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  1. madcowie

    Where are the career instructions?

    I struggle to see how bottom 3 get relegated when about 8 of them don't score a single point in a season. But thanks for the info.
  2. I seem to understand that you go up a level if you finish in the top 3 based off other peoples comments and those where based of Dirt 1 comments. Where do you have to finish to go down a level? Am I missing a link to some instructions?
  3. madcowie

    GRID development team insight

    I made the simulated version of the track using cad buildings/drawings. 4 months work. But whilst you feel the need to question me. Ive worked for f1 teams, game companies, lance stroll, David coulthard, Jason statham. So having been a 3d modeller for 10+ years I now publish my own games for xbox.
  4. I own deluxe version (sadly). Wales is not free. Never ever again will I fall for this deluxe rubbish. Been a total waste of money.
  5. madcowie

    GRID development team insight

    Yes mate, I did some work for apex circuit design who actually designed the track. Therefore I built it before it had actually been made in real life.
  6. madcowie

    GRID development team insight

    Guess I know different mate considering I develop myself. Ohh I also built Zhejiang circuit myself. I built it 3 years before it was made for the owners to test. But hey ho will never win an argument in here so you win 🤣
  7. madcowie

    GRID development team insight

    Don't think you understand how this works. So basically codemasters put everything in the game the day of launch. All 3 seasons, everything. You pay £50 And get minimum content, they then charge you another £30 for what's already in YOUR game. It's NOT developed after launch. I call it greed. So basically you will pay full price for a cut down game then half as much again for everything. On top of that they will use everything from all the other grid games and not model any new locations. Well maybe 1 or 2. Codemasters just remastering what they already have. If you have grid with all 3 seasons you will probably have the same content as grid autosport had. Sorry to say the truth but that's how codemasters work these days.
  8. madcowie

    HDR brightness?

    Couldn't agree more on xbox one x. I've adjusted brightness and contrast and all sorts on my tvbecause the default setting is awful. Was this game even tested before release?
  9. madcowie

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    Don't get me wrong I loved pretty much all the wrc games. I take them for what they are. But its biggest let down is always the co drivers notes. Half of the games sound like you have a second co driver in the back seat who shouts BRAKE!! I hate that 😁 Personally I loved wrc 3 more than wrc 7. Thought wrc 7 physics where odd! Think this was their first wrc game on the unreal engine. Before that they had used in house engines. I maybe wrong but this definitely was the case for Moto Gp 19.
  10. 2 right tightens to 1???
  11. I understand what your saying but if you could edit the skill level when you levelled up you wouldn't of really 😁 I think the career mode is weak. Much preferred dirt 4s,
  12. madcowie

    Daily/Weekly AI Challenge

    More to the point what's the point of them? I don't understand how they add content to the game when you can go to free play and do whatever you want. Whatever happened to instructions? Did the box version come with instructions? Are they downloadable somewhere?
  13. madcowie

    Darkness and rain all the time

    I ended up turning the brightness up on my tv as couldn't see daytime in heavy shadows. 😁
  14. Will probably explain it then as I was looking for something in car setup that reduced the steering lock. I did notice when I ended up facing the wrong way it was harder to turn round. 😁
  15. madcowie

    Idea for stages/countries

    Guess you havent seen how vrally 4 made their stages? 1000 variations per country. Suspect their budget is lower than CM?