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  1. I signed up for beta testing on march and I had a different email account than the one I currently have because after a troll that sent me a fake mail, I changed it via customer service via email. Now in my account in the forum the old mail is shown that I don't have anymore and they told me that soon it will be changed but if in the meantime I am selected to be beta tester as I come to know? if you want proof I have the conversation screens via email. I'm sorry for my english. Thank you
  2. Guys can you please help me?? I have changed my account mail 3 weeks ago but in the forum it show the old mail that i don't have...how can i change it?? Because if they sent me beta code i can't get it..please is important if you don't belive me I have screenshot of codie customer service mail
  3. David was born in Italy and race with kart in brasil
  4. Yeah...thank you for advice..now i'm changing password and contact codie for change my email.
  5. So...sorry guys if i waste your time...i'm feeling so bad right know 'cause i got trolled..so bye and sorry again
  6. I contact david right now attach him a link to this chat...i'm waiting for an answer
  7. If anyone wants the translation from the chat with me and david greco it says this: hi david sorry, i want an help for this year beta, they sent me this mail what should i answer? DG to me: what email answer? Me to him: this...(i attach the mail that i post here to you)..DG to me: you don't need to answer it is an automatic email..11th you will receive the code
  8. Guys i don't know how it will be fake 'cause no one knows that I subscribe to beta...the only one are you and codie with info that i gave on my profile...so i don't know..now if it is fake i feel very bad..
  9. Guys here my conversation with David Greco...unfortunately for you is italian but you can translate it
  10. Here's the original mail guys...I recived this after the registration that I made here
  11. I don't know it's strange but according to david Greco (that is my friend, we are both italian and made some online championship as teammates) it's legit and they will send me the code but he dont know when
  12. They also sent me this but still nothing
  13. Yes, the email is legit and thanks you but unfortunately i don't have the code yet😐
  14. I received an e-mail where they told me I was taken on April 5th