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  1. madcowie

    Something is coming...

    Dirt 3.0. Paid dlc of all locations in dirt 1 and dirt 2.0. That's how codemasters works these days. Dirt 3 locations and rallycross would of been fun ūü§£
  2. Career mode they got totally wrong in this game. At least free play you can have more than a 3 race championship. Career mode is just dull.
  3. madcowie


    Can you link us to the road book info please. Sorry can't find it. Cheers pal
  4. madcowie


    No mate! So if we are 10 locations missing that means by Season 10 we will have all 22 locations of the previous game! Codemasters dont seem to realize they are gradually driving everyone bloody mad! Bring back the days of BMX simulator!!! (Sorry showing my age but back then they use to make top class budget games! Dont get me wrong ive played and owned pretty much every codemasters driving game except the f1 games as I hate f1 and last years farce of a game that was some sort of multiplayer driving game). But since Dirt Rally 2.0 and Grid are just remasters with less content!
  5. madcowie

    Xbox issues following GRID patch - updates here

    How the hell a AAA developer manages to do this is beyond me! Criminal!
  6. madcowie


    Seems a strange way of trying to sell the deluxe version. Do you want to pay more for the deluxe version? Good, but we won't tell you what you are getting. Should say we are going to take a car category and split that into 3 different championships and then claim that's 12 events rather than one good championship. As for your location folks. Just check out grid autosport as it will be some location from that game. Codemasters today = pay more get less.
  7. madcowie

    GRID 2 mp vs. GRID 2019 mp

    Killed it's community in less than a week. 400 staff what the hell happened to testing multiplayer???
  8. madcowie


    It's very strange you don't have an answer to this question!!! Hard earned cash spent for the deluxe version and no details.
  9. You don't think there is anything wrong about having reverse grid races where the ai can't overtake? Wow
  10. So all the you tubers are saying hard is too easy. Very hard is too hard. On top of that your reverse grid races make little sense. The ai finish pretty much in the order they start. The guy who wins race 1, starts 16th in race 2. Finished 16th. This also happened in autosport. Don't tell us how good your ai is then give us what they currently have as it looks poor!
  11. madcowie

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Don't agree with Jake at all. Hated wrc 7 physics. This is a huge step up compared to wrc 7. It's not quite reached dirt 2.0 physics but it's still great fun. The stages are lonnnng and it takes maximum concentration to complete them without mistakes. Graphically it varies. Some countries don't look on par with others. Chile for example looks really nice where as Wales looks errr not like Wales. I've done over 750 km now on the Xbox One X version and I must say I really like it. Career mode can become abit tedious and if you don't like sim city, theme park strategy games you can do season mode that cuts out all the crappy strategy games. I love rallying and have for over 40 years. Played rally games from the 80s till now. I also have a heavy SIM background but still enjoy arcadey racers too. So if I could change one thing about wrc8 it would be how smooth the gravel stages feel. Few more bumps and pot holes wouldn't go a miss. Tweaked my settings pretty much straight away on my pad settings as it was twitchy and the deadzone was huge. Sadly this developer seems to lack beta testers and does a crappy job on customer service.
  12. madcowie

    Where are the career instructions?

    I struggle to see how bottom 3 get relegated when about 8 of them don't score a single point in a season. But thanks for the info.
  13. I seem to understand that you go up a level if you finish in the top 3 based off other peoples comments and those where based of Dirt 1 comments. Where do you have to finish to go down a level? Am I missing a link to some instructions?
  14. madcowie

    GRID development team insight

    I made the simulated version of the track using cad buildings/drawings. 4 months work. But whilst you feel the need to question me. Ive worked for f1 teams, game companies, lance stroll, David coulthard, Jason statham. So having been a 3d modeller for 10+ years I now publish my own games for xbox.
  15. I own deluxe version (sadly). Wales is not free. Never ever again will I fall for this deluxe rubbish. Been a total waste of money.