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  1. virgism

    T300 problem persist

    I have a different problem on PC - when DR2 starts, my wheel is not detected, o need to re-plug USB to get it detected. It just me or it's a common problem?
  2. Can confirm - same problem, PC.
  3. Press "Remove content and continue" - info from Discord, it will not remove credits/cars and other stuff.
  4. virgism

    Updated Rain effects

    Droplets on screen will be updated in the next release then we will see real picture.
  5. Look from which country he is and you will have answer. They even cheating in RBR...
  6. Bug #1 workaround - increase brightness :) Then you can drive without headlights :) Kidding, of course, but this helps.
  7. Reported multiple times, not fixed in 1.4.1: Also, leaderboard doesn't show players above you, they appear when you start to scroll, but then you name will disappear and you will move to correct position (on screenshot you can see - same time, but different positions. And position changes, when you start to scroll). If you press "Find me", marker will jump to wrong position again. Also, CM need to make 2 boards for events with multiple SS - one SS time, second - overall position and time. Now you able to see your overall position only at the end of the event.
  8. @Riggs I don't see leaderboard bug in the list - it affects weekly/monthly events - after finish, leaderboard is showing incorrect position, when you scroll your name will disappear. You need to remember your time, to find your exact place. "Find me" jumps to incorrect position too. Seems like stage position/overall position mix.
  9. What are software for drawing FPS info ?
  10. virgism

    New ffb impressions

  11. 1.4 is a big step back. In fact, each update is breaks something for me. Now I have more problems, then in day one. Maybe game was developed by main programmers, and bugs fixing is done by junior programmers, without QA. The last bug with leaderbaord - is a joke, you cam catch such type of bugs if you do a minimal testing before release. Seems that QA process doesn't exist at CM.
  12. 1. Screen freeze problem - still present in 1.4 (screens freeze - fps drops to 0, but co-pilot continue to read notes). It happens only 1 time on stage, but it repeats 2-3 times in short period (every 1-2 sec). Will check disk/network activity, when this happens. 2. Sound cut bug - still present in 1.4 (only cockpit view) 3. Leaderboard is now a complete mess - it's a mix of stage times and total times. 4. Feature request - please display total count of players in leaderboard (for example 71/1038).