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  1. You’re kidding me!!! My case is even worse: my girlfriend bought the game for me with her account. And as we set the Xbox One X as the family console, it doesn’t matter who buy the game (beside we prefer using her credit card). Now she just bought the game, she has never played it entering with her session. The only account on the game is mine, which was created the first time I’ve played and when I go to the store section it appears the Deluxe content is activated, even though I had to download freely the 2 wrc cars. Another question is: will I be able to use Sweden and Monte Carlo tracks when they come out these weeks???!!! So what’s the deal??? It wouldn’t be a problem to play under er session but by no means I want to restart my carreer mode. PLEASE CODEMASTER, DON’T BE DUMB ABOUT THAT ISSUE AND AT LEAST COMMUNICATE ON IT, I WANT TO KNOW IF ICAN PLAY WHAT MY GIRLFRIEND PAYED FOR!! PLUS, I DON’T WANT TO BE DISRESPECTFUL BUT IF IT IS WHAT IT’S REALLY HAPPENING, WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE AKNOWLEDGED IN BIG GREAT LETTERS NEAR THE BUY BUTTON ON THE STORE. CONSUMERS CAN’T BE BLAME HERE! Your game is great with some bugs totally understandable but this isn't! I’ll be waiting for your answer.
  2. Hi everyone, As I told in the bug thread: • I can’t access to any D+ challenge, while I’ve got the deluxe edition. What happens is just that it tells me it is impossible to access Racenet or something like that. • I couldn’t find the new WRC cars in the career mode garage to buy them (and they’ve been out for a week now). • In the garage, I have the same pack of cars appearing all the time. I mean it change eventually from being able to buy A, B and C, then D and E, then A, B and C again. It’s becoming frustrating… Is anybody else experimenting such troubles? WHEN will we have a solution…