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  1. virgism

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Drive Finland - it will simulate Apollo as DR1. For me WRC8 has a big problem - weightless cars, so no proper weight transfer and moon/boat physics. Weird to drive.
  2. virgism

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Played WRC8 yesterday for about 4 hours. Yes , this game is a improvement from WRC7, but has big flaw - cars has no weight, it's like driving a boat. It's impossible to do proper weight transfer. It's not a Dirt killer in any way. What i like - tyre slip, multiple stages, WRC cars, but I can't take this game seriously.
  3. virgism

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    Bought S3 and S4 (not interested in S4, but codies made a really good game, so I need to support dev), will wait for S5/6 :)
  4. virgism

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    @PJTierney - put new tracks on Kickstarter and raise money for them. It will be win-win situation. You raise money - you make new track.
  5. I will buy, game is OK for me - FFB is near perfect, physics are amazing. I'm only affected by sound cutting bug, but this bug will be fixed soon. And I LOVE Finland and I LIKE Greece. 100 % buy.
  6. I agree on 1-3, but I don't have any problem mentioned in 5 and 6 (T300RS on PC). Also, my wheel feels very light at the centre - if I add more SAT, then it's ok at the centre, but it's too heavy when you turn more.
  7. virgism

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Input on Inputs!

    And Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (it shows that this car is Manual sequential, but it's manual with clutch)
  8. virgism

    T300 problem persist

    I have a different problem on PC - when DR2 starts, my wheel is not detected, o need to re-plug USB to get it detected. It just me or it's a common problem?
  9. Can confirm - same problem, PC.
  10. Press "Remove content and continue" - info from Discord, it will not remove credits/cars and other stuff.
  11. virgism

    Updated Rain effects

    Droplets on screen will be updated in the next release then we will see real picture.
  12. Look from which country he is and you will have answer. They even cheating in RBR...