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  1. Have you checked the cloud to see if your save is there? This has happened to me in other games and I was shocked that, for whatever unknown reason, I had save files in the cloud. EFIT: I don't know if it's called "cloud" on PS5 but it's in the section system storage. I can get more specific when I go home and turn my on PS5 on, if you need.
  2. So sorry to hear about your loss.
  3. What other thread? I'm not aware of any major issues. As a rule, I normally stay away from "bugs, glitches" type threads until I actually encounter something and then I look for help from others who may have also experienced it. On another note: Do I understand that there's a new handling model that we don't have yet? I saw an F12021 update on my PS5 but haven't played in a few days. If it's not the new handling model, what is it? I thought the handling was perfect as was.
  4. @mariohoThat was a great video. I've watched so many racing videos over the past few years I'm surprised I missed that one. I think it was done with I racing and that's a game I've never played. Without having seen that video I'm definitely applying all the principles he referred to, probably because I've learned from so many others. Thanks for linking it
  5. I'm guessing you are much faster than me and that may contribute to your spinning more than me. Once I've learned to use a curb (from practice) I still don't go hard on throttle while I'm over it because I fear spinning. Either that or I short shift (learned that from PJ's videos) to minimize the impact of putting down the power. Since I know I'm not elite at racing games I don't take chances. I'm happy to merely gain a few places during a "my team" race. If I was as good as a lot of you I might take more chances and get caught out by the curbs more.
  6. I haven't experienced that myself. But, I also haven't raced on every track yet. I've only raced on 6 tracks so I won't doubt what you have experienced. Between the practice sessions and qualifying I run about 35-45 laps before a race. If a curb is going to give me trouble I identify it pretty early. But, even when I have had mishaps caused by a curb (and I've had a lot) I can assure you of 2 things: 1. It's always my fault. 2. I've never gone airborne. I only play offline so it's possible the online experience is different from mine.
  7. The only problem with the curbs is that you want to abuse them with no consequences. Maybe Mario Kart is more to your liking. The original poster has valid points about REAL online issues. No need for you to hijack his thread.
  8. Stop calling out other people. You just paint yourself as pathetic. You must be so unhappy with yourself that you need to attack people on a racing forum. EDIT: To be clear, I don't think it's a bad subject to discuss. That's why we come here, to discuss the things that we discover in the game. I just feel like we can do it without acting like the people we see on the news who, just because they disagree, they have to be hateful with each other. I will respect any opinion if a personal attack or if an insult is not attached to it.
  9. But, wouldn't this mean that every human driver in your races would have the same curb experience? If it's the same for all of you then it's not a disadvantage, right? The few who adapt and avoid the troublesome curbs won't spin and should get a good result.
  10. Now, this is something interesting. Of all the people complaining about curb behavior you are the first to make this point. My post history shows I think the curbs are fine but I've never taken the time to ascertain if the AI are equally affected. I always figured if it was tricky for me it would naturally be troublesome for the AI as well.
  11. I agree that there is no problem with the curbs. Practice sessions are designed to help a driver learn a track, which includes knowing every curb inside and out. Professional drivers do this even on tracks where they have raced for years. Some even find that a curb which they could abuse just a year or two ago has suddenly become a little more tricky. It's REALITY (maybe the problem is some people don't want reality) and may Code Masters not change it.
  12. The world has enough problems with people being negative. Why you chose to attack Marioho, I don't know. Like you, he's just a guy who likes to get a break from reality and play a racing game. Maybe you don't realize it, but your comment did come across as hostile, perhaps even demeaning. There sure seems to be a lot of people who don't have problems with the curbs. It's possible that people who are wanting to drive on the limit and want to just throw their car around with no regard to physics, don't like the results. I've never driven an F1 car just like nearly everybody here.
  13. I absolutely love the curb behavior in this game. I don't find them to be broken at all. Just requires practice laps to learn how forgiving/unforgiving each curb is. F1 drivers speak about this all the time. They are constantly noting which curbs to be careful with and which curbs they can completely disregard. I love it and I hope they don't change it
  14. If you did every practice session how are you able to protect your gearbox for 6 full races? You probably read that I damaged my gearbox BEFORE race 4 Did you just limit the amount of laps you did each session? Or, is there some kind of secret to babying the gearbox to make it last longer?
  15. Thank you both for taking the time to help me out. I did not realize that laps turned during practice sessions counted toward the wear of the components. I'm definitely going to skip P3 from now on. I think it's time to search on PJ's YouTube channel for a primer on "My Team".
  16. It was after qualifying for my 4th race. I was retired (DNF) from Race 3 with just 4 laps to go. Practice1 and Practice 2 for race 4 went fine. But, it was Practice 3 when I kept getting warnings from Jeff about being to hard on the engine and I lost use of a gear. I qualified 10th but I knew I had issues with something mechanical. When I progressed to the race (I believe 32 laps at RBR. I'm on 50% race length) I noticed that the components only had like 20ish laps left. I wanted to finish the races because I didn't want to DNFs in a row. I changed the gear box 1st because
  17. Let's see if anyone can help me with a "my team" problem. I was getting a lot of messages from Jeff about putting too much pressure on my power unit (or something like that). By the time I get to the race I have to change several components and take a grid penalty. If these things are supposed to take me through six races without a penalty, what am I doing wrong that I had to replace them for race 4?
  18. Thanks, but what I'm specifically referring to is how to keep the leaders through without the guys I'm still racing also going through. I slow down and move over but everyone goes through. All those dots on the mini map are so close together.
  19. How do I know which car is the leader and which cars are the ones I'm still racing? I don't know a strategy to let the leader pass me without other cars right on his tail passing me as well.
  20. I get the message to let faster cars through, which I do. The problem I'm having is that when I let them through, the 1, 2, or 3 cars that are chasing me also come through. The next time I get the blue flag message, the same exact thing happens. Finally, I'm a little frustrated, understandably, and the next time I get a blue flag message I just keep racing but I end up getting a 5 second penalty. How are we able to let the race leaders through without letting the cars I'm still racing go through with the leaders?
  21. Ok. Understood. You probably play the game with a higher AI than I do. Since I just started, I'm using 60 for AI. I've had a few occasions where they were a little bit aggressive but nothing as bad as what your experiencing. My bank is complaint is they tapped me from behind, like, a lot. I get a collision warning every time
  22. What exactly are you referring to? What do you mean that they're throwing you out of the circuit?
  23. I play on a PS5 and I have seen the safety car numerous times in only a few races. I follow the safety car for as much as two and maybe even three laps a couple of times. I guess that means it's a PC bug. My biggest complaint is that when I get hit from behind I get a warning for collision with that driver even though I did not cause it. It happened to me so many times at Bahrain that I had to continue to restart that race. And, it's not like I'm brake checking the AI. In my practice sessions I watch them so I can get an idea of how fast I should be traveling and what gear I sho
  24. From what I've experienced and read and viewed, it appears that Monaco is a track from hell and, outside of the elite esports guys and gals, we should just be skipping it. I spent the entire weekend trying more than 10 different setups and was forced to restart my sessions 100 times, it felt like.
  25. I can't thank you enough for this advice because I was having the same problem and I thought it was because my eyes are getting older. I took off the HDR and was able to drop the gamut to 75 and it's like a whole new game because I can actually see
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