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  1. Yes I've noticed that to. If you skip qualifying the Ferraris are still using their performance from the pre patch.
  2. Dunky1980

    Difference in setups wheel v pad

    I think you're overthinking it Marioho. Having done multiple test basically the game is bonkers with the setups. It's no different to previous versions. Extreme setups wheel or pad.
  3. Dunky1980

    AI needs quicker starts

    Yes I agree the AI now is so bad getting off the line it's too easy to make up places.
  4. Dunky1980

    General race setup

    Maximum Camber is to the left. Maximum toe is to the right.
  5. Dunky1980

    Change how ERS works in F1 2021

    I've got a feeling it will be abused. I can see on fast parts of the track players will put it in attack mode. On the slower sections put it in harvest mode. It wouldn't be as bad as 2019 but you could see it being used a few times per lap. it's the same as the stupid fuel mix you don't see drivers putting it in low in corners and high in straights.
  6. DRS is fine slipstream probably is a little too weak this year where it was overpowered arcade in 2019. I do like it as it makes overtaking more challenging and I've had some great battles. So I wouldn't want it to change too much from this year.
  7. Dunky1980

    Change how ERS works in F1 2021

    Going to a save, neutral, attackmode. Will only bring back the problems we had with the game in the last few years. Players will end up going into safe mode in the corners and use attack mode or overtake on the straights. It would go back to being very unrealistic and micromanaging again.
  8. Dunky1980

    F1 2020 ERS System

    No because people will end up turning it off in the corners and use overtake again on the straights. It would end up the same as 2019 micromanagement nightmare and not realistic
  9. Dunky1980

    Ai should start races a little faster

    Yes I agree it's too easy now to get the jump on the AI at the start on the grid. I always make up a few positions. The AI pulls away ok then goes into wheel spin and loses momentum.
  10. Dunky1980

    F1 Games

    Oh yes I love Monaco grand Prix racing simulator 2 on the PC. That was my first game on on my first PC in 2000. I still have the game. Grand Prix 4 always go down probably for me is my best F1 game.
  11. Dunky1980

    F1 Games

    Grand Prix 4
  12. Dunky1980

    %25 Race Strategy

    It's something codemasters need to look up with 25% races. The two strategies that the AI will run is soft/medium or soft/hard. It's strange because with the soft/hard combo. The AI does more laps on the soft compared to the soft/medium compound. Meaning the AI will run on old soft warn tyres longer. Then switch for a few laps on hard tyres which makes them very slow.
  13. Dunky1980

    About tyre pressures

    I don't have a laptop. Can it been used on Android phone?
  14. Dunky1980

    Ai Difficulty

    Started at 100% won the championship so have moved up to 105%
  15. Dunky1980

    How many Flashbacks do you use during a race weekend

    I never use it. If I make a mistake you got a take it on the chin like you would in real life. Your driving style can change as you can take huge risk and just use a flashback if it goes wrong.