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  1. FLAW3D

    Wales Rally: Available Now

    I've not played it yet but what the hell is going on with the graphics?
  2. FLAW3D

    Illumination Improvements

    I think this is the best we can get with this engine and 60fps until a new engine and new consoles.
  3. FLAW3D

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    Is it possible thats just a place holder right now? I hope so.
  4. FLAW3D

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    60fps on the Pro & X or aiming for right now.
  5. FLAW3D

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    Wow, So much atmosphere graphically. Kinda looks like a step up in gen compared to Dirt.
  6. FLAW3D

    Patch 1.6 - FOV Settings for consoles?

    You dont want to be using dynamic contrast especially not on this years LG as with HDR on it tone maps. Could be the Xbox crushing the blacks as its always had a history of doing so.
  7. FLAW3D

    Patch 1.6 - FOV Settings for consoles?

    Are you guys making sure you have the brightness turned up in game and are not crushing blacks with how the TV/Consoles are set up.
  8. FLAW3D

    Patch 1.6 - FOV Settings for consoles?

    I play with HDR on and have never had these brightness issues others have posted, Im on PS4 Pro with LG B7, What you on Jake? While the luminance is not ideal in HDR the colour palette and those wonderful skies makes HDR off look like a cartoon.
  9. FLAW3D

    I'm bored on dirt rally 2.0

    New video from Block, Both cars are glued to the tarmac even in damp conditions.
  10. FLAW3D

    Is there any hope for HDR on PC?

    The game was released 12 months to early imo. Seems crazy that the console versions have HDR and not PC...where is the logic? FOV options on PC not on Xbox, PS4, Pro or X... where is the logic?
  11. FLAW3D

    Patch 1.6 - FOV Settings for consoles?

    I found that zooming in would only work a little as when you got to a certain point it just felt very weird and was harder to control and harder to put the car exactly where i wanted it. It is also a severe pain in the ass having to navigate through menus once not racing. So zooming in a little works its not ideal. The dashboard cam is in replays right? How hard would it be putting it into gameplay? Honestly if it means missing out on something for dashcam/fov then i think it is worth it tbh as for me this is by far the games biggest issue. The only other option is free cam which in PCARS it lets you put the camera anywhere you want rather than being restricted like it currently is. I'd imagine this is the easiest option and really wouldnt take long to implement.
  12. FLAW3D

    Patch 1.6 - FOV Settings for consoles?

    What about bringing dashcam camera back? While that will never solve the lack of FOV it would certainly be helpful.
  13. FLAW3D

    Patch 1.6 - FOV Settings for consoles?

    Dirt Rally 4.0 - "FOV Settings out the box" šŸ˜­
  14. FLAW3D

    Patch 1.6 - FOV Settings for consoles?

    Really? That's unbelievable! What's even worse is they choose such a wide FOV to begin with. Hopeless for us wheel users that cannot have our noses up against the screen. 2019 - A sim that doesnt have FOV settings... only Codemasters could do this. Shooters have FOV settings for consoles these days for crying out loud.
  15. Are we finally getting FOV settings in the next patch? The default cockpit settings are to wide and need narrowed for anyone not sitting right up to their screen.