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  1. UnderclassGDfan

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Your credits and staff/cars should come back, if the connection is back. I had that too many months ago and it is very frightening at first, I know. I think I don't even try to start the game today, just in case. I have around 87 million credits at the moment and I wanna brake the 100 million mark this year 😃 Don't wanna risk it. I'm VERY curious if the dev-team learned from this for the next game. We will see...
  2. UnderclassGDfan

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    @PJTierney Do you know, if the Xbox WRC app is working again? I cancelled my subscription last november, because the app wasn't working for more than 2 months and I felt robbed off my money. My PC is somehow not good enough to run the stream/videos, because it's getting really hot after a while and it shutts down automatically 😄 I'm still interested in rl WRC, but the Xbox WRC app was a big disappointment through the last year... It was also pretty bad to see Ford being just there...but not really competitive for some reason. And I really like the Fiesta, it's a pretty good looking car in my opinion. Well, still better than F1 in the last 5 years.
  3. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    I definitely won't pick the old Fiesta R5, because I used it at least two times in this club already and generally use it very often. I'm not a big fan of the french cars...one is ugly as hell and the other is farting all the time at the starting area... 🤣 So Polo, Fabia or Space Star. I have not much experience in the Space Star, used very rarely, so maybe it's time for some errr...space action!? 😄 But not sure yet. The Polo has some awesome sound, but I don't like how the cockpit looks. The Fabia is like my ex: looks nice, but gets crazy sometimes.
  4. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Ok, I have set up the next championship. I tried to recreate what @SkyRex did (6 longs, 1 short), but also included some logic to the track degradation. Medium service time after 3 stages except for safari rally. There is no service on the safari rally and thats the first rally, so keep that in mind. It's completely dry, didn't wanted to make it too difficult. I also didn't put much night and rain stages to the stages, because I wanted to keep it simple. Every rally goes 1 week, starting this monday at 6am. It doesn't start immidiately, because I wanted to have the full weekend for everybody to run the rally. Safari Rally: Germany (first rally) Weather Rally: Wales (8th rally, all sun, no wet, rain or night stages) Excluded Rally: Argentina (why @Dytut, WHYYYYYY??? 😭) Calendar: Shifted year Car Class: R5 with gentlemen's agreement to not pick the Ford Fiesta R5 MKII Used the car too often lately anyway... And sorry for the long wait, I'm just honest: I was lazy 🤣
  5. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Wasn't able to set up yet, you can still choose. Will this set up this evening. Sorry, was a little busy.
  6. UnderclassGDfan

    HUD speedometer element show always MPH instead of KMH

    @BarryBL I think I found the "issue". I changed the option always in the main menu. But when I paused the game in the middle of a race and going to "preferences" the option there was still on "MPH". Changed it there and it worked since then it seems. Strange these options are not connected. And strange it changed itself with the last update. Also: I had several crashes (right before the end of the first season going on the 30th for new contract) and "corrupt save" warnings 2 days ago in Driver Career Mode. I could overcome the crashes (it crashed always at the same spot) by going on the 29th, stop the forwarding, going to podium pass menu, deleting all the yellow blips, going back to the career screen and going foward. Strange. And some very low res textures on my car Alfa Romeo and on turn 3 on the inside in Australia in the first race (for the complete session training/quali/race) of the first season of the same Driver Career save. The game is unfortunately still in pretty bad condition. I could do new bug reports, but these were already made several times.
  7. UnderclassGDfan

