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  1. JonCazeau

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    Haha..😁 I got it on video. I Hope I will get a rematch sometime in the future. Good driving!
  2. JonCazeau

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    Thats so cool! I think I lost, got trapped with the AI. :(.
  3. JonCazeau

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    Great game indeed! Really having alot of fun playing. If I could improve then... Cars have way to good handling and makes it uneccasary to brake in some turns F1 cars have to brake, or let off the metal in order to not spin off track. If this was re-done AI would match player much better since AI do brake or let off the metal were one is suppose to. I vote for no racing line available in the highest league in duels, and no assists either. And an option to turn racing line off. Penalties should come at the end of race, removing additional seconds for whatever penalty one got during race. Cornercutting penalties should really be re-introduced. I can go off tarmac completly without penalty and gain unfair advantage on many tracks. This would make the Events much better for drivers who like the challange to keep car on tarmac like one should. Anyway, game is a game and it's great!
  4. JonCazeau

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    AI is to aggressive, All starts needs to simulate a realistic F1 start and performamce between player and AI should match. I don't really understand why this is an issue we have to complain about. But here's what I really would like to see! The cars players can purchase understeers and its GREAT! The reason why is that if all cars performed like this it would be more difficult for players to cornercut and gain unfair advantage. Also the races feel more realistic when ur able to lose grip when not following a good raceline. This would also help with AI not being to easy (not for me tho ;)). Many top players focus on finding corners to cut and when they do find these places, the advantage makes them unable to beat if your own focus isn't to cornercut. Cornercutting penalties should be introduced ASAP. This game is really a great racing game. And some improvments to eliminate cheating like cornercutting and implimenting real F1 rules would make this game EPIC!