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  1. Sadly lost interest and I'm now playing Assetto Corsa competizione. The Ai never got fixed which was very disappointing. For me Codemasters really need to step it up for the next version otherwise I will not buy.
  2. I've stop playing until they patch the Ai.
  3. I ready much doubt it. At the end of the day it's a game that has to be balance for a large crowd of different abilities
  4. Curb = American English Kerb = English English
  5. You could always pretend that the FIA did a rule change and ban something on the car which hurt you more than the rest.
  6. Just carry on doing your League races. Look at it as if the FIA have changed some rules midway through the season like in real life.
  7. Could it be we've not had the new handling model because they have to adjust the AI which you don't need to do for esports?
  8. Sorry I mean ERS. I was at work and not thinking. Lol
  9. Yes I'm also having this problem when I put it in 120hz mode. The DRS button randomly only works some of the time. That's on the Ps5
  10. Looking at your setup if the rear is coming out on corners with throttle on. I would look at the differential and lower that. Try changing around your differential.
  11. I didn't know they were changing the layout for Australia and Abu Dhabi
  12. Unlike previous F1 Games by Codemasters there was no real penalty for running the ride height low. This year has changed! you could be going around Belgium and bottoming out in corners losing huge amount of downforce. The problem is we have no telemetry to tell if the car actually is bottoming out. So it's all guesswork with the ride height. Just remember running low is best but it comes at a risk.
  13. 2-7 is way to low a ride height. If the car bottoms out you're going to lose all down force.
  14. It's the new patch all the simulations settings get reset every time. At least in Grand Prix mode
  15. Unlocked differential with throttle 50% will make the car less oversteery.
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