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  1. Hygradeb

    Gearbox problems

    I don't mind having a problem with my gears I have a problem that Jeff don't know about it 90% of the race, I had 1 warning from Jeff to say about slow gear change. Then when my gears fully gave up Jeff had left the building and I had no help even when I pitted hoping Jeff would stop the race... 😂🤣🤣😂 He must be working for another team
  2. Hygradeb

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    Assist should be a stepping stone to none assist so yea it should be a bit slower not a great amount so everyone moves of it in time. Not everyone can use a pad, there are many reasons to buy a wheel.
  3. Hygradeb

    Thrustmaster DOR Issue

    I new to tmx 300rs , but I feel it's not responding right , I had sent 1 back after the breaks stopped working in a race . I need to check the firmware, but don't have a pc ...lol Hope this get fixed soon , glad to know it's not just my bad racing. Or could it be both...loo
  4. Hygradeb

    not change the front wing

    Right now I am on P2 at Baku I clip my wing... I have been in the pit a few times changing settings but the pit crew have not changed my wing.. I playing GP not career so I should not have a problem with finance. Besides crashing so my wing goes from light yellow to red I got no choice but to keep practicing... Lol PS4
  5. Hi I am in. Great league at present but I want to also join a cockpit view league that got space for a beginner. 2019 F1 is the 1st time I am joining a league I started playing again end of 2018 stopped in 2014. I race cockpit view with only corners markers. I want to get better at cockpit view 1st I just want to be consistent in time then I'll get faster... Any league out there or other people who want to join me and we can make 1 up PS4 Busy Monday with another league.
  6. Like I said I still adjusting.. I have set it my Fov from 30 -90 and my HV to match.. so yea have done nearly all attempts and still trying 🤣😂😭 if I can get the same lap times with my mirrors as I do with a good break marker view then it will do until it properly fixed my CM🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😭😭😭😭
  7. I use cockpit view with no assist started playing F1 again in Nov 2018 since I stopped in 2014/15. I am still trying to get my view right both online (with my personal car and F1 2019 ) and offline, I want to view my mirrors so I can view who along side me so I either give enough space or block them b4 it's to late. But yet I have to set up my screen so I can view my breaking marker and not see my mirrors at Al unless I set cam movement to 100 % so I can get s view on corners. When I watch the videos online the whole world seems to racing tvpod view which does give you good all round view and is easier, I know because I found it to give me a better lap time. CM needs to deal with this and Esports need to make cockpit view a default view, I bet then CM will improve it.
  8. I got to lol I just started playing F1 2019 after a break since 2014 and I jump straight in and removed the assist that make it so easy to race. Now I see people asking CM to make it even easy with Assists. I am at a lost to see how easy you need it.
  9. Hygradeb

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    I don't understand why the assists are so strong, I use none and I have noticed say 80-90% use 2 or all Assist are near the top . Assists should be reduced to match non assist or be a bit weaker so people stop using it. Like cockpit view this should be improved. To make people use it more.
  10. Hygradeb

    Strange audio glitch, anyone else have it?

    Yep s few times on and off line
  11. Hygradeb

    It's time for telemetry

    We have two screens when in the pit lane so why not use them both ... It's not hard to have telemetry in a easy to read format. Even race director can be brought into the second screen. There is a lot of minor things still missing from the game . Like Jeff giving more information, like you have a puncher or you about to get 1 and not wait until you get in to the pit lane.
  12. Hygradeb

    AI wet qualifying pace issue (Test results)

    @simracer123.. I noticed twice now you have mentioned that a increase of 5 is about a second. Is there a 2019 chart that states level 75 AI give you a lap time say 1.24? This would be useful for anyone trying to set a AI level. Nice job worn with the test.
  13. Hygradeb

    Jeff turns into an american 😂

    Yea he did for me only lasted for Few seconds.. It's like the no sound bug.. it comes and goes
  14. Hygradeb

    AI are ghosting

    In practice and race the AI are now driving through you and you now drive through them instead of being held up in practice and race. My settings have not changed Everything on in gameplay settings besides flashback. AI set to 89 Any idea on how to fix? PS4 F1 2019