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  1. Did you modify your default Windows page file setting?
  2. BalazsA

    Dirt Rally refusing to launch correctly

    What do you see in the Windows Event Log?
  3. BalazsA


    You can buy calibrated Dell IPS monitors for 250-300 USD. The problem is that most people don't care about the proper viewing experience, so they just use their monitors with crappy settings. All they need is an expert to calibrate their display.
  4. Every hardware is more capable if you throw in a lot of money, lot of time and lot of people. You could make 80% of the games more beautiful on every console, but companies don't have infinite resources or even the same resources for every game.
  5. The Forza series are from a first party developer with a lot of help from Microsoft, exclusive to Xbox and PC. Of course it runs better. On Playstation 4 the Uncharted series, the Last of Us and God of War are the same, they look better than other games on Playstation 4 for the same reason. DR2.0 is a multiplatform racing game from a smaller studio without exclusive partnership... you know, it's harder that way.
  6. Other consoles have much more powerful graphics processor, so they can provide a cleaner and more detailed image. Before you buy a console you can look it up which is the fastest. If you purchase a slower console, the graphics will be blurrier. This is the case with every game.
  7. This doesn't mean the game is incomplete. If you connect a Playstation 2 or Playstation 3 to your TV it will be blurry too, because the resolution is low, not because the PS2 or the PS3 is incomplete. The Xbox one S is the slowest console and it can mean that maybe they can't do anything about it. Still, I would wait 1 more month or an answer from Codemasters, beucase there is support for the game for a long time.
  8. BalazsA

    DiRT 2.0 Access Violation PC????

    What is you Windows page file setting? Whats in the Windows Event Log when the crash happens? What is the Event ID?
  9. I don't know, but it is harder and definitely takes more time than on other consoles, which are more powerful. I think fixing this comes with other graphics effects looking a little worse, so developers have to find the perfect balance for the best possible picture quality.
  10. This is hard for the devs, because Xbox One and S has even less graphics power than the base PS4 and other games on the console are running at 900x500 or similar resolution too, like Battlefield 5. You can watch graphics comparisons for different consoles with the same game on the DigitalFoundry YouTube channel about this. Sadly Dirt Rally 2.0 is not the only game that looks blurry or pixelated. This console is nearing it's end...
  11. BalazsA

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Same here, can't play Argentina with interior cam, because I get dizzy. Australia can be bad too. Camera shake needs a fix, so we can set it to be a smoother experience.
  12. BalazsA

    The unexpected moments stopped?

  13. BalazsA

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    I saw 3 yesterday in Career mode 🙂
  14. If you don't know that I don't think that is your problem, because the default setting is good. I set this manually after installing Windows. But take a look, hope it helps: 1. Right-click on the This PC icon on the desktop and select Properties. Go to Advanced system settings on the upper left side of the window. 2. Performance settings -> Advanced tab. Click on Change button and check Automatically manage paging file size for all drives. Click OK. 3. You must restart your PC after this!