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  1. Hi @neil3646 Sorry to hear you are still crashing. We are investigating this issue. Any info thats new about this issue will help us.
  2. Is there anyone who has got the bug where they don't get the "flat out" achievement that never did it on any other difficulty? So anyone who just did them all on Very hard from the start.
  3. Hey, had you completed any on a different difficulty before doing them on very hard? Trying to get to the bottom of this.
  4. Can anybody that's getting a crash thats not in 'My Team' Please try loading into the game and disconnecting from racenet, then try play the game? When you first load the game you can cancel the sign in. I want to see if you play things like Custom and Colin McRae mode you get the crash when *not* connected to Racenet. Obviously if you are only getting a crash when playing in My Team you won't be able to test this out. We are investigating that issue as well though.
  5. If you could reduce the file size some how or post it on another site and link it? might help.
  6. @neil3646 Have you changed any input settings? Do you play with pad or wheel? Are you signed into Racenet when you get this crash? What difficulty are you playing on? Any info would be great to help us solve this. Cheers.
  7. For anyone affected please can you let me know what version of Windows you are playing on? I.e "Windows 7"
  8. Hi, thats really odd. Please can you provide us with you Steam profile ID? Cheers.
  9. Hi @Bob D. Aegirsson, I see it looks like you are on PC. Is that correct? Also what country are you playing from? Both of these would help us look into this as this issue isn't wide spread. Cheers.
  10. Hi @Ross93 in the Master tier you can only race in RX Super cars. Hope this helps.
  11. Have you tried resetting your audio settings and then putting them back to how you like? That can often help if you are having audio problems.
  12. Please explain the bugs and follow the bugging guide as just posting a video isn't much use.
  13. Have you tired validating steam files? Got all DLC enabled? Not modded the game in any way?
  14. I can't confirm anything but you might want to look out for the next patch notes 😉 Also same for you @Deltone91 @mesa
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