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  1. Hygradeb

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Yes with the right app . If that's what you mean.
  2. Hygradeb

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Here some simple thing that need adding. These pictures are from a old game made in 2017. These types off information would improve the game & driver. But to do so we need a actually video/telemetry built in replay system. Also the possibility to change tyres in the pit lane even when parked up & yes just like in real life a small delay because of this. We should be able to use full access to the wheel we have. I.e my F1 add-on when used on PC have 29 function but yet in the PS4 version has 17. We should be able to get 26/25. You may say it's due to the PS4 but I remember when we had two buttons press to = extra items. ∆+×=super kick . Remember this game was made in 2017 & still played to day. So it's about time we have a base game that can last more than 1 year minimum. If the problem is due to size off application, you have to options. 1st option. Makeless offline modes focus on improving the game look feel telemetry video replay wheel improve online everything in general improve features I could go on. 2nd option. Make two games 1 based on the modes you have now with improved online features. 1 base with improved online with full telemetry & video with little offline like GP & Full career starting with F2 or Karting. Just an idea.
  3. Hygradeb

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    I hear you in that.. I did remember reading that because wheel user like me use the pad for mic & headphones, it affects us. I know I have the option to buy a usb headset or Bluetooth headset. But that a waste off money. . infact I just thought off an idea I hope would work. Maybe I can deselect all the pad function & just keep it as mic and headphone pad?
  4. Hygradeb

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    I race with a wheel & not assist. I race with people that's use a pad & assist and there are quicker. Not saying I am fast but as soon as the person removes assist or lowers the assist settings I get much closer to them in a race. So I would say pad user get lots off help in-game.
  5. Hygradeb

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    One reason this feels good. Have you noticed the fan comes on less? If you do then it's because the unit is not getting hot. I noticed by following the pc problems high FFB make the fan kick in more because unit get hot and the heat make the unit go into save mode to protect the itself. I don't run any FFB now over 75 And I play around with road feed back. But that just me I use a stand so these thing also effect you.
  6. Hygradeb

    Please add more info on the steering wheel screen [R2]

    I can truly say I don't expect we will get anything like what we want next year or year after and if we do I guess we will spend 90% off the game life like we are doing right now telling CM where there have gone wrong like every other year. One thing CM does consistently is make a game that is broken but it does bring the community together... Lol. I can't afford to purchase a game that I spend more time telling the company about the problems than enjoying it. Yes every thing man made has a fault, and yes all games have problems. But when you been making the same game so long with the same mistake you have to think does the company actually care or is it just the money you care about because F1 has a large fan base around the world.
  7. Hygradeb

    Please add more info on the steering wheel screen [R2]

    Yes your right that's one off many reasons I ask this question. CM made a game that not equal in every view and many other things. I just want to know the basic why & when we it be. I appreciate all the outside programmers that has filled the gap that CM has not but I pay legend price & I want legend features for that price.
  8. Hygradeb

    Please add more info on the steering wheel screen [R2]

    Hi Yes we have asked this question in many different way. I want to simply be told when is cockpit view getting the same information as every other view. If you have to ask what information is missing from cockpit view then you need your eyes tested. CM Can you also be more responsive to the people who spend their hard earned money buying your products. All your mager problems which you have many, should have a weekly updates even if it's small, and be more open as what is going on.
  9. Hygradeb

    MFD shortcut Delay F1 2018 & F1 2019

    Any update?
  10. Hygradeb

    MFD shortcut Delay F1 2018 & F1 2019

    @Hoo what can be done? If you can't turn off MFD to stop the delay can you make it stay on 4 longer so it waiting for other input? Not sure but maybe that help with the delay problems?
  11. Hygradeb

    Sim Racing Telemetry available for download

    How do show sector times? 8 can't see sector times parameter. Need to be able to change temperature settings from f to c UK use C & mph not C & kph
  12. Hygradeb

