t develop a good strategy. Where’s the strategist?! I know it’s a long outburst and maybe no one will read it but I really had to write this down before selling the game. I just hope new gen will change codies vision of the franchise because IT HAS AN HUGE UNEXPLOITED POTENTIAL!!! Let’s save this game guys PLEASE!
  8. MrHawk

    Lack of AI mistakes and crashes

    Stop saying that. I hate when people says things like “iT s NOt a DeStrUCTION DerbY GAme” or “GO plAY bEaMNG”. Why it is so hard to understand, it is a racing game, crashes and damages are part of it and it is a fact, I love racing games and F1 and I want this aspect in the game not because I like chaos and destruction, because without crashes the experience is not so deep and real. Another fact is that this important things are missing in F12020. Try to imagine FIFA but players don’t fall to the ground lol. The right amount of random crashes creates hype and tension / emotions, things that codies should consider to add in this dull game.
  9. MrHawk

    Mechanical failure

    Codies should let things happen. Cars should have random problems and failures and we should be able to drive to the pits, without that stupid, arcadeish adrenaline breaker slowmo screen that appears when a terminal damage occurs.
  10. damage physics or physics in general.
  11. MrHawk

    Failures, Damage, and Physics

    Guys it’s time to face it: all of this will never happen.
  12. MrHawk

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    Guys I was watching the new 2020 gameplay in Spain and I noticed that engine sounds odd when the car passes by the tv camera. It seems the Doppler effect modulates too much the engine noise after passing the camera, the pitch sounds too low IMO. 😕 I dunno maybe it’s just me!
  13. MrHawk

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    How do you guys think this game is even close to a simulation. I’m not hating but let’s be honest, the only realistic thing this game has are graphics.
  14. Laser scanned tracks are unnecessary assets. The game is clearly designed for the casual players, they don’t know if a section of a track is real or not and most importantly they don’t care. Plus it’s expensive and making a small chunk of players happy does not justify the cost.
  15. MrHawk

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    If it works, it works!