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  1. Hygradeb

    Singapore bug

    Why? This bug was reported months ago before the actually race on TV & like most thing it was ignored by CM In fact all the bugs on this track bar 1 I think is still ongoing.
  2. Hygradeb

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Yes with the right app . If that's what you mean.
  3. Hygradeb

    Singapore bug

    Singapore is one off the most reported bug track from day 1 and still not been fixed if you luck it be fixed in 2020 just b4 you pay out for the new version.
  4. Hygradeb

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    It's just about worth it I wish I had waited until now.
  5. Hygradeb

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Here some simple thing that need adding. These pictures are from a old game made in 2017. These types off information would improve the game & driver. But to do so we need a actually video/telemetry built in replay system. Also the possibility to change tyres in the pit lane even when parked up & yes just like in real life a small delay because of this. We should be able to use full access to the wheel we have. I.e my F1 add-on when used on PC have 29 function but yet in the PS4 version has 17. We should be able to get 26/25. You may say it's due to the PS4 but I remember when we had two buttons press to = extra items. ∆+×=super kick . Remember this game was made in 2017 & still played to day. So it's about time we have a base game that can last more than 1 year minimum. If the problem is due to size off application, you have to options. 1st option. Makeless offline modes focus on improving the game look feel telemetry video replay wheel improve online everything in general improve features I could go on. 2nd option. Make two games 1 based on the modes you have now with improved online features. 1 base with improved online with full telemetry & video with little offline like GP & Full career starting with F2 or Karting. Just an idea.
  6. Hygradeb

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    I hear you in that.. I did remember reading that because wheel user like me use the pad for mic & headphones, it affects us. I know I have the option to buy a usb headset or Bluetooth headset. But that a waste off money. . infact I just thought off an idea I hope would work. Maybe I can deselect all the pad function & just keep it as mic and headphone pad?
  7. Hygradeb

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    I race with a wheel & not assist. I race with people that's use a pad & assist and there are quicker. Not saying I am fast but as soon as the person removes assist or lowers the assist settings I get much closer to them in a race. So I would say pad user get lots off help in-game.
  8. Hygradeb

    Burn Outs On Formation Lap

    It's just away to get grip on in the start box & warm up tyres. It's not a requirement just a good thing to do. If you tried it in the game you due to hit a wall plus the way the games takes control is not great.
  9. Don't worry about it we all make small errors. I hope CM look into the pad issue, I feel we the customer are just beta testing when it comes to CM F1 series. I guess I'll have to miss a few year's again b4 I buy F1 again. Next year will need a big leap in everything about the game. If I buy the game it won't be until the price drops. Lol maybe I'll wait until Christmas next year
  10. Hygradeb

    Qualifying tyre pressure

    Thanks. I did get to watch the f1 and in Q section he did say. I am trying to find this online in the rules but no luck so far.
  11. You need to read people post fully before you make a statement. You don't need to read all my comments in this post just the last one, then when you do...
  12. Hygradeb

    An overview of issues with F1 2019

    I hope you survey is not as **** as the last 1 a few weeks ago. That survey was full off useless questions, I was hoping for real questions.
  13. Don't know & dont care .. I got to a point with this game & the poor support by CM that I don't care. I never compared myself to a pad ussr. Way to many other problems before I worry about who's quicker than me.
  14. Hygradeb

    Tutorials from CM not just from players

    You trying to use a tissue paper to dry up a broken dam.