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  1. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    I tried since 2pm starting the rally, saw many, many, many connection-error messages in that time. You can't imagine how many times the game tries to connect to the server before you actually race! And after that... I'm so angry right now. If I had known the game releases on PS+ for the greedy casuals today, I had done the run yesterday and wouldn't have even tried to play today. Because it's Codemasters...the worst developer I know in terms of online functionality. And I play Nintendo-Games regularly. I managed to do the first 3 stages and then ran out of time. All 3 stages were a mess, because I was angry, and therefore not focused and out of rythm. I'm very close to take the disc out of the disc tray and brake it! Now I go play Animal Crossing, to calm down, before I hurt somebody.
  2. If they put a single free credit on my account without asking me, I will explode of anger! I don't want free credits!
  3. Stop lying. "majority"... All these disgusting PR-lies always. You acting like there are just a small number of people who can't connect. The server on xbox one in europe is down! Completely! I lost out on 2 club rallies, one of them is very important to me. And now the complete championship is ruined.
  4. The Colin McRae-Scenarios have no connection to the RaceNet-Servers (thankfully), you will not lose anything. The achievements are still bugged, though. Do you mean historic championship? The game only tries to upload the time on the leaderboards, the championship should still work, it's one of the offline modes. These are working offline: Historic Championship Custom Championship (single player) FIA World Rallycross Championship Free Drive Colin McRae Scenarios Probably Time Trials, too, but doesn't make much sense, if you can't upload the time.
  5. UnderclassGDfan

    What do you miss from older Dirt games?

    The random stage generator in DiRT 4 was limited, but quite cool. So I miss that a bit. But if I had to choose between DR 2.0's new surface system and the stage generator, I would choose DR 2.0's system. DiRT 4 had a better career mode and more weather/time of day-options, I miss that definitely, too. Except that...mainly some tracks from older DiRT's. And Pikes Peak.
  6. How about a server VIP-program for launch buyers? All server requests get prioritized for us and all others (especially game pass- and playstation plus-players) need to wait 🤭 Is it really too much to ask for stable servers for longer than a few days in a row? In a game that forces a connection on so many points?
  7. The Servers are extremely slow at the moment. And I mean slow. Everything takes minutes to load and leaderboards don't show up. Platform: X-Box One S Region: Central Europe (Potatoeland) This is just so highly annoying and still the biggest weakpoint of Codemasters.
  8. UnderclassGDfan

    Surprising Steam Achievement Stats

    I did the daily challenge in the SUBARU Legacy RS a few minutes ago. I was on to get a top 20 time with just around 6-7 seconds behind the worlds best. I was pushing extremely hard, but I was already pretty tired. So I did a very small mistake on the very last corner and the game punched me right in my face, giving me 30 seconds. I deserved it. I love it.
  9. The Evo X is not an NR4, it's a R4. That's why the class is called NR4/R4.
  10. UnderclassGDfan

    DiRTy Gossip

    To drive you crazy. It's a passion for developers, to get their customers as crazy as they can do. Really, it is not a big deal to put softs/no spare on the car. It literally takes seconds and it's part of the game to select your preferences (in my point of view). And there are situations, were mediums and a spare (or even 2) are a good option. Never used hard tyres/tires/reifen/these black things though, but you could create a loooong club event without service areas. Or a championship in custom championship. 12 stages in a row without service area. Their must be a tyre/tire/reifen/these black thing for that. Both are just wrong. The correct spelling is teier 😀
  11. UnderclassGDfan

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    I personally don't need more liveries, I'm quite happy with the selection now. Wouldn't use plain colors anyways. Since I'm driving in cockpit view, I don't see them as often as others probably, so I don't care that much.
  12. Platform: X-Box One S (latest firmware & game version 1.13.0) Version: Retail Deluxe + Season 3&4 + Colin Flat Out Pack (all DLC that exists installed) Can you replicate it?: Yes, see the description. Experienced where?: SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally (Cockpit view with wheel showing), starts happening in a club-race, followed by testing in time trials. Seems to "corrupt" all other modes. Game reset fixes it temporarily. Description: There is a windscreen-bug on the SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally, that appears as soon as you do a club-race. It will stay this way until you reset the game throughout all other modes. It doesn't matter in wich class/car you do the club race, it triggers the bug on the SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally no matter what. Did a club-race in a VW Golf GTI (Kit Car) and directly after that I did a time trial in greece with the SUBARU and the bug appeared. Did that 3 times and it always happened. The bug appears on all rallies, stages, game modes. Seems to effect only this car. The windscreen "sunshine mirror-effect" seems to get upsidedown due to this bug and blocks the view and distracts quite much. Looks awful too, because you get some low res ghost texture right in your face. Bug: How it is normally:
  13. UnderclassGDfan

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    Did you actually won that scenario? Was huge fun to drive! 😄
  14. UnderclassGDfan

    DiRTy Gossip

    Really? Bought the Legends Edition on release, played a few hours and was heavily disappointed about the sound bug on some of the classic cars and therefore stopped playing it enirely. Can't really comment on the rest of the game, because I was mainly interested in the classic content, but that was a huge downer for me. Maybe it got fixed since then, but I doubt it. It's really let me think there is something happening in around a year. Maybe the announcement of DiRT 5 or DiRT Rally 3. Maybe even launch of one of them, because that would be more than 2 years after the launch of DR 2.0. Hmmm...gossip, I can smell it 🤤
  15. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Hardest difficulty 91 or 100? Makes a quite huge difference 😉