    HUD speedometer element show always MPH instead of KMH

    @BarryBL Two things are different here: camera-perspective was the one above the helmet, slightly to the left (didn't tested others) and maybe way more important: german language. Everything in the game is set to german, so maybe that makes the difference. I know there was a problem with german engineer not working anymore and this got fixed with the last update, but maybe caused another problem? I can make a video, but this takes a little longer.
  8. Bug Report: A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. The HUD element for speed always shows MPH, even if KMH is choosen in options in main menu. Happens since 1.14.0. It actually switched with update 1.14.0 from KMH to MPH in options automatically. I put it back to KMH, but doesn't have any effect. Platform X-Box One S What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.14.0 Game-mode? All game-modes. Tested in time trial, unranked-online-races, grand prix-mode. We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? Yes. Choose KMH in options for HUD-speedometer, do any race in any game-mode and see yourself. How do you make the problem happen? See above. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue See above. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) Standard X-Box One S controller, nothing else. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. No.
  9. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Still missing the car class from @somethingthing. If he doesn't decide the class by next sunday, a vote will decide in wich class were racing. Put your vote as a comment in here until sunday, please. Including gentlemen's agreements. My vote goes to: up to 2000cc without Citroen C4 Rally and Ford Focus RS Rally 2007.
  10. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    I definitely have interest and wanted to ask the same, but had some health issues recently, so I thought to wait until new year. If nothing changed I should still be an admin, so I could set up a new championship, if I get the informations necessary. So I need the votes for: @somethingthing car class (with a possible gentlemen's agreement to not pick one or more cars) I choose the "shifted year" calendar @Dytut excluded rally @Janneman60 safari rally @Freddygore weather rally (for some reason it doesn't tag the last two) Detailed info about the picks can be found in the start post.
  11. UnderclassGDfan

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    That's not the point I made. I said "in the next few years". I'm aware of them being shut down at some point. They are way more than enough examples of games being shut off within less than 5 years by EA. Nonsense concerns? These are my fears and opinions, please respect others opinions. Your opinion is not the holy grail. I don't get why you think you need to bash my opinions and fears like that. I think we have different opinions what multiplayer actually is. Everything PvP-based is multiplayer, there is no more or less in terms of the definition. There are just different forms of it. Thats how I see it. Still confirms that EA tries over and over again to p*** off there fanbase. And arguing, DR2 has no MP elements lets me question your knowledge of the game at all. You can even rally at the same time on track via custom online modes. Star Wars: Battlefront (2015) does not have a campaign mode. Please inform yourself, before arguing with objectively wrong statements. It was a big ********* back then and they announced that just before the release, the only reason why I know that. Something shitstormy was around Star Wars: Battlefront II, too, but I can't remember exactly what it this time was... I think something P2W-esque around some characters? But not sure anymore and thats the reason I didn't put that in intially. Ah, ok, mircrotransactions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_Battlefront_II_(2017_video_game) I actually did, with pretty much almost all concerns I made. And I explained why they have a reason to do that, but you seem not to listen. And these are my FEARS, I didn't say they 100% actually do that. There are also positive examples for sure, like my last EA game: Mirror's Edge: Catalyst. Actually really liked it. Not as legend as the first one, but...good. And thats just wrong in my opinion. When I buy something I wanna play it as long as I want and not let others decide when I have to stop, because it's not profitable enough anymore. I understand that most service-games only work with a certain user base and it wouldn't make sense to keep them alive, if there is no one playing, but I don't think a rally game should be built around that. That's my fear. I just don't want a fully focused online-multiplayer-service-game. So you wanna tell me, you don't see the general direction the industry is heading to? Not only EA or Codemasters. DR2.0 is already largely online only, because it doesn't even have a proper career mode thats playable offline. And EA is definitely going the online-service route with games like Star Wars: Battlefront II, NfS: Heat, Fifa 21 UT, Anthem and so on. Not only EA, I know, but that doesn't make it less frightening. Oh it makes sense, if you just would look a few steps into the future of gaming. As an example (not EA, but it is just a matter of time everyone does it): Bungie kicked literally almost all of the content from vanilla Destiny 2 I bought in 2017 into a "vault" and is therefore not playable anymore, until Bungie decides otherwise. The remaining content are DLCs released later + the new content released in november. It's just a matter of time, when the older DLCs (also bought) get kicked out of the game also. So you need to pay regularly, to keep playing the game you bought already. I know, it's a service game and it doesn't mean every single game out there will go this way, but with streaming on the way, subscription-based games seem to be the future, but not with me. Especially with racing games with all those license-deals mean they would have a short life span. Another arrogant comment. Again, you should inform yourself better, before posting. Look at the Podium Pass for F1 2020 and see what you have to do to get all this stuff you already payed for. Most of the time, the skins are not actually the problem. More the FOMO-effect the developers wanna reach. Calling people dumb because of that is just ignorant. We are talking about kids and hardcore-completionists here, who are prone to those developer-strategies. Really? My argumented concerns about the EA-deal make me look more arrogant than you rating my fears? I mean...really?
  12. UnderclassGDfan

