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  1. 1 fp1 fp2 2 what Eva happens to me should be able to happen to the a.I. As well 3 realistic career 
  2. i only study 1st gear, how fast I shift from 3rd depends on how well I am moving and distance to the 1st corner... Hmmm cockpit view, that I another thing entirely....
  3. Well wot I do is floor it @ the lights till about 80 kph then I shift up to 2 and then apply some keys from 3rd gear till I feel I am level with the ai's speed... Watch YouTube videos, I studied tiametmarduck's videos, his starts are usually good
  4. stiker

    [F1 2013 VIDEO] Bahrain 3-Laps as Lewis

    Yeah I thought the same as well...
  5. stiker


    Thank, but I doubt it's that, in Hungary S2 now? And the engine I am using is still about 91%...
  6. stiker


    Has any1 experienced a scenario where by u can have a loss of power in the game, although you a going full throttle,  u don't get full power?  Happens mostly on straights, at least that is where I notice, or could it be my G27 developing a fault? Used to happen to me on 2012 as well... Also in the Drs zone I press the button and Don get the Drs even in practice,  till I tap the brakes and push the button again....
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    Looool.... Gravity was cool...
  8. stiker


    Hey Sandra, how r u? Love ur movies B),  well that's their decision not ours so they should open up the tires, my car might have had issues on friday and I might not have had any running, and still have all my tires
  9. stiker


    Also whats with the locked tires, starting the race with 2 brand new options but only get access to 1... 
  10. Yeah  I think it does
  11. Although I think career mode is cool, I agree with the poster, Carear nids to me more balanced
  12. stiker


    Man, this Is so annoying, always played legend, right from 2010, had enough time to win d wdc in 2011, now I am considering switching down to expert on Career, like d poster said, ausi has been my best race in S2 finished 7th in a sauber ahead of hulkenburg...  All others been struggling to make the top 15, will be matching hulk in some sectors or even faster but for some reasons there will always be a sector were I loose about a second to him, in practice, and in the race they always seem to just shoot away into the distance, the worst was the last sector in bahrain' I just can't wrap my head around why I would be loosing a second in a sector that's made up of two straights and one bend. Another thing is I struggle to match my practice pace in quali... It's like the car gets slower or something during quali, I switch to gp mode and I am trashing my team mate on legend... Same setup, same car...  It's really frustrating, also the a.I. Don't seem to have tire wear issues.. Or maybe I just ain't as good as I thought,  any1 with tips on when to tone down from legend and when to move up from expert?Personally I think career is rigged.... What a shame...
  13. stiker

    NellyFurtado: 'Career mode has become stale'

    Well personally I liked the practice sessions, used fp1 for Rd engine (weaker engine) change, fp2 for setup, fp3 fine tuning and engine change (strong 4 race). In d current mode, 1 practice session, I always loose some performance one or two units in the engine wen I restart session
  14. stiker

    F1 2013 Co-op Career

    Did in 2011 with a friend in the UK, we neva completed it, twas fun though
  15. Sauber is cool to drive, in my 2nd season came 7th in the 1st race... 1 st career points finish...