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  1. JamesWhite

    Renovatio SRD-M3 compatibility DR2.0?

    Waheey, updated now cheers guys
  2. JamesWhite

    DIRT rally 2.0 is'nt a simulator !

    I'm inclined to disagree with OP, I think DR2.0 has quite a lot of physics. FFB could be better I agree, but overall I think it simulates driving on loose surface very well indeed. Can't wait for VR support.
  3. Does anyone know anything about whether Dirt Rally 2.0 will be supported by the Renovatio sim racing dash SRD-9C? Dirt Rally 1 was supported, and usually support in the SRD-M3 software for new games comes out quite soon after release day, but there has been no sign of it. Just posting this here as it's probably the most likely place to find someone who knows. Thanks in advance for any clues.
  4. JamesWhite

    too little car movement

    Kind of agree with OP here, he did say car movement, not suspension movement, it's something that has caught my eye that body roll and dipping on braking doesn't appear to happen in replays, and that video shows it quite well. Anyway, a small niggle, game is great overall so you can forgive the minor things.