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  1. Heyho! I tried 3 times to create a new championship over the last week. A lot of wasted time putting effort into it. Everytime I couldn't submit the championship, probably because you get automatically signed out after some time. @PJTierney Please slap the guy, who is responsible for that, thanks. Now I tried a 4th time and to save time and don't get logged out I only changed stages, degredation and service areas to our format. And the 7th stage is always a night stage. The rest of the stages have random choosen time of day/weather. Car class: F2 Kit Car Rally calend
  2. Heyho! I would simply say it's experience. The 131 is definitely the slowest of the 4, but the easiest to drive. But still the slowest. I'm not doing anything special I would say. Not heavily cutting corners (leaving the track with all 4 tyres is a no-go for me personally, not judging anyone!), don't have any special settings, but using a controller on my xbox one s (no money and space for a good wheel/pedals-setup). And no, using a controller is not an advantage or disadvantage in this game, there are good and bad things using one like with a wheel. I use Rally Technicals
  3. Just wanted to let you guys know I won the "who had the worst run in poland rally this time"-award. Started the rally knowing I wasn't in the "mood" of doing a good run, but I only had time at that point. Did a shakedown, was ok, not fast, but ok. I'm in the Evo X I thought, I do a sunday drive and will still win with that overpowered machinery I thought. Started. Crashed on the first corner. Cost some time, but no real damage. Crashed on that bumpy part about 100 meters forward. Smoking engine, puncture on the rear. Did what I usually don't do: Rage quited. 😭🤪
  4. Got you a day later. But also just a few tenths, because I did 3 big mistakes. Was too lazy to better that time 😄 The TT with the Stratos before that (on the same stage I believe) I had to give up. For some reason I couldn't stay full on throttle were you could (after the first set of corners on the long straight). Was always way ahead coming on the straight, but loosing it on that 6 right before going downhill. If I stay on gas I crash, if I lift off throttle, the rear says bye bye to the left. Like...always. Even if I made it on very rare tries to stay close to your ghost,
  5. I thought of joining in, but the time window for each rally is way too short for me. Can't handle a rally every day at the moment. My advice is each rally event should be at least a week long, to give people time to play.
  6. My run was ok. I did the decision to use all 7 cars at least once in that championship. After the Fiesta R5 in Scotland and the Polo GTI R5 in Spain I used the 208 T16 R5 in Greece. Felt pretty good, but ruined it a bit on the very last stage with a crash and a time penalty, lost a few positions due to this. But still pretty good for Greece and me.
  7. Errm...22nd, cool, cool. Still have to do Greece...and I'm usually pretty bad there for some reason. Top 100 and beating some irish community manager is my goal... 🤪
  8. That wasn't my decision. The winner of the last championship decides the car class and car class bans and I believe @Janneman60 wants to see how close he can come with the SUBARU against the Evo armada.
  9. Yeah, I would like to know that, too. My assumption is: 1. soft tyres on dry 2. medium tyres on dry 3. hard tyres on dry 4. rain tyres on dry 5. rain tyres on wet 6. soft tyres on wet 7. medium tyres on wet 8. hard tyres on wet My logic says, if rain tyres have the best grip on wet of all tyres, they of course must be also pretty good on dry, because dry surface creates more grip naturally. But I don't believe they are better than hard tyres, because these are made for dry surfaces. In formula 1 the intermidiates and full wets wear out very quick if it gets
  10. Championship created. Start: Midnight (in around 4 hours from now) Class: NR4/R4 Calendar: World Rally Rally excluded: USA Safari Rally: Scotland Weather Rally: Not selected I'm really curious how many will pick the SUBARU, lul 😃
  11. Heyho, I still need the votes from you for the next season. Would be cool to get them until saturday, so I can set it up on sunday. 1st: @Janneman60 voted already for NR4/R4, both cars allowed. 2nd: @denim398 I need the calendar. 3rd: @Dytut I need the excluded rally. Please not argentina again, would be the 3rd time in a row. 4th: This n00b will decide the safary rally last minute as a surprise. 5th: @Snoopy43 I need the weather rally. For information what the vote means, look at the first page. Please do me all a favour and take the SUBARU, so...I can use the Evo
  12. Nope. The achievement counts only 4 of the cars. The SUBARU Legacy RS came much later to the game. So it's 4 cars you have to get for the chievo. I know I had to buy the same car several times to get it to count. Maybe don't sell the cars, just buy more of every car. You can sell them after you got the achievement.
  13. Nah, not this time, I'm 7.5 seconds away of your time, not sure what the problem is, but my guess is the setup. I had to use GTR Technicals dry setup, because he doesn't have one for wet. You could PM me your setup, to see if I can keep up with you 🤗 @dgeesi0 We got it, you are so awesome, nobody should be allowed to make videos, who is slower than you. Alright, alright...
  14. Had a super frustrating rally. Puncture without a spare on SS1, a good SS4 and a super crazy crash in SS5 (car went crazy on landing and rolled around 10-15 times). After that I had 2 punctures, broken steering and radiator/engine-damage, so no point in continuing the rally. Well I hoped to keep 3rd place, but seeing the results in the championship standings, it got worse with every rally 😅 Don't know what the problems really was, I was motivated, car felt well and was fun to drive. Maybe since the car was mostly easy to drive I just went over my limit too many times, had sever
  15. Yeah, my bad. For some reason I thought he would race in WRC2. I forgot there are more rally events outside from WRC/WRC2. I'm not super familiar yet with that sport 😅
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