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    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    I play F1 since the 2016 title and I have NEVER witnessed a terminal racing incident between AI cars. N E V E R. It's nonsense, plus I have never seen incidents during race start which is a thing that happens lots of times, no safety car in the first lap or yellow flags. It is totally unrealistic and it really kills immersion. Such a shame.
  2. MrHawk

    GRID 2019 Confirmed Cars List

    Renault R26 confirmed!!
  3. MrHawk

    Have Codemasters nailed the Crashes ??

    Still not even close to a decent collision system (I'm not saying it must be hyper realistic, just decent). Too inconsistent and visually not accurate 😞
  4. MrHawk

    No power glitch

    I had the same problem in F1 2018, it occurred sometimes after loading a mid session saved race after a terminal damage (I don't use flashbacks). Always thought I was doing something wrong 😂 now I'm curious to know why it happens
  5. MrHawk

    Watch the wings

    There's something strange with the front wing damages this year. Last time Sainz hit my front left side quite heavily and the display showed me damages to the right side of the front wing. Happened couple of times.
  6. MrHawk

    Without rivals?

    Fictional drivers for cutscenes / plot I think
  7. MrHawk

    Ask me your qeustions about the game

    Are the damage physics slightly improved?
  8. MrHawk

    FINALLY, GRID 2019!

    Guys what's this?! I'M SO HYPED https://m.ign.com/videos/2019/05/21/grid-reveal-trailer?sf103004622=1
  9. I'm reading more and more negative comments about this feature. Time to get rid of it or it's a good thing? I'd be cool if you'll explain your answer after voting.
  10. MrHawk

    Crash Physics (here me out here)

    Crash physics are as important as handling physics. If you know what racing is you should also know that hitting a wall at different speed and at different angles, results in a wide range of damages, from little punctures, to suspension damages or broken wheels. I'm shure you'll agree with me on this: a game that implements these variables changes the way you drive and makes you a bit more conscious about your driving style and the risks you can take (next time you will overtake someone, you'll consider the risk factor much more than you do now). Today it is not like that, it's all or nothing. There's nothing in the middle, either you have a terminal crash or you just bounce back, you rarely get a puncture from a contact. These little things make difference between arcade games and simulation / simcade games. I think a licensed F1 game deserves better race experience with improved damage physics, I'm sick to see cars bouncing into each other or into the wall without consequences (or small front wing damages) with SIMULATION damages on and I'm not talking about demolition-derby kind of damages, I just want a bit more of variables when collisions happen. IT CHANGES THE WAY YOU RACE and to me it's very very important, at least you should be a little afraid when driving an F1 car even if it's a videogame and it's race number 1000, these feelings keep the game alive!
  11. MrHawk

    FINALLY, GRID 2019!

    Can't wait, hopefully we will be able to see some gameplay soon
  12. MrHawk

    Crash Physics (here me out here)

    This is the biggest problem in f1 game series right now. Crashes and physics are so bad that they kills the immersion in the game. Some people say damages and physics are not important for racing games and i still believe that kind of people do not know what racing actually is. Contacts are a HUGE factor in racing games and should be almost important as the car handling physics. Crashes are spectacular, immersive and IMHO they add some kind good fear when racing. Obviously with a disable / enable option in the setting menu, so people will not complain about the game to be too simulation-oriented Racing games without good damages system it's like a great football game with ridiculously unreal contacts between the players during tackles.
  13. MrHawk

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    THIS. Why the hell it is not a thing yet. I'm playing Codies F1 since the 2016 edition almost every day and i swear i have never witness an AI first corner or first lap crash. Totally unreal.
  14. Plus I've noticed that sometimes the speed of the car during the fade decrease in an unnatural way, from like 200 kmh to 0 in a few meters, that's very bad!
  15. Agree, there are a lot of little (some not so little) things that kill the immersion. It really bothers me because it could be an infinitely better game in terms of immersion with so little effort by Codemasters in fixing all this flaws but they keep ignoring them.
  16. MrHawk

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    Agree, and red flag is another feature we need ASAP
  17. And letting a crash action go is true to the real world rules. Why is it so hard to understand? With that grey fade you are UNABLE to know where your car goes or who will you hit if you lose the control after a terminal crash. I hate when i'm about to randomly involve someone else in an accident, the game stops and that driver is in the final leaderboard - or worst - on the podium. That episode in Austria with Nico is true but what about some in game penalties if it happens? Or just let the ai to take control of your car if you are dangerous, so it can park automatically like when you are black flagged. It's easy and it does not kill the immersion.
  18. This is absolutely the worst feature they have in the game right now.. codies should remove it asap!
  19. Ok but let's say you hit a wall at 50 km/h maybe after a spin where you have tried to break from high speed and you slow down enough to just make a contact with the wall, so one of the front tires breaks and you are not able to continue. Is it right? To me sounds more realistic and immersive to continue with a broken suspension or a bad puncture trying to bring the car back to the pits and keep fighting. Right now The system after a contact is so nonsense, you find yourself forced to retire even after a small collision or you just go away without problems.
  20. MrHawk

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    The point is that this feature does not let you know what appens after a crash. If I hit a wall and I'm bouncing back to the track I want to see what happens, what if you are going to hit somebody and the action stops? It happened to me a lot of times, the game stops too fast. Killing the action like this it's just ridiculous.
  21. Agree, so if you disable the flashbacks you should get rid of the fade after the crash, right? It would be nice
  22. MrHawk


    Gray fade S U C K S
  23. MrHawk

    F1 2019 AI still not good enough

    Totally agree, the AI needs to be more alive and unpredictable, it's like they are driving on invisible rails. A thing that really bothers me is the totally lack of race start contacts / crashes between AI cars, since I'm playing F1 games (2016) I have NEVER seen a single DNF during race starts or a safety car after the first lap. It happens a lot of time in real life but in the game it won't happen. AI must be more dynamic.