    Sim Racing Telemetry available for download

    In your app it states suspension & in your app it states online racing. So yes I was asking about these features in your application not about CM. Every things I asked about is to do with your application, maybe you don't understand my question. The cost of your application is nothing to do with CM but yet you say it does. Why would the 8. Charge you placed your app have anything to do with CM? And when you say I get the same data you get that's not correct I didn't right the program so the data I get is what you give me🤔. Looks like I'll just have to learn about the application you wrote myself with the little help you have given. I'll try not to ask you about you application any more. Like I say you don't understand the question.
  13. Hygradeb

    Sim Racing Telemetry available for download

    You made application with no instructions on the actual app you going to get a lot of questions especially since people pay to use it. Most of the question is about your app & you not answered 1.
  14. Like I keep say some things needed are: Most of my idea are for cockpit view drivers. Wheel display to carry all MFD information and when you change a settings like break his the wheel display changes to brake bias show old & new setting. The MFD delays our input to the game especially the short cuts because the menu pops off even when turn off , the short cuts become the long cut in the end. Its like trying a under cut after a VSC restart 2 laps later when the team you try to beat pitted during the VSC. You should fix that now! Same for everything else. When Jeff give a good strategy it comes up only on straights 1 or 2 laps before it's a bad Idea in the wheel display when a button for yes or we can say yes or no to Jeff since most off us use the voice commands. The cockpit view improved so when racing wheel to wheel we can see the car next to us. Better mirrors so again when racing wheel to wheel we can give each other better room and less crashing. Better penalty system I don't see y I get hit in the back & get penalties. When you go wide & loose time it should not go towards a penalty. Hell you already lost time. Like in real life if you cut a corner & loose time you should not get a penalty unless you came back on way to fast or if u miss the marker guide like in F1. Better Jeff . To give more information like who on a out lap. Who behind you when you coming out the pits, who behind you if you are slower than the car behind. He should give you your delta times & the time needed to bet to get into each Qualifications. He should tell you your sector times. He should tell you who's ahead in a race, the time off there lap, the time you need to keep up, the time you need to do to bet or get into a pit window of the car your racing. Basically we need all the information that F1 drivers get in real life. Feed back for wheel spins Practice session for race starts. The same things in Career should be in all others modes Gp Championship online and offline with option to remove. Not the interviews, the upgrades would follow real F1 upgrades. Yes I know the game comes out a few months after the season starts so that will give u a few months and I know some to through a game season in a month, that's just life, that's where the option to turn it off it simulate the upgrades that happened the year before. When choosing tyres for race weekend it should moved from the option button into the workstation. The workstation should be in every mode maybe not online open lobby. It should also tell you the time difference between each tyre and how much tyre wear the has so we can make a better choice. I sure that last F1 game I played long ago should you what each track was like before you got into the track in a mini video. That should also be in the workstation, with last year best Q & lap time & by who. It's should tell you everything about that track, down force, normal weather conditions, expected amount of safety cars, amount of laps for the race, expected laps a tyre can do. Pitstop length. The map showing the track should show drs zones, each sector should be marked just like in F1 that we get on TV. Race director should be brought into the workstation, the workstation should be visited between each session and a on board or TCam video of the best lap should be available to watch. I say this to views because video reply we have now need to hire a better production manager. 90% of the reply video are off walls trees & public. Race director should be in the pit lane screen so when in the car we can view all the information above. If you have it in one location no reason why it can't be used around the whole game. Since we now have F2. let's have a full season where you start in F1 then move up to F1 a team, with settings were you can pick a team you want and a team can pick you on how good you are in the F2 season. Let us be able to use all the functions on a wheel like the pc user can. In games like street fighter, in the pass I remember you could press two buttons to activate a set move. The pc can use 29 buttons on the F1 add-on wheel but we on PS4 & Xbox cannot, I sure you have a work around. Telemetry data should also be in the workstation & pit lane screen for the driver. The data should also show the car setup & have suggestions for use to try. Better calendar system for league racing to include reserve drivers and better configuration options. Bring back online co op that has career features. A better manual explaining features in the game like .. look at apex, gammer settings sorry did I say better I meant a actually manual I am sure many things we that we can change in the games has been in it since the start so it can't be that hard. In the setting for AI instead of a number put the Q3 highest lap time & the 10th place lap time that would stop all the confusion. Hell you at CM know everything about the game settings why don't you share? In TT we should be able to watch our best times with telemetry data showing in front of us. In fact in all modes we should be able to watch replay of our best times. When in the any mode why do I need to exit the game to change a settings? Why can't I do it in the game , the only thing I need to press option on PS4 is to exit to main menu restart . Fuel should display both on the wheel but bigger & flash but a big warning should pop taking over the screen for a few seconds showing all details , laps left , delta saving time, engine mode, this could help boost cockpit view & would help the ones who only drive that way now! Spectators should have information like like expected tyre life & tyre wear information. Jeff information to driver's should be heard by Spectators . When online/offline you should be told everything about the drivers around you by Jeff. Basically the same information F1 drivers are told.🤔have I said that already. When I am in the pit why is my fuel & tyre temp incorrect? It's only updates when you leave the pit this must be a bug & should show correct information. In fact it should show same information like on the track and I should be able to interact with my wheel at all times. We should be able to dive the whole of the formation lap and drive the complete last lap until we get out the car. More celebration when we win helm you have I've 1000 + race wins to copy from. Did I say I want to know each time I should pass when doing practice runs shown to me before I leave the pit & did I say Jeff should say which sector I need improving I to hit that target. Proximity arrow should be higher so it don't block the wheel mayb in the halo but not where it is. I sure I'll come back and add more.
  15. Hygradeb

