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  1. Dunky1980

    Which mode you playing?

    Championship but I hate I have to play as one of the real drivers and not as me.
  2. Dunky1980

    ERS Question

    The full system was hated by the esport drivers as you were changing the ERS every single corner to be competitive. As the real F1 drivers said you don't do that as it made it over complex and unrealistic.
  3. Dunky1980

    Modo ERS manual en carrera ya!!!

    Because last year's ERS was being used unrealistic. People were changing it for every single corner because it gave an advantage. As the real F1 driver said that's not realistic and it was pretty much hated by all the esport players as well. the engineers in real formula 1 are not telling the drivers to change it multiple times per corner. They may have preset settings. But they're not micromanaging it.
  4. Dunky1980


    Well I love it David it was the right choice and makes a racing so much better.
  5. Dunky1980


    I disagree I think the slipstream is perfect this year makes it feel like proper racing where you have to earn your overtake. Don't want it going back to 2019 where it became like an arcade mode.
  6. Dunky1980

    Loading times take forever

    Yes I'm getting the same on the PS4 Pro. It's really painful when you restart a race the loading screen takes ages.
  7. Dunky1980

    Play as yourself in championship mode

    well I hope codemasters look at it as not all of us want to do the practice programs and the car development. I just want to focus on the racing but without all the technical stuff.
  8. Been asking for this for years. In the championship mode you can only play as the real driver. Why is there not an option like my team and driver career where we can play as ourselves? I don't want to do drivers career as I can't be bothered to do the practice sessions or or upgrade the car. I just want to get racing and be able to play with my own name and not as max verstappen as an example.
  9. Dunky1980

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    This is great news ERS on 2019 was awful. Very unrealistic I'm happy real formula 1 drivers have had an influence. you only had to watch League races of the top players and there was no strategy. Everybody used 0 in the corners and overtake on the straights which was ridiculous. Well done codemasters 😁 .
  10. Dunky1980

    Aarava's spoken

    I can't stand Aarva. he seriously needs to shorten his videos and get to the point because most of his videos are just him waffling on.
  11. Dunky1980

    Patch 1.13 Any news?

  12. Dunky1980

    Jeff turns into an american 😂

    I just had it today playing at Monaco. I thought someone had hacked my PS4 😂
  13. Dunky1980

    This is how ERS should work like in real life

    Another problem I see from watching League races. Everybody is using overtake down the main straight and then run nothing for the rest of the lap. Basically low, medium, high and hot lap aren't putting used.
  14. the car handling is definitely much improved compared to last year. but it's still no good comparing lap times to real life when a lot of the circuits on the game and not accurate.
  15. Dunky1980

    Check your HDR setting in game - PS4Pro

    I prefer it with HDR off. The colours and contrast look so washed out with HDR on.