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  1. I hear you in that.. I did remember reading that because wheel user like me use the pad for mic & headphones, it affects us. I know I have the option to buy a usb headset or Bluetooth headset. But that a waste off money. . infact I just thought off an idea I hope would work. Maybe I can deselect all the pad function & just keep it as mic and headphone pad?
  2. I race with a wheel & not assist. I race with people that's use a pad & assist and there are quicker. Not saying I am fast but as soon as the person removes assist or lowers the assist settings I get much closer to them in a race. So I would say pad user get lots off help in-game.
  3. @Hoo what can be done? If you can't turn off MFD to stop the delay can you make it stay on 4 longer so it waiting for other input? Not sure but maybe that help with the delay problems?
  4. How do show sector times? 8 can't see sector times parameter. Need to be able to change temperature settings from f to c UK use C & mph not C & kph
  5. In your app it states suspension & in your app it states online racing. So yes I was asking about these features in your application not about CM. Every things I asked about is to do with your application, maybe you don't understand my question. The cost of your application is nothing to do with CM but yet you say it does. Why would the 8. Charge you placed your app have anything to do with CM? And when you say I get the same data you get that's not correct I didn't right the program so the data I get is what you give me🤔. Looks like I'll just have to learn about t
  6. You made application with no instructions on the actual app you going to get a lot of questions especially since people pay to use it. Most of the question is about your app & you not answered 1.
  7. Like I keep say some things needed are: Most of my idea are for cockpit view drivers. Wheel display to carry all MFD information and when you change a settings like break his the wheel display changes to brake bias show old & new setting. The MFD delays our input to the game especially the short cuts because the menu pops off even when turn off , the short cuts become the long cut in the end. Its like trying a under cut after a VSC restart 2 laps later when the team you try to beat pitted during the VSC. You should fix that now! Same for everything else. When Jeff giv
  8. So intermediate 1 is sector 1? Or how do we know which sector which. In the map can you hide the lower bar so the map can have more space. In the image below it's say weather 0 ? Should it not say dry wet? Or is 0 dry track? I see you have online race parameter which is sweet , will you be adding Career & GP/Championship? I see engine/gear box damage, unfortunately this game it only happens in career mode. so that bring me back to the question above will each game mode be added to separate information? Suspensions height is that the level of suspension in the pit l
  9. We all saying it the different wheel giving use the problem when the most common thing is the game. Everyone noticed the MFD popping up b4 it register the input. When I try going from high to low I expect 1 action but like we all notice the 1 action becames 6. Infact I would expect any wheel that's has a dial would be quicker than buttons because the game/PS4 can't do dble tap & pressing a button twice will be slower than a roll of a finger.(🤔 Yes we do have dble press/tap the SHARE button can be set to dble press 🧐 so what can't other buttons do this in the game) I wouldn't not
  10. I have found a section that uses the word intermediate in comparison is that the sector times? It's has .. lap time and intermediate 1,2,3 Got to say it has helped me see my mistake just need to see how it can help me improve.
  11. I use the F1 wheel I use to try scroll the dail quickly but found out I have to take time or it doesn't register each time.
  12. On the map the colours are used for? for example breaking: is the different colours show how hard you are breaking? Or when you are breaking at the right time and wrong time? Is this the same for all others colours on the map? Does the game give you information on how the car is setup? If it does that information would be perfect to include Ie wing 4 etc tyres bar/psi & high low temp per corner.
  13. If I am not wrong when I used the pad you could dble hold or dble press and it changed quicker... Right now I use the F1 wheel & at times its is slow in responding, I normally change just b4 going into a corner.
  14. @Kafumanto Offline problems has gone must off been me. Maybe I didn't complete the lap or something stupid. Tried it again completed the whole practice & data was there when PS4 was off. for me using the map so far is showing me where I loosing time. Just need to see how it can help me gain time. Maybe you can add a perfect lap time for each track that we can use as a guide 🤔 , a base line in each Parameter . I may just buy it 4 fun, it's making the game a bit more fun Can it be used to setup the car?🤗 So we can get the best setup for each track & we
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