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  1. FLAW3D

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Weve been asking for it since Febuary. LOUDLY. Another Rally game comes out with Dashcam in and suddenly its getting put into the game. Call me skeptical that its not because of WRC 😉
  2. FLAW3D

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Dashcam? Finally!! i was just about to ebay this game today but this has just saved it. I guess WRC8 has forced Codies hand here since its in that. Hopefully we do have some FOV options as well.
  3. I got Wreckfest yesterday and the FFB for that game feels so much better than 2.0 and much more natural. Codies has a lot of work to do on FFB here's hoping GRID rights Dirt's wrongs.
  4. FLAW3D

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Direct 4k Video Feed Here, Download stick on USB and stick in ya TV https://www.gamersyde.com/news_gc_wrc_8_4k_videos_on_pc-21111_en.html Hard to say anything about the gameplay without playing with a wheel but they have really nailed the lighting and weather effects.
  5. FLAW3D

    Is this worth going back to?

    That not down to better physics? Or are the tracks different? I didnt manage to get on yesterday hopefully i will tonight.
  6. FLAW3D

    Feeling a bit disenchanted...

    I was going to have a little moan about the Rally tracks should of came before RX tracks and should never of been held back for season 3 & 4 instead of season 2 but Codies pricing nails it for me. The DLC if you dont buy the season pass is perfect pricing unlike alot of other games (my 8 year old son has me buying 20 quid season passes every 3 months on Fortnite). I guess Codies holding back the Rally tracks will also prolong the game for those that love it.
  7. FLAW3D

    Is this worth going back to?

    What is the Yas Marina circuit? The F1 track?
  8. FLAW3D

    Is this worth going back to?

    Greece is coming? Along with Wales that was my fav track. Whens that out?
  9. FLAW3D

    Is this worth going back to?

    I did try bonnet but i get no fun in this view as it feels weird racing with a centered view. I also thought it was positioned a bit strangely as well like its high up but tilted down towards the bonnet. Will fire it up tomorrow and try your Thrustmaster settings as i did by the Sparco Rally rim just for this game before release 😡 although to be fair it does work great with PCARS 2 and AC. Yeah i was on off due to the dreadful graphics on the Pro if you remember back it was god awful looking and was just a blur making it impossible to see where ypu where going add the fact there was no FFB. Took them months to fix both issues i guess i just never fell in love with it from the start with all its issues. Will give it another chance tomorrow. Freecam for cockpit never get added?
  10. FLAW3D

    Is this worth going back to?

    Yes. Lack of FOV options, No dashboard cam and poor FFB...thats why im asking the question.
  11. I have not played the game since before Wales got released even though i was desperate for Wales to come out as i loved it in DR. My main issues with the game before dropping it were... 1: No Dashcam View 2: No FOV options 3: FFB never felt great 4: I adored Dirt Rally but felt the magic was lost in DR2 5: Just not that good at it tbh, DR i was always quite high in Leaderboards in this not so but im sure this is down to the cockpit camera rather than Dashcam as its just too far back. So with those points since i last played is it worth going back to? Id imagine the game has had many patches since i last played what kind of state is the game in now? How great is Wales? Worth going back just for that?
  12. FLAW3D

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Jeez i struggle with concentration on 10km with DR
  13. FLAW3D

    Wales Rally: Available Now

    I've not played it yet but what the hell is going on with the graphics?
  14. FLAW3D

    Illumination Improvements

    I think this is the best we can get with this engine and 60fps until a new engine and new consoles.
  15. FLAW3D

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Is it possible thats just a place holder right now? I hope so.