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  1. @RDWRacing This bug has been noted and is being looked into. Thanks for reporting it. Glad you are enjoying the game!
  2. CM_Ads

    Dirt rally 2 crashed many times

    @Wollev45 have you tried booting the game with only supported peripherals plugged in? So only your racing wheel, peddles and 360 controller? Using an Joystick and Rift kit might currently cause problems.
  3. CM_Ads

    Championship scores incorrect

    Thank you for getting back to me. Have you had this issue happen again after finishing the championship?
  4. CM_Ads

    Championship scores incorrect

    Hi, would you know after how many events the points seemed to go wrong for you? So after the first race where "S.Bernard" came first did he get 30 points or was it 60? or did they seem to go wrong after event 2 or 3? Would be really helpful to know this. Thank you for raising this. Cheers.
  5. CM_Ads

    Championship scores incorrect

    Hi @retylon, would it possible to know which mode did you found this in? MyTeam, World rallycross or Custom? Cheers.
  6. CM_Ads

    Dirt rally 2 crashed many times

    @Wollev45 Can you try these steps please: Disabled integrated GPU. Enabled it again. Launch the game and open your Nvidia or AMD app. Detect the game and set it to be used by the GPU at high performance or anything.
  7. CM_Ads

    Races wont start

    Hi @LaloMancia what game mode is it that you are playing? Also which platform are you having this issue on? Thank you.
  8. @Velse I have sent you a messaged about this. Also @Lollerke thanks for you help too.
  9. @BoTy quattro could you link me to that steam thread? Thank you.
  10. @Velse could you let me know what graphics card you are using? You can check that in Dxdiag. Also if you could message me a video of the black flickering issue that would be great. Glad you're enjoying the game.
  11. Hi @KuruptCDN you should be able to see which stages have service areas by viewing the championship details on the MyTeam events screen and then selecting each event. Hope this info helps.
  12. @Zooes87 I have messaged you about this.
  13. CM_Ads

    Can’t accept of decline agreement

    Hi @LibranRabbit Are you able to accept the EULA when booting the game with just a mouse?
  14. CM_Ads

    Cant accept EULA?

    Hi @R3dmist99 what input type are you using?