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  1. Rubbing is racing but thats just mental. Are penalties in to stop this nonsense? This type of racing will kill the game online.
  2. Direct 4k Video Feed Here, Download stick on USB and stick in ya TV https://www.gamersyde.com/news_gc_wrc_8_4k_videos_on_pc-21111_en.html Hard to say anything about the gameplay without playing with a wheel but they have really nailed the lighting and weather effects.
  3. Jeez i struggle with concentration on 10km with DR
  4. Is it possible thats just a place holder right now? I hope so.
  5. 60fps on the Pro & X or aiming for right now.
  6. Wow, So much atmosphere graphically. Kinda looks like a step up in gen compared to Dirt.
  7. I find reversing stages way more infuriating than stage stitching. Im praying Codies are not going to be reversing tracks for the up n coming GRID.
  8. Too foggy, The sound doesnt seem that bad. The pops crackles and bangs are much better done than in Dirt.
  9. Camera view and FOV looks perfect. Graphically very nice as well but 30fps on consoles means im out unless they can hit 60 on Pro & X
  10. Could you not just shout over the room? "Camera guy people want the dashcam in the game that you took out, The console guys need FOV options as well"
  11. Any chance of giving us dashcam cam back or fov settings on consoles?
  12. What is discord and why would it get announced on there and not here?
  13. Isnt time trial supposed to be optimum conditions so that everyone is on the same fair level?
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