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  1. In 2023 we will be buying Wales, Spain, Germany, Finland and the rest again 🤣
  2. Dirt 3.0. Paid dlc of all locations in dirt 1 and dirt 2.0. That's how codemasters works these days. Dirt 3 locations and rallycross would of been fun 🤣
  3. Don't agree with Jake at all. Hated wrc 7 physics. This is a huge step up compared to wrc 7. It's not quite reached dirt 2.0 physics but it's still great fun. The stages are lonnnng and it takes maximum concentration to complete them without mistakes. Graphically it varies. Some countries don't look on par with others. Chile for example looks really nice where as Wales looks errr not like Wales. I've done over 750 km now on the Xbox One X version and I must say I really like it. Career mode can become abit tedious and if you don't like sim city, theme park strategy games you can do season mod
  4. Don't get me wrong I loved pretty much all the wrc games. I take them for what they are. But its biggest let down is always the co drivers notes. Half of the games sound like you have a second co driver in the back seat who shouts BRAKE!! I hate that 😁 Personally I loved wrc 3 more than wrc 7. Thought wrc 7 physics where odd! Think this was their first wrc game on the unreal engine. Before that they had used in house engines. I maybe wrong but this definitely was the case for Moto Gp 19.
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