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  1. Could you not just shout over the room? "Camera guy people want the dashcam in the game that you took out, The console guys need FOV options as well"
  2. Any chance of giving us dashcam cam back or fov settings on consoles?
  3. What is discord and why would it get announced on there and not here?
  4. Isnt time trial supposed to be optimum conditions so that everyone is on the same fair level?
  5. This video looks like its running at warp speed.
  6. Lets hope Pitstops are back!
  7. It was the best simcade (verging more on the arcade side) game since PGR. Horizon is great but its no PGR or GRID.
  8. Are you on PC? Great camera angle.
  9. See You Down There! Good Luck in whatever your doing next.
  10. What the ****...is today the 1st of April?
  11. Always been the case on Xbox since 12 last night its just not available to season/duluxe owners.
  12. Not dirt rally 1 but the very first dirt introduced a floatyness that was never apparent in McCrae games. Also i seem to remember Germany was pretty floaty in DR 1
  13. Ever since the move to the Ego engine and the very first Dirt game we have had a floatyness regarding Rally games. Hopefully they move away from it next gen.
  14. Some of us? Has anyone been able to download it off PSN?
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