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  1. Crystal Clear 🏆 🏆☀️
  2. *** thats mental. How has Codies managed to go so far backwards regarding multiplayer?
  3. You cannot up the laps from 3 in multiplayer? Surely not.
  4. You can up the laps surely? We were told that before release.
  5. 40 AI cars is all good and well but what about the trees?
  6. FLAW3D

    GRID - Next patch update - 24/10/2019

    Are you kidding? Zoom in 800% when playing and you will see them.
  7. FLAW3D

    GRID - Next patch update - 24/10/2019

    Can you tell us if the trees at the side of the track will be any better, Im still to pick this up and im having sleepless nights over Tree Gate 🌴
  8. FLAW3D

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    What platform.
  9. Google Stadia is close to being twice as powerful as an Xbox One X, The game looks great on high end machines and id expect it looks great on Google Stadia as well.
  10. FLAW3D

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    Wow! That looks incredible!
  11. CTR would of been the best game on your list. You should of added it rather than trying to sneek Simcades in 😉 Again Wreckfest would of been the best game on your list... You clearly didnt think those games were better than your first list though or you would of added them.
  12. Forza is Simcade, Gravel was poor, Baja was just above average.
  13. What arcade racer this gen would you say is better? (Dont say Driveclub just because it has fancy graphics lol)
  14. Your criticizing GRID for not having 60 Tracks and 182 Cars as well as not having Dynamic full day-to-night cycle, seasons that affect even trees and vegetation on the tracks, dynamic weather with a miriad of different weather conditions, all grades of rain, storms, thunderstorms, mist, snow, real reflections on the tracks, cars lights generate shadows even from other cars 600+ mods... You were never going to like GRID if you were expecting all that in it.
  15. No wonder you dont like GRID, PCARS 2 is incredible and it's a million miles away from what Codies do with GRID. 2 racers at the opposite sides of the spectrum.
  16. You must of had 1 amazing PS2. This is the PS2 i had...
  17. FLAW3D

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    Thats worrying because we dont have any FFB on the ice is do we?
  18. What nonsense. Hows the HDR on lights, In the Cockpit or the road with wet lighting etc etc not all of us are obsessed with trees in racing games.
  19. Okay graphics guys how is the HDR in this game? Oddly i have not seen you guys discussing it.
  20. FLAW3D

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    Ahh so is it just an Xbox issue? Ok on PS4/Pro?
  21. FLAW3D

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    Any word on if they are looking into FFB? It took them a loooooooooong time to fix the Dirt 2.0 FFB. I would hope FFB is way infront of trees which seems to be the issue the forum is most concerned with.
  22. FLAW3D

    Grid 2019 IS EPIC CONGRATS You Guys!

    Very impressive, Game looks brilliant graphically. Brilliant cockpit details. Those lights should be poppin in HDR, Going to pick this up once i have finished RE2 and Wreckfest.
  23. Having watched the rest of the Gamersyde videos now the game looks great in motion which is the same conclusion as i came to yesterday. Its a good looking game in motion. Tbh even your static shots look good.