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  1. Ok, then I will call Max to have a chat about being THE CHAMP! 🤣 I seriously can't stand the acting from Lewis, Toto and Mercedes really, such bad losers. Yeah, pushed the car hard. It's really nice to drive with fresh tyres, but starting with the 2nd stage in both sets it tries to kill me about every 2nd corner. Not sure what the problem is, but I get a lot of snap oversteer. The car is really hard to control when the tyres get worn out. Additionally I do a lot of mistakes lately. I had 4 consecutive club rallies with at least 1 puncture. My focus goes away quick afte
  2. Actually not a bad idea. At the moment the career requires a internet connection, but is a offline career, wich is...not really logical. A combination of My Team and Clubs would be the best evolution in my opinion.
  3. Ok, cool, cool. Then it was just a really strange presentation. Going through several perspectives accept that one was suspicious, but maybe the view isn't ready to show or it was coincidence. Whatever. Game is back on my radar.
  4. So, you don't know the story of Race Driver: GRID (2008) having a cockpit view, GRID 2 (2013) not having one because of excuses and GRID: Autosport (2014) got the cockpit view back because of complains? This concern doesn't come from nowhere. Codemasters and GRID are a combination of several consumer unfriendly decisions. That was only a glimpse.
  5. Ah yeah? Any source for that? I can't find anything on the official website for the game, here in the forum, through Google, nothing. And the way this presentation was handled, showing three perspectives (front, hood and 3rd person), but not a cockpit view, looks to me they cut that out again, like they did with GRID 2 (2013). That would be a huge bummer for me, since I don't play racing games without that anymore unless it's some hardcore fast future racer or Burnout or something like that, not a motorsport inspired arcade racer like this. The London and Moscow-tracks had s
  6. 😧 Pure Sadism. And since I have a memory like a 80-year-old I forgot about it and run with soft tyres. When I realised it after SS3 I settled down a bit, because tyres were dead at this point already. But since the tyres don't get worse (or even puncture) after that "dead" point I just got used to it. Actually handled the 911 much better this time. The first 2 rallies were a disaster in terms of having the car under control, but this time it was quite nice. Though I was just driving at 80-90% pace to what was possible for me, though. I'm quite sure mediums were the better op
  7. I know, I know. And he is pretty busy right now with that rally stuff going on, I get it. Still meh having a club with such many members not doing anything with it for months, just saying. Does not have to be always some PR-Marketing behind it.
  8. W00t? Were you have that info from? As to my knowledge @PJTierney just have to create a new one when the current one is over, doesn't seem to be super much to ask for. I basically do the same for a club currently in much shorter time frames. Only the 2nd "official" club is dead now. They said they would do things with it. Yeah...I see.
  9. Ok, as a few of you probably already noticed, the season is up since saturday. Unfortunately I made a mistake when creating it by replacing spain for Scotland for the season opener. I saw too late in the frostbite calender, that Scotland has it's own place in the calendar. Hope it's ok this way, I would have needed to edit 6 rallies from scratch to put it in the right place and...I was too lazy to do it 😄 I also noticed, you can edit a championship when it's already set up, as long it is "upcoming". But I only edited Scotland, the rest of the season has it's generated weather,
  10. Nah, the Opel Manta 400 is clearly the slowest in that class, Porsche 911 SC RS is faster, but much harder to drive. The BMW M1 Procar is not much slower than the Lancia 037 Evo 2, on asphalt it's competitive. The overall best in H3 RWD is probably the Renault 5 Turbo, but very hard to maximise the potential. Lancia Stratos is also very competitive. The BMW M3 Evo Rally is the easiest car to drive and a good allrounder. Looks like a win for Group B RWD. I let the vote open for a few more hours, but I will create the season today. Will start tomorrow I think. If it w
  11. Votes from @Frankiestail, @YoMrWhite and myself are made. @baunau has a downvote left.
  12. Ok, guys'n'gurls, let's make a simple democratic vote for the car class. And I decide at the end, if we do it or not! (just kidding 🤣) Car Class: will be voted Season Structure: Frostbite Excluded Rally: Spain Safari Rally: Australia Weather Rally: Sweden (3 night stages with snow + 4 clear stages) Until now I got votes for: +2 H2 RWD +2 H3 RWD +3 Group B RWD +1 Group A +1 Up to 2000cc +-0 Rally GT -3 R5 I also would prefer a RWD season. Since 2 already "voted" with 2 choices, I say everyone has two upvotes and one downvote. Votes are not limited t
  13. Update the current one, definitely not. The train has left the station several months ago. I get what you mean and I like it. But there is a problem with it: There are people, who don't wanna grind out the modifications on the cars, before really being able to use them with maximum potential, so that "upgrades" part of the owned cars have to go or there needs to be a different way to implement them. The whole stats thing is really one of the not-thought-through things in DR2.0. Some DR-devs thought "hey, we need stats on the cars" and that was it. The way they are implemented is a
  14. I for myself will have a few different games to play in the coming weeks with AC: NH DLC, FH5, GTA Trilogy and Halo Infinite around the corner. And Metroid Dread is still waiting for me to play, too. More games than time to play, like always. If I could tell my 12 year old me at some point I will have 5 brand new awesome games to play within a month, my 12-year old mind would explode 🤣 But I still will do my club runs, if you guys wanna do a season. I won't stop playing DR2.0 anyway. I just can't. I have a Series X since 3 days and the game looks much better and the load time
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