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  1. That's fair. And I don't get what's up with the tree thing. Despite I'm owning all Codemasters racing games on X-Box 360 and X-Box One (except GRiD from last year), I didn't played the last 4 F1 games much. Not sure what improved and what not, so can't say much on that end. Game braking? Hm, probably not. I don't know of a single one. But I'm still p***** of the broken achievement in Race Driver: GRiD (2008 one). But that probably doesn't count as game breaking. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The number one excuse these days ^^ Just waited for that. They could have pushed the game back. But I think most problems at the moment are related to online functionality, so that wouldn't have helped.
  2. My main problem is just that all games turn into service games more or less. And I don't like that, combining the issues this game has, I'm just quite angry at the moment. I like to complete my games I buy, don't see what's unhealthy with that. No, like I said, I don't care for a specific Item. If I could disable this feature completely, I would do it. But like I said, it still shows you silly emotes in MP from others. It also takes away some sort of immersion for me. It's just there to please the Fortnite-Kids. Ah come on! I don't have any problem with him. And who are you to say whats important and what not? (Sounds rude, but I don't know how to say that more friendly, sorry.) Wish I could see more the positive on the game like you. But everytime I start to have fun with this game, some bs happens from the things I listed in one of the previous posts. I just wanna do time trials with classic cars, really. But to be fair: I see the huge potential in this game and the content overload. If they put the time and effort in this game to fix the issues like the DiRT Rally-Team did in DR 2.0, the game will be fantastic at some point. Ignoring the whole Podium Pass/Cosmetics-thing.
  3. Yes, it's retroactively. It says it in the help menu within the game. No difference, company is a company. They are here to make profit, that's all. If it is EA or Codemasters doesn't make much difference to me. Especially not, if they all do the same consumer unfriendly strategy. But I get it guys, the younger generation of gamers don't care to have F2P mechanics in full price games. Not against the developers themselves of course, they do what they get told to do.
  4. Yes. I'm a completionist, who wants everything in a game. Everything. I bought the Schumacher Deluxe Edition to have everything, at least I thought that. It doesn't really matter what specific Item I miss, it still gives me the feeling of a incomplete game. I come from a gaming time, were you got Items through gameplay only. You unlocked them, whenever you wanted to! Now everything is time-limited. "Get them while you can or miss out!" is the new thing, it seems. Should that matter? Should I really focus my attention to one single game only, just to get everything? Really? I mean, those seasons are always available for a limited time and the Items in them are gone after that, if it works like in other games with such systems like Destiny 2 for example. If there would at least a system in place, were you could pay a specific low price to get ALL limited time Items, if you missed a season. But this will not happen, because that kills the chance for whales. Look at the store: 35€ for 50000 Pitcoins. Ridiculous. And I have quite much time to play, but even this time is limited. I just can't play 3-4 games with such systems at the same time and get everything, impossible.
  5. Why do you say "untrue", if I am right? I CAN'T GET EVERY ******* ITEM IN THIS GAME! PERIOD! Don't try to fool the people! That wasn't my point and I got that before you explained that. BUT you guys could raise the price of the VIP-Pass for future seasons. Who knows? And you have to play the game quite much on a regular basis for probably the whole year, to get every item. It's not like there are other games out there. Every Developer tries now to "catch" the players, so they only play there game. How many different games can someone play, if every single one of them has some sort of "season pass"? I hate Fortnite for this. I hate this game because every Developer out there thinks now he needs to copy this system. Why do every game needs stu*** emotes now? Wich F1 driver would do a "Boogie" on the podium? Do you think this is funny? Kids may find that funny, the typical Fortnite-Kid, with 0 sense for humor. Doesn't matter. For a completionist like me, modern gaming times are absolutely horrible. There is no way to disable those disgusting emotes in MP for example. There no way around those customisation items. And thats the plan. Show others what they don't have, so they want them, too! Same as Forza Horizon 4. I try to ignore this absolutely stu*** customisation bs, but you always see them by others. There is no way around it. The VIP-Pass is not the point. You can get it without paying, you can go through the tasks and get level 30 and all the items within it. Ok. I still hate the time-limited season based system, because you either are constantly under pressure to unlock all items in a limited time...or pay for it. And if you play more than this single one game with such a system and you want everything, because you are a completionist: NO CHANCE. Don't you see, in wich direction all this leads to? Customisations are getting some sort of prestige object, a (very often overpriced) digital item. Useless, often annoyingly childish to get attention. And I repeat it once again: You can't get every item without paying with Pitcoins, because of the Item-Shop. The remaining 6000 Pitcoins I have after buying the VIP-Pass are not enough for all the Items, not even close probably. There is NO WAY to get these Items through gameplay! This game really makes me angry at the moment. It constantly crashes in time trial if I improve my time. I didn't got points in the weekly event, despite going till the end. It constantly showing me, it connects to online services. Some classic cars got removed, the only part of the game I really like. The classic cars sound bug from F1 2019 is still there. And now Codemasters transitions this series into Formula Fortnite.
