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  1. StumpfPeter

    Can't change helmet or car number

    me to on iphone i boot all helmets for all cars but I am not able to chenge in the settings menu.. please thanks
  2. StumpfPeter

    2019 Season Update Announcement!

    hi, all the game is beather now after updae 5, but we spend a lot of money.100 box only today.... i whant to race again the event in Melbourn but the car was so slow at the end i get í+10sec... so all the cars ppwer was lost... i play allweys in the front row , so the cars needs beck he power again.. thanks
  3. StumpfPeter

    2019 Season Update Announcement!

    Great news nice work , i hope this week arrive the update , i whant to play and spend money)))
  4. StumpfPeter

    china event

  5. StumpfPeter

    china event

  6. its not difficult , full aero parts , and great handling... now i try 50 in the row now works grid starts also.
  7. StumpfPeter

    Car setup

    hi all with this setup you are always in the top but not only the setup is important , Handling !!! setup is more important ...this is our group now with 1000 members from beginners till professionals. se you on truck . stumpfpeter
  8. Mate, you now samthing about new updtae for this weekend about event ,patch  abour catting the truck and impossible laptimes ,and hackers...?? thanks

    1. StKnowhere


      Hi Peter, very sorry, I don't know anything but see they updates loading this morning -  hope they improved the game.

      I learn more from your group than here, thanks for that!

  9. hi mate how you have 3epic parts in the same time in your garage?? thanks 

    1. StKnowhere


      Hi Peter, very sorry, I don't understand the question?

    2. StumpfPeter


      how you have 3 epic parts in the same time for update,??

  10. Hi all setup for the topp 10,, this setup is yoused frome our best driver KONSTANTIN hi was in the last 5 events in the top 3 !!!! hi is real fast ...clean driving i hope this helps you to improve your car, and handling what is more important then setup..
  11. hi all, with full aero parts and hard drive you can do..easy lvl 9999 , 25 professional points.. and mercedes !! and high updated aero parts. our facebook site riched the 1000 members !!! we have all weeks if are not official event , one unoficialevent with starbdard cars and PI:0 so all players are the same .. its good all week to learn the next event truck like now china.