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  1. Complexity

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Crossfire?

    I ended up throwing out my two HD7970 cards and put in an RTX 2070.. Holy smokes the game looks nice now, and i can crank everything on ULTRA in 4K and framerate is smooth. And it uses 1\4 of the powerconsumption as my old cards (and my room does no longer become a sauna when i game) But i might put my old cards in another computer so still curious about crossfire state.
  2. Complexity

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Crossfire?

    Getting extreme texture flickering when enabeling crossfire. Are there any workarounds or will there be any update to resolve this? I have the latest AMD driver but it did not seem to help. Crossfire works good in Rally 1 and Dirt 4. With only 1 GPU in action i have to set the graphics to potato quality to keep the framerate.. Otherwise great game.