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  1. Dont believe a word if anyone tells you PS4s FFB is superb.
  2. That doesnt sound right. You sure you have it set up right?
  3. FLAW3D

    Monte Carlo

    I really want to buy it but holding off just now to see if the blur and FFB can be fixed.
  4. FLAW3D

    New Patch Out - PS4

    We all thought that came in the 10gb patch last week. How on earth did last weeks changes accumulate to 10gb 😭 Just had a quick 2 min shot with the pad and still as blurry as ever so defo no AA change. Is Monte Carlo going to be extremely blurry? Comparison screens could be interesting.
  5. FLAW3D

    New Patch Out - PS4

    On the PS4 when you check Update history it directs you to the Codemasters site for patch notes. Wont manage to get on until later to see if any AA, AF or FBB differences but if they just fix one of them a week i could live with that! Fingers crossed.
  6. FLAW3D

    New Patch Out - PS4

    Version 1.05 Anyone heard anything? Hopefully a AA fix.
  7. FLAW3D

    Cars grip after patch?

    Not quite true as it gave us Monte Carlo.
  8. Yeah that day one patch wasnt released to the public, Got you now 😉 🤣 Honestly at this point i dont think Codies are fixing anything (night and wet stages were supposed to be fixed - yeah right did they forget we play the game?) and will have moved onto their next title and only have a skeleton crew on this. What we needed was transparency after the last patch of what can be fixed, what they are working on and possibly what they could look at in the future but we have not heard from them since the patch and their socials are just full of nonsense with answering no questions put at them.
  9. We have had two patches, a day 1 patch on the 22nd of Feb which was very substantial And the Patch that we got last week that didnt really fix anything the community was asking for but gave us Monte Carlo DLC DiRT Rally 2.0 – Patch 1.2 Release Notes
  10. It only works though if you have a 1080p TV set and the games res is higher than 1080p so does nothing with 2 0.
  11. Are you on a small screen? Im guessing on a 40" or smaller it wont be that bad.
  12. Dreadful looking title on the PS4 Pro. Digital Foundry is their comparision video came straight out and said the Pro version looks no where near good enough. The game is just a blur on both PS consoles. Normally X n Pro games the difference is minimal but as DF vid showed the difference is huge.
  13. We have had 2 or 3 patches now have we not? Also Its all blurry. Daytime is not sharp in the slightest unless your on PC and you turn TAA off.
  14. Dirt Rally? 3 years ago? 60fps Monte Carlo is about to drop on PS4 and chances are its going to look alot worse than the DR version and were expected to pay for the pleasure.
  15. This brought a smile to my face this Sunday morning. The best description yet 🙂