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  1. UnderclassGDfan

    DiRTy Gossip

    Nope. The achievement counts only 4 of the cars. The SUBARU Legacy RS came much later to the game. So it's 4 cars you have to get for the chievo. I know I had to buy the same car several times to get it to count. Maybe don't sell the cars, just buy more of every car. You can sell them after you got the achievement.
  2. UnderclassGDfan

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Nah, not this time, I'm 7.5 seconds away of your time, not sure what the problem is, but my guess is the setup. I had to use GTR Technicals dry setup, because he doesn't have one for wet. You could PM me your setup, to see if I can keep up with you 🤗 @dgeesi0 We got it, you are so awesome, nobody should be allowed to make videos, who is slower than you. Alright, alright...
  3. UnderclassGDfan

    DRC | DiRT Rally Championship | The Forum's Club

    Had a super frustrating rally. Puncture without a spare on SS1, a good SS4 and a super crazy crash in SS5 (car went crazy on landing and rolled around 10-15 times). After that I had 2 punctures, broken steering and radiator/engine-damage, so no point in continuing the rally. Well I hoped to keep 3rd place, but seeing the results in the championship standings, it got worse with every rally 😅 Don't know what the problems really was, I was motivated, car felt well and was fun to drive. Maybe since the car was mostly easy to drive I just went over my limit too many times, had several times a good pace, but ruined it at some point with a crash. Well, well... What's next? Hopefully not R5 again. Some RWD-action maybe?
  4. UnderclassGDfan

    DiRTy Gossip

    Yeah, my bad. For some reason I thought he would race in WRC2. I forgot there are more rally events outside from WRC/WRC2. I'm not super familiar yet with that sport 😅
  5. UnderclassGDfan

    RaceNet Beta (DiRT Rally Stat Tracking Website).

    @Beefcote852 Still ridiculous amount of dedication what you do there with your leagues. I follow your website with all these leaderboard entries since a while and don't wanna even think how much time that takes to make. I hope that Codemasters will make things easier for you in the future. There is probably no hope for DR2.0 for that matter I believe, though.
  6. UnderclassGDfan

    DiRTy Gossip

    Pirelli is the supplier for at least WRC and R5 cars in the championship since this year. I read that just a few days ago somewhere.
  7. UnderclassGDfan

    Hardcore Damage...Regular Damage

    Hardcore damage damages the car quicker, more and heavier. Punctures are much more likely. Radiator damage will damage the engine (at least) quicker, but not sure if "normal" damage has such an effect. My experiences with "normal" damage are most of the time, that I don't get serious/noticable damage at all, when I don't crash like crazy against trees and stones and such. Several times. But I rarely play My Team these days, mostly only dailies, wich is only 1 stage. Rarely have anything else than light body and wheel geometry damage. Sometimes light radiator damage. 90% of the time I race with hardcore damage, because almost all clubs I'm in use this option. And even this is not really realistically hard as it should be. Punctures are (by far) the biggest problem here, happens quite often to me. Radiator (and therefore later on engine) is the second most problem I have. 2-3 hits against a tree or anything else concrete damage the radiator enough so you get engine problems over time. The longer the way to the next service, the bigger the problem you have. Missing lights is also a problem. Any hit on the front can wipe them out. But you won't get random damage that isn't your fault, if you that mean. Any damage has a cause hitting something. The only thing is maybe the wipers on heavy rain stages. They stop working for a while sometimes. That's either a bug or part of the "unexpected moments"-feature, not sure.
  8. UnderclassGDfan

    Dirt Club Issue

    My guess is: Don't click exit to main menu. Press continue, so it actually saves your time. Not 100% sure if that is the problem, but try that next time.
  9. UnderclassGDfan

    DiRTy Gossip

    BC and the Controller are the main reasons why I am an xbox player, despite I'm not a fan of Microsoft and there current "Everything has to be a service now!"-strategy.
  10. UnderclassGDfan

    Official DiRT Club

    Well then, no thanks. I don't get why they not just used the old club and had to create a new one. So I missed already a rally, doesn't make much sense to join just for 3 rallies. So I can leave that "dead" club now, I guess.
  11. UnderclassGDfan

    Get Good at DiRT Rally 2.0 - Community Rally School

    Well, I have no clue at all how to tune a car, but I use these tunes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ05BZF9F6q2xKyV6viCBGg/videos
  12. UnderclassGDfan

    Official DiRT Club

    Well, yeah, in-game. But on the website I see my XBL gamertag. Maybe only I see it, and everyone else sees the RaceNet-name, not sure. Or it is, because I log-in with my XBL account. I may would change my RaceNet-name to the same as my XBL accounts name, because my RaceNet-name is my old XBL gamertag. But I don't know what would happen to old leaderboard entries in TT and clubs. Don't wanna mix them up. Hm, you say it like there will something happen in the near future. I'm in a club called "JA Thrustmaster" by jonny174, but that one is inactive since many, many months, probably already a year or so. Do you know something I do not? Or do you mean the old Expert DiRT club, wich is also inactive for a while now? Only 9 clubs of 22 I'm in are still active, seems to get less and less recently. Anyway... Did my run now. 34th currently. 69:44.129... Choosed a conservative strategy mith mediums and 1 spare. Used the old Fiesta R5. Problem was I didn't used it in quite a while + mediums on R5s are also quite new terrain. Had some problems judging the grip level in the first half and did some mistakes, but was quite lucky to not hit anything. Was pretty close twice 😄 Second half was a bit better, but far from perfect, though. Got a 18 second time penalty on the last stage due to a mistake. On the positive side: No dramas, no big crashes. Wheels, lights and engine were still in good shape until the end. Not often the case after such a long scotland rally for me 😄 And the most important thing: I was faster than @PJTierney. W00p, w00p! 🤣
  13. UnderclassGDfan

    Official DiRT Club

    I'm quite sure this is not correct. It uses the xbox live gamertag on the leaderboards (stage times), but uses the RaceNet name on the points leaderboards. My name is different on both, but similar. At least it's how I see it. Ultimately confusing, thats for sure.
  14. UnderclassGDfan

    Official DiRT Club

    I only use global leaderboards, no reason to stick only to xbox.
  15. UnderclassGDfan

    DiRTy Gossip

    Not true. I use most of them regularly, knowing I am not as fast as I could be on dailies for example. Then I compare my time to the other drivers using my car and blend all the C4's out in my mind. Though, Codemasters just could provide better options to make them more worthy. Filter options would do the trick. For leaderboards and for exclusion of certain cars. Or optional weight handicap. But I don't know, if the manufacturers would be ok with that, probably not.