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  1. MrHawk

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    I really hope they will add some human behavior to AI because now they are god-like drivers. 1. They are glued to the track and if there’s a contact with the player, AI NEVER SPINS but the player does. 2. The odds to see AI making a mistake are so low right now, I saw only one AI crash once in hundreds of hours of career gameplay. 3. AI hardly get damages and in comparison to the player seems like their cars are made of concrete. I know nothing about programming but I hope these fixes can be applied by tweaking numbers in the game codes and not by rewriting the whole AI engine or something that big.
  2. MrHawk

    Why we need more AI realism...

    THIS. Please Codemasters don’t ignore us. This is very important for the game and for the players.
  3. MrHawk

    Hungary Turn 4 Oversteer Snap 🤬

    Oversteer on kerbs in this game is broken and in Hungary this thing is massive. In real life they use a lot of kerbs even during acceleration, in game it is very hard to nail it, chances of spinning are too high.
  4. This is a thing that must be fixed with other hundreds little features like car control in pit lane / random failures / slowmo sequence after terminal crashes. These little things all together will raise the game experience a lot and will make the game really immersive once they are fixed. I think the biggest problem for F1 serie is the lack of a proper gameplay immersion, it is so superficial now.
  5. MrHawk

    Man this game really makes my blood boil.

    The most ridiculous thing about all of this it's that AI cars seem to be glued to the track, like they are made of super heavy concrete driving on a magnetic rail. They NEVER lose control if they hit you but it takes a slight touch to make you spin. I also made some tests and guys, it's insanely hard to make them make a mistake or loose control of the car, it is so hard to the point that you end with a terminal crash and they just keep going without any damages! It makes me so angry.. Last gp I did was in Russia, wet race. At the start I was really struggling with the traction (I'm driving without assists) but the other cars were flying like they were on dry track! I had to restart the race like 20 + times to get a realistic start. AI does not care about where you are or what is your racing line, if they are faster than you prepare to be rammed. It's a real shame, other codies titles have great and fun AI, what happened with F1 series!?
  6. MrHawk

    Bad things in F1 2019

    The game desperately needs more depth and immersion. I mean now graphics and models look good and IMHO codies have to focus on the massive work to do with physics, game dynamics and immersion.
  7. MrHawk

    Traction loss

    Saw verstappen's on board pole lap video from the Hungarian gp and first thing that came to my mind was that he was pushing the throttle pedal very early and on curbs in various corners exit, literally impossible in the game!
  8. MrHawk

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    Guys we need to start a petition. I hope it will fixable with a patch BEFORE F1 2020. This feature would be a total game changer for the career.
  9. MrHawk

    SC Bug, No AI mistakes

    Please let the AI make random mistakes, it would be great for the immersion. Every other racing games has this basic feature! I want to see race start crashes / contacts / spins. Right now it's so boring, I'm the only one in the whole grid who can potentially make mistakes.
  10. MrHawk

    How to increase camera shake?

    It would be great!
  11. MrHawk

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    I play F1 since the 2016 title and I have NEVER witnessed a terminal racing incident between AI cars. N E V E R. It's nonsense, plus I have never seen incidents during race start which is a thing that happens lots of times, no safety car in the first lap or yellow flags. It is totally unrealistic and it really kills immersion. Such a shame.
  12. MrHawk

    GRID 2019 Confirmed Cars List

    Renault R26 confirmed!!
  13. MrHawk

    Have Codemasters nailed the Crashes ??

    Still not even close to a decent collision system (I'm not saying it must be hyper realistic, just decent). Too inconsistent and visually not accurate 😞
  14. MrHawk

    No power glitch

    I had the same problem in F1 2018, it occurred sometimes after loading a mid session saved race after a terminal damage (I don't use flashbacks). Always thought I was doing something wrong 😂 now I'm curious to know why it happens
  15. MrHawk

    Watch the wings

    There's something strange with the front wing damages this year. Last time Sainz hit my front left side quite heavily and the display showed me damages to the right side of the front wing. Happened couple of times.