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  1. FLAW3D

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Tbh until they can nail tarmac (just doesnt seem like the engine is compatible between dirt/tarmac) thats plenty
  2. FLAW3D

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Amen, I thought Germany was a very strange choice especially with how Codies are with the handling/ffb on tarmac.
  3. Yeah id say the FOV is aimed at pad users which of course is priority but at least give us that use wheels some options. For me the two cockpit cams are to similar without FOV slider.
  4. FLAW3D

    New ffb impressions

    Worthless at the time as well.
  5. FLAW3D

    New ffb impressions

    They look pretty bumpy to me.
  6. Has the rain been fixed in the RX Career? Anytime i jumped into it was always pishing down. Like non stop every single race and at both the locations i went to.
  7. That look fantastic! Also you can see how wide the road looks compared to the console version as on console the FOV is so wide. We need a narrower FOV Codies! 🙏
  8. Ideally want to be able to go from To this
  9. FLAW3D

    New ffb impressions

    Yeah after a couple of hours on it now i do feel its better than my intual first impressions. I have much more confidence pushing now and its resulting in way quicker times in time trials.
  10. I tried i just cannot get on with bonnet cam. Bumper cam would be decent if it wasnt so low your like an inch off the ground would be far better raised like other titles. What i noticed last night is those two cars above you can actually zoom in much more than others and can actually get pretty close and very useable and i had so much fun with them for an hour or two. Other cars like the Fiesta though you cannot get anywhere near and your miles away and miles away from the first cockpit cam. Very odd
  11. We are slowly progressing... One major hurdle now is FOV on consoles. After playing for the first time in 2 to 3 weeks i jumped into a daily challenge which used the C4 - On the PS4 (i'd imagine Xbox is the same) we are miles away from the dashboard/windscreen making it very hard to see. Next i jumped into the Fabia for a time trial and again the exact same thing. Now i sit pretty close which is 90cm to a 55" screen but im really really struggling to see where im going. I have tried the Hood view but being in the middle of it gives a weird perspective and you cannot exactly place the car you can in either cockpit cam. Some screens of how far away we are on consoles.
  12. FLAW3D

    New ffb impressions

    Finally got round to playing! New FFB seems decent not great but much better than on release date. Few issues... Poland you can feel the gravel but then the surface changes to cobbled or paving stones and the wheel goes totally dead like your driving over glass. I changed the suspension to 125 which was fine for what i tried (Poland, New Zealand & Monte Carlo) but in OZ it feels to much and needed adjusted back in the menus and maybe its to fake as it seems your going through ruts but the FFB is not quite what you expect through the wheel. Spain im not convinced its that great either. Had it released with this FFB i think most would of been happy'ish. Interesting to see how it evolves in the next patch.
  13. Season 3 would be enough imo then to start work on a nxt-gen DR for PS5 n X2
  14. FLAW3D

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    Can we please swap Latvia and Wales around!