  6. That's not true. The items in the Item-Shop, wich you can only get with Pitcoins, are not the same as those in the VIP-Pass. You can't get these through just leveling. And you don't get enough Pitcoins through Pre-Order/VIP-Pass to get everything. It's just another full price game with loads of customization items behind a paywall. In a game wich costed me 80€ I can't get everything, because Codemasters wants more money. How much is enough? Disgusting.
  7. Got mine from gameware.at. I asked the support, why the Schumacher Deluxe Edition isn't available with the Steelbook and if they could include it for maybe 5€ extra. In the end I got it for free. Best online shop ever. Warum schreib ich eigentlich auf englisch? Egal.
  8. Hi. The game keeps telling me every 25 seconds "connecting to online services..." in the upper left corner. No matter where I am...main menu, loading screen, offline AI-race, cutscene...just everywhere it's telling me that it's connecting. I don't seem to have online-connection problems at all, but this is annoying. Is there a way to disable this message? Don't wanna play offline, but this makes me furious.
  9. UnderclassGDfan

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    Yeah, better this way, than having 30fps. I also think they worked on that over the year after release, because it isn't as extreme, as it was at release. Still noticable, but "ok".
  10. UnderclassGDfan

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    That's just not true. There are still parts on some stages, were the framerate dropes quite heavily. Since it's always at the same spots and always in the same way, I got used to it. But it's definitely not "rock-solid"...not even close.
  11. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Another terrible performance from myself. Had a moment in SS1 in the first half, were I rolled the car off the track. Got a 17 seconds time penalty for that, uff... Cost me 20+ seconds in total. Rest of the stage was okish, bit slow I guess. SS2 was without big problems, was only once off the track for a short time, but was not that big of an incident. SS3 was...a huge disaster 🤣 I had the stupid idea to push hard on softs in the first 2 stages and "survive" somehow the wet 3rd stage. Didn't worked out. Lost way too much time and was off track twice for a quite long time. And also got a 12 second penalty at the second off. SS4 to SS7 was better, but had one big mistake on each stage. Don't know whats going on again with my performance, the car is pretty nice to drive actually.
  12. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    I was absolutely terrible in SS1, had many mistakes including a roll. SS2 wasn't much better, only SS3 was ok, but slow. 😞 😢 😭 After 2 retirements I'm out of the championship-run, I guess. @Dytut's 131 doesn't seem to be competitive, the car just can't compete against the Escort. I hope @denim398 will push you hard through the season, @Janneman60! Or this championship will be quite boring 😄 I love to drive the Kadett, but it's more difficult to be on my limit in that car, than I thought.
  13. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Terminal damage in SS1. Was on the absolute limit of my pace and pretty much on par with @Janneman60 throughout the stage. Lost control on a (more or less) long straight with a jump. Came on the grass on the left and crashed in 5th gear against a stone, done. I see that as a sign and thinking of not to compete further in that championship. Well see, pretty hard disappointed right now. The weather here in germany is absolutely bad for playing games at the moment.
  14. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Australia will be really interesting, probably the first time I really think of using medium tyres. Anyone already decided what car he uses? I think, I will use the Kadett. Not 100% sure yet, I really like all 4 of them, but...I dunno...arrgh! 😄
  15. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Wow. I won, wohooo 😀 That was really close, I mean REALLY close! Monte Carlo was pretty good, had only one almost terminal crash in SS3, but a tree and a car saved me 😄 Sweden was a small disaster, because I did several mistakes in SS2, SS3 and especially in SS4, but I was also way too slow at all times. I was a bit shocked about your dominant performance here, @Dytut! Denim saved my championship, because something must have happend in SS7, because he was also faster than me throughout the rally. So, for the next championship: I don't wanna choose R5, H3 RWD, Group A and 2000cc, because these were the last four classes we had. And I don't like FWD classes that much, so these classes are not an option for me. So I think it's time for some RWD-Action again! The winner is: H2 RWD!