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Oh, an insider...ok...I seem to know were this will be heading to... Nothing of what you wrote you can actually know for sure. EA is known for closing servers very early. Not a hugely multiplayer game? Basically 70% of the game is based on multiplayer! Leaderboards everywhere and My Team-Events, Time Trial and Clubs are the go to-modes for me. The My Team-Career is just a set of random custom championship-rallies with forced online connection, wich destroys the save from time to time. And you don't get why I think EA will do everything worse? Need for Speed (2015)? Online only-game. Need for Speed: Payback? Built around lootbox mechanics. Star Wars: Battlefront? No Campaign. Just recent games. Didn't bought a single one of them. They always try to find new ways to control the player and annoy them with new greedy mechanics. Because I can look forward and see were the games industry is heading to. Especially the big publishers try to establish a service model, because it generates more profit. Less content, but more cosmetic nonsense. Season Pass: You pay for a bundle of DLC you own from start (or preorder) and can use whenever you want (when its released). Battle Pass (or F1 2020 names it Podium Pass): You pay for a season and have to unlock the content in a specific time through XP and/or specific challenges. You are always under pressure, if you want what you payed for. F1 2020, Red Dead Online, Fortnite, Apex Legends are examples, who have these kind of passes. The award for the most arrogant post of the month goes to...
  13. UnderclassGDfan

    622 - Brand New Club with Brand New Idea

    @p622r Hey! Yeah of course I agree. I found the steam thread just after I picked accidentally the wrong car in sweden in round 3. There were website issues, so I couldn't see wich car you and TurtleRain choosed to see wich one is the right one, sorry for that. And I missed round 5 because on the last day the game servers were not accessible. But I did too many mistakes throug the season to have a chance against TurtleRain anyway 😄 I now follow the steam thread, but can't write, because I don't have steam. Console (xbox) player here 🙂
  14. UnderclassGDfan

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    *throws a white glove in @PJTierney's face* Not anymore. With a standard xbox one s-controller btw. Eat that, sim-nerds! @cmRossGowing While I don't expect you will read this, I feel to need to write this down anyway. Your speech comes exactly at the right time, my fears my most loved game series of the last 4+ years will die is extremely big right now. I just say it: EA (and with that I mean basically the company as a whole, not the developers, who just do there passionated job) is absolutely disgusting. Like most of the other big ones like Ubisoft, ActivisionBlizzard and TakeTwo I decided several years ago to fully stop buying games from them. I would do an exception for a potential DR3 under EA, if the circumstances are right, because the DR2.0 developers have earned a big trust advantage with there exceptional work on the previous 2 DR games. My detailed fears for the future are: - DR2.0 servers get shut down within the next few years, making a large portion of the game unplayable forever - DR3 won't have an offline career mode many of us asked/begged for - DR3 will require an EA app/subscription to be playable - idiotic cosmetic microtransaction overflow (don't mean meaningful DLC like in DR2.0) - not being able to actually buy the game and DLC (I hate online-only service games) - Battle Pass kind of garbage with "seasons" to force players to play what/when/how you want to get a "complete" game (Halo: The Master Chief Collection has an exceptable middle way: has seasons with cosmetics, but the seasons don't expire after a new season arrives) - a dumped down DR3 to please casuals (spam the game with assists and tutorials if you like, but make sure we can switch these off at any time, I hate forced tutorials with a passion; and give us a real hardcore damage-option) - a rushed unpolished game at release (please guys, take your time until it is REALLY ready) Just my thoughts. Don't wanna be too negative, but these are just my fears, because I see so much bad decisions made in the gaming industry in the last couple years, I had to write this down, because DR2.0 is basically with Stardew Valley, some other Indies and Nintendo games the last bastion of good games without these horrible direction to Fortnitification. But anyway: Merry Christmas and so on. Let's hope next year...will be better...please...
  15. UnderclassGDfan

    Filter option for clubs

    A simple filter option for clubs on the dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/find-club-website would be very helpful to keep the players together. I think for new players it's hard to find an active one through these more than 3000 pages of clubs. Probably 90% of them have less than 5 members in them and/or are inactive. So my solution: - filter option 1: only show clubs with an active championship - filter option 2: only show clubs open to join - filter option 3: only show clubs with 10+ members These would reduce the pages from 3000+ to less than 100 I think.