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    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    Hi ! Sorry I'm not not on PC but I have some issues with my wheel. I'm on XBox One and I play with a Thrustmaster TX wheel. First, I want to thank all the Dirt Team at Codemasters for working on regular updates. To be honest, I was skeptical the first months but now the graphics and FFB effects are working and it's fantastic. Now I can enjoy the game and it's awesome !!! But I got some issues still, the biggest one is the steering which is too soft. It's as if the first 10-15 degrees are off. The Steering Deadzone is set to 0 but i feel a deadzone. Can i set a negative value ? I calibrated my wheel as it supposed to be (900° on TX), the soft lock is on but this issue remains the same. I tried to recalibrate several times but it's useless. The only trick I found is to reduce the steering saturation but there is still a strange feeling and there is not enough rotation, I can't drive a proper way. Is there a problem with the Steering Deadzone settings ? or with the Soft Lock ? or with the Steering Sensitivity settings ? But I can't set it, it's grey... i didn't have this problem with the first Dirt Rally. Anyone got an advice to fix it ? Also, my controller and my wheel appear in the Connected Devices screen, but not in the Device History screen. Is it a problem ? At last, is there a chance that a next update will free Wheel Friction, Tyre Friction and Tyre Slip settings on XBox One ? Sorry if I post this in the wrong part of the forum and sorry for my english^^