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  1. Hygradeb

    Ai give you no space

    After a while I now drive with my mirrors just in view and you can see the other cars but when close you can't it nice the mirrors can adjust up and down but in and out would help alot.. Changing you fov take time to get back to your lap view. This view help a bit with AI & people. Only time I feel AI need adjusting maybe in practice that's the one time when they don't need to be so aggressive in corners when you pass them but it's good practice on the other hand.
  2. Hygradeb

    Practice program

    Hi CM I was wondering am I doing something wrong how can I toggle through tyre practice information in each practice program? I would like to see the times and tyre wear for each tyre I run the practice. In P1-P3 for example I will run each program using both tyres. The only practice program that give me information on more than 1 tyre is Race strategy which is great, I need the same in each other practice it would help with things like, what time I could set on Med in Q2 which could change my race strategy. A simple scroll up or down to compare details. If it is possible to do so from the practice program screen please advise how I could change ers & track acclimatization.
  3. Hi I found that if I clear my custom settings then make a new one only 1 none for F2. Then I set up my wheel as normal. All seems fine but for how long we shall see. My new settings are V&FFBS 100 default OTE 38 RSE 50 OTE 40 UE off MWR 360. cockpit view PS4 t300 F1 add-on
  4. Hygradeb

    Drs coming out of pit

    Like I said on the map there was no car Infront. It's a 30sec pit lane like u said and the next car was over 45 sec, even the driver said it should it was wrong. And yes i do understand how the real F1 works but it don't In the Game.
  5. Hygradeb

    Rename downforce

    Yep that's the idea @sloppysmusic Most of my ideas are always pointed at new players help.
  6. If that means the force is on how the car feels when driving FFB in fact any feedback is a good step. If they are trying to get the base right before improving the speed ok , who's doing that others things can be fixed. But if that statement dont mean that then we will see what if any improvements arrive ... Before I say anything negative no matter how late.
  7. Hygradeb

    Patch 1.13 Any news?

    Interesting I hope it work for you... In all assist settings I got basic t300
  8. Hi can you also check in cockpit view both default and adjusting the FOV -20 to - 35 this is a ruff of what I have seen. Thanks and great news & step in the right direction we hope. Are you got to drop it live or beta test with us 1st
  9. Hygradeb

    Patch 1.13 Any news?

    Which pedals do you have?
  10. Hygradeb

    Drs coming out of pit

    Yes I do understand.. But on the map no car was that close to it. I did say that I am sure! The only other reason is the map is incorrect and not a good guide like the proximity arrows blocking the wheel display.
  11. No I think you got me wrong. I use my wheel on my main account then I connect the pad but login as guest but I don't sign into PS4 network. When you do that the pad don't show up in the game controller menu. Like below. Guest1 is pad Main account is wheel Damage my pad lol long ago.
  12. Hygradeb

    Rename downforce

    Question is it possible for you to rename your down force labels under car setup Instead of maximum speed put low down force medium down force, extra down force, high down force or just like we hear on TV .. maybe that will help us newbies with setup choice... Unless I am incorrect and your settings mean something else?
  13. Hygradeb

    Tutorials from CM not just from players

    @RedDevilKT Look what I found https://www.redbull.com/gb-en/f1-2019-setup-guide You need to improve on this!😁
  14. Hygradeb

    Drs coming out of pit

    Ok then with that logic the system it is at fault still. no 1 came out off the pit before that car. The last option was it pitted behind another car that didn't pit. then the drs lasted way over pit time🤔. I can't remember seeing that in F1.