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  1. kosin.ski

    Polish translation issues – DR 2.0

    After more than two months of playing I found more translation issues. Sometimes words are not even in Polish. Is there any possibility that you will get to this thread and try to fix it? I can type here every single mistake I found in DR 2.0. But is it worth it?
  2. kosin.ski

    DR2.0: To many nigtht- and rain stages.

    Same here. I’v done several championship rounds in rally and rx mode recently. I think you are trying too much to make this game difficult. There is in my opinion too mamy night and raniy stages in rally mode. Also I am ****** that I played two championship seasons in rallycross mode and every single round, every single race WAS RAINING HEAVILY! Why? There is no such thing as dynamic weather conditions. Like for example it could change between races or stages. But no... rallycross mode is such a fun for me but every single race weekend is full of this awful rain... Please, respond to that in some way. We would really appreciate it.
  3. kosin.ski

    Any WRC class cars?

    Actually, in the game, we can find some classes of cars. The "highest" one is R5 (WRC 2 class), are you planning to add WRC class cars? In DiRT Rally we've got cars like Ford Fiesta or VW Polo R. It will be great to have those top rally cars: Citroen C3 WRC, Toyota Yaris WRC, Hyundai i20 WRC and Ford Fiesta WRC. Thanks!
  4. Hi, in some places I see that Polish translation could be better. 1. Buying cars – you can buy a used car and I got to that conclusion after a long while. At first I thought that label "wykorzystano" next to a car in store means that I redeemed this one in some kind of way – I thought maybe it was a part of Deluxe preorder pack and I have this car already in my garage, but no. I suggest just change label from "wykorzystano" to "używany" it will be more clear. 2. After fatal crash – when you crash your car you get the speed of impact and there is "prędkość udeżenia" and should be "... uderzenia". 3. Car setup – changing camber setup in your car there is "ujemny" (minus) and "dodatni" (plus), sometimes there is "dodatni" and sometimes "dodanti" (wrong). With time I'll try to spot more things related to Polish translation but for now, it's this one point above 😉 Thank you!