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  1. Try to see if you computer is using the dedicated GPU or the intel Graphics. You can disable the Intel chip graphics, then run the game... if the game was using it and it is still not using your GPU, you will know right away as you will have 1 FPS in the menu screen, if you even make it that far. If that happens, then that is the same problem I had. Try to detect it from your GPU app, and make sure all drivers are up to date.
  2. Okay, I dare to go for it already. This is it, the game was not using my dedicated GPU and instead it was stuck using the intel IGPU. Now I have no problems, no crashes, no black textures and lights work wonderfully. What I did: Disabled IGPU. (But then Dirt was running without any GPU at all.. 1 FPS at menu...) Enabled it again. Uninstalled the game from Steam. Installed it again. Launch it and open your Nvidia or AMD app. Detect the game and set it to be used by the GPU at high performance or anything. Enjoy this masterpiece. 🙂
  3. An update: With the game reinstalled, now I launch it and there is no crash but the best news, AMD Adrenalin detects Dirt, which it was not doing before. Will report back after a few hours of use 🙂
  4. Unfortunately it is automatic, I have a profile for the game on the AMD software and I believe the game is not using it because I tried this: I disabled my Intel IGPU, in hope that Dirt would force use the R9... So I tried to launch and now it is not using any at all, because the Frames drop to 1 at the very menu. Somehow, it looks like the game is not using the R9, but neither the game or AMD offer a way to switch into it.. There is in fact a "switchable Graphics" option but Dirt Rally was not showing up there and I could not add it. Let´s see tomorrow after Steam installs it all over again..
  5. I will try to reinstall it and I will let you know, although this is a big waste of time, wont be able to play again til tomorrow 😞
  6. Well, now I can not even continue my historic rally. "Access violation at address 0x2a453e24 in module 'igd10iumd64.dll' + 0x253e24. igd10iumd64.dll"
  7. Sorry, I totally thought that I had written that too, my bad. My system: OS = Windows 10 CPU = i5-6300HQ @2,3 Ghz (4 cores) RAM = 25GB GPU = R9 M375 (4GB) Have DX12 and the latest drivers. ------------- I am aware that I am barely on the minimum, but it is good enough to run in a mix of high/medium/low settings (just gotta keep some things off too such as bloom) Could it be that it is using the integrated Intel Graphics chip? Although it seems to be sing the GPU. Thanks a lot for the help and again, thanks a lot for this game :))
  8. Hey there. Well, I got access to the game today so I am still experiencing it. Tomorrow I will check it out from work, if I find anything I will share it here.
  9. Hello! First of all, THANK YOU for this MASTERPIECE of a game.. It truly is that good. However... I am experiencing a crash after I complete every single stage, luckily, the progress is saved right before. I have two messages, the most common: "Access violation at address 0xcca250c0 in module 'igd10iumd64.dll' + 0x2050c0. igd10iumd64.dll" I will add the dump files here. It happens every time. My system: OS = Windows 10 CPU = i5-6300HQ @2,3 Ghz (4 cores) RAM = 25GB GPU = R9 M375 (4GB) Have DX12 and the latest drivers Another BIG issue, night lights.. they do not work, I have a square blinking light trace and around 50% of the objects (buildings, fences, signs, rocks) blink or stay pure black (without a texture but only black color) I have uploaded my graphics to the latest, which comes with a Dirt performance update, but both issues where there before and after. How can I check what DirectX is the game using? There doesn´t seem to be any place to check/change it. 89d76f77-4c88-46de-85e1-bf5f4e000932.zip