    Sim Racing Telemetry available for download

    So intermediate 1 is sector 1? Or how do we know which sector which. In the map can you hide the lower bar so the map can have more space. In the image below it's say weather 0 ? Should it not say dry wet? Or is 0 dry track? I see you have online race parameter which is sweet , will you be adding Career & GP/Championship? I see engine/gear box damage, unfortunately this game it only happens in career mode. so that bring me back to the question above will each game mode be added to separate information? Suspensions height is that the level of suspension in the pit lane before going to the track? If not which one is it? I take it or am I wrong every single settings you can change in the game is displayed in the app. it may not use the same name as in the game like brake pressure, front suspension, tyre pressure etc but it's there I just need to keep looking & work out the parameter name. if I did 3 laps with a car setup that car setup & lap time parameter information is Keeped together? If I then change 1 items like brake bias and then go out to the track 10sec later that setup will be stored with that lap and if I compare the two I can see what settings I changed on the car for that lap. I don't just mean the data traveling around the track I mean both. This is great when data sharing & going back to check old setups & lap times. When you clicked on shared file you would see my track data showing my car setup before starting a lap so you could use it & try that setup yourself. With all that information you get from the game into the application you should have one more tab to add next to track table, which is yes you guessed it car setup maybe an icon showing a F1 car, when you click on it you can compare car pit lane setup for each P/Q/R, sectors, etc. I hope I haven't lost you trying to explain. I understand Median is middle but what is Median bABS dev? Is that for people that use assist? Is there a section that can tell which assist is being used? That can be useful for data sharing & comparing! Track section will you in time allow more than 3 parameters to be compared? Maybe up to 5 items not sure how difficult it will be. Is there a online PDF to download that can explain the terminology you used in the app. One thing .. you will need if possible to get the latest version out i.e F1 2020 when the new games comes out say within a month and then as the year goes reduce the cost of that module. That way you get new customers & keep old ones that may not buy the game until midway through the year one price all year long is not good for idea unless your application last more than a year say 2019 until 2021. After 5mth of the game itself being you app should reduce it price ... In fact your app price should go down when the actual game price drops. So if this application started at £8.49 4 month ago it should now be 6.49 for example. Don't change it now unless you going to give me a refund off the different price. When is the beta out if you have beta? I sure I'll find more to ask.