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  1. You also have to remember the tracks are not at accurate. So that will also have an effect on the Lap times.
  2. Dunky1980

    Patch 1.05

    Hopefully on the next patch the replays can be 60fps on the PS5. Shocking that they are running at 30fps.
  3. Good because he's not in a winning car. 110% doesn't mean you have to be able to beat it. If you're on about inconsistency between circuit fair enough. I personally like 110% to be almost unbeatable.
  4. https://youtu.be/UY7YrfdnI5g
  5. Just accept the game is harder and you have to lower the difficulty.
  6. Its the same on PS5. It's like the shadow detail is from Xbox 360/PS4. Press on tracks like Monza the Shadows draw distance is terrible.
  7. Anybody else notice how bad the shadow draw distances is. At Monza you can see the shadows being added into the trees at around 50m.
  8. What's most disappointing about the PlayStation 5 version is replays are still done at 30fps. Surely they had the power to do 60fps.
  9. Tired both versions on PS5. I couldn't see any difference between the ps4 version and ps5. Only thing I noticed was no dual sense on the ps4 version.
  10. performance mode is 120fps mode. If you don't have a TV that does 120hz. It will still stay in quality mode
  11. I still can't believe on the PS5 replays are still 30fps.
  12. Had a quick go this morning before work. First impressions of the graphics on the PlayStation 5 very poor looks worse than last year. Doesn't feel like a lot 60fps either? Ai did seem to be faster and seem to be better at battling. Enjoyed the Handling feels more realistic. Will need to have more of a go. but a little bit disappointed in the graphics on PS5
  13. Is the 10% only for the Deluxe Edition?
  14. Yes I've noticed that to. If you skip qualifying the Ferraris are still using their performance from the pre patch.
  15. I think you're overthinking it Marioho. Having done multiple test basically the game is bonkers with the setups. It's no different to previous versions. Extreme setups wheel or pad.
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