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    F1 2019 wishlist

    Quite a few ideas to make the experience more exciting and real. Some small, others big. Real broadcast graphics This will make the game really stand-out, you'll be able to see the full order for the race/session while on track. Also include real intro graphics (e.g. circuit facts, circuit map, starting grid) 'My Team' mode This can make it stand out like the DIRT series. Players can create an 11th team and control every aspect, hiring staff and drivers, signing sponsors and suppliers. Increase media aspect of career mode Speak to a wider range of journalists rather than just the same one and more options to choose from for the answers to the questions. Choose your race engineer in career mode Tired of having Jeff as your engineer? Why not select from a range of different people to have as your engineer. Add classic circuits We've had classic cars so why not classic circuits now too. Would love to see the likes of Imola, Adelaide, Istanbul and Nurburgring available to race on. Mechanical failures for the player Having engine and gearbox wear is fine but what if it fails without warning just like in real life? More mistakes from the AI Makes the game more unpredictable. Longer podium celebration Just seeing the winner receive the trophy and spraying champagne is fine but can feel rushed. Have all the drivers and representative of winning constructors receive their trophies and perhaps play a portion of the national anthem of the winning driver and constructor too. Custom grid editor Generate your own starting grid for race weekend mode if you want to just skip straight to the race. Interactive pitstops Use the controller to change the tyres and go into 1st gear and release the clutch to accelerate out of the pits. Failure to react quickly to switch up to 1st gear/release clutch should also result in an engine stall. Pitstops can go wrong in real life sometimes so it would reflect this.