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  1. In 2023 we will be buying Wales, Spain, Germany, Finland and the rest again 不
  2. madcowie

    CODEMASTERS you are alone.

    Racing games have license issues. Only one codemasters game can get remastered then. Drum roll.............. Onrush 不不不不不不不
  3. madcowie

    The future of Grid

    Dirt 2 will go down as one of my best online racing games. It just worked perfect in that game. Since then I struggle to find a good online racing game. Forza 7 not bad as it tried to prevent the kids from spoiling every single race. Every racing game online feels like wreckfest.
  4. madcowie

    Final nail...

    AI for this game is what spoils it for me. Reverse grid racing, what's the point if the ai cars don't overtake each other? Reported on day 1, months later no improvements. I actually like the way the game plays but it's so poor in many areas. Not an f1 fan at all but gave f1 2018 ago when it was free to play for 3 days a month or two ago. That's how you make a racing game! Purchased it within 2 hours of playing it and I hate F1 不
  5. madcowie

    Something is coming closer...

    Dirt 3.0. Paid dlc of all locations in dirt 1 and dirt 2.0. That's how codemasters works these days. Dirt 3 locations and rallycross would of been fun 不
  6. madcowie

    WRC 9

    Don't agree with Jake at all. Hated wrc 7 physics. This is a huge step up compared to wrc 7. It's not quite reached dirt 2.0 physics but it's still great fun. The stages are lonnnng and it takes maximum concentration to complete them without mistakes. Graphically it varies. Some countries don't look on par with others. Chile for example looks really nice where as Wales looks errr not like Wales. I've done over 750 km now on the Xbox One X version and I must say I really like it. Career mode can become abit tedious and if you don't like sim city, theme park strategy games you can do season mode that cuts out all the crappy strategy games. I love rallying and have for over 40 years. Played rally games from the 80s till now. I also have a heavy SIM background but still enjoy arcadey racers too. So if I could change one thing about wrc8 it would be how smooth the gravel stages feel. Few more bumps and pot holes wouldn't go a miss. Tweaked my settings pretty much straight away on my pad settings as it was twitchy and the deadzone was huge. Sadly this developer seems to lack beta testers and does a crappy job on customer service.
  7. madcowie

    GRID development team insight

    I made the simulated version of the track using cad buildings/drawings. 4 months work. But whilst you feel the need to question me. Ive worked for f1 teams, game companies, lance stroll, David coulthard, Jason statham. So having been a 3d modeller for 10+ years I now publish my own games for xbox.
  8. madcowie

    GRID development team insight

    Yes mate, I did some work for apex circuit design who actually designed the track. Therefore I built it before it had actually been made in real life.
  9. madcowie

    GRID development team insight

    Guess I know different mate considering I develop myself. Ohh I also built Zhejiang circuit myself. I built it 3 years before it was made for the owners to test. But hey ho will never win an argument in here so you win 不
  10. madcowie

    GRID development team insight

    Don't think you understand how this works. So basically codemasters put everything in the game the day of launch. All 3 seasons, everything. You pay 瞿50 And get minimum content, they then charge you another 瞿30 for what's already in YOUR game. It's NOT developed after launch. I call it greed. So basically you will pay full price for a cut down game then half as much again for everything. On top of that they will use everything from all the other grid games and not model any new locations. Well maybe 1 or 2. Codemasters just remastering what they already have. If you have grid with all 3 seasons you will probably have the same content as grid autosport had. Sorry to say the truth but that's how codemasters work these days.
  11. madcowie

    WRC 9

    Don't get me wrong I loved pretty much all the wrc games. I take them for what they are. But its biggest let down is always the co drivers notes. Half of the games sound like you have a second co driver in the back seat who shouts BRAKE!! I hate that Personally I loved wrc 3 more than wrc 7. Thought wrc 7 physics where odd! Think this was their first wrc game on the unreal engine. Before that they had used in house engines. I maybe wrong but this definitely was the case for Moto Gp 19.