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  1. You are totally right but I think most players are happy with this dull damage model. Such a shame.
  2. I mean in the 90s, I’m not comparing GP series with f1 2020 😉 what I want to say is that if Geoff Crammond had F1 games nowadays they would probably be better in terms of gameplay depth and details.
  3. From the GP series I miss the little side things of the game, like the animation of the stewards cleaning the track after a crash, the lively little details of that game in general
  4. I personally think Geoff Crammond’s gp series were amazing in terms of experience and depth, something codies are missing in this franchise.. that was the peak imho
  5. Man this game IS GOING TO BE EXACTLY LIKE NEED FOR SPEED. That’s what I was trying to say. Contacts and physics are already very arcadeish, just like need for speed 😂
  6. It seems you don’t like dramas in games. Go check my new topic and you’ll understand what I mean 😉
  7. Hi guys, I’ll go straight to the point with this probably useless topic. I’ve been playing F1 for 8 years and I am thinking about giving up with the franchise. ”ok who cares, stop bothering us, we are enjoying the game”. The game is in fact enjoyable, I have to say it’s challenging, has great graphics and it has the official license so most of the users (casual players mostly) will be happy with it, but there’s a thing I want you to think about: this game is utterly shallow, dull and lifeless. Why? Because in general, it has no “mojo”, it’s not “dynamic” and “ali
  8. Stop saying that. I hate when people says things like “iT s NOt a DeStrUCTION DerbY GAme” or “GO plAY bEaMNG”. Why it is so hard to understand, it is a racing game, crashes and damages are part of it and it is a fact, I love racing games and F1 and I want this aspect in the game not because I like chaos and destruction, because without crashes the experience is not so deep and real. Another fact is that this important things are missing in F12020. Try to imagine FIFA but players don’t fall to the ground lol. The right amount of random crashes creates hype and tension / emotions, things th
  9. Guys I was watching the new 2020 gameplay in Spain and I noticed that engine sounds odd when the car passes by the tv camera. It seems the Doppler effect modulates too much the engine noise after passing the camera, the pitch sounds too low IMO. 😕 I dunno maybe it’s just me!
  10. OMG this gave me goosebumps. I think f1 2019 engine sounds are too “flat” or dull in the game, too artificial. This audio from AC is dynamic and very similar to the one we get from tv!
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