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  1. Same here, can't play Argentina with interior cam, because I get dizzy. Australia can be bad too. Camera shake needs a fix, so we can set it to be a smoother experience.
  2. I disabled Motion Blur and everything below in the graphics settings and the game looks good. There are just a few places where you have excess post-fx in this case and they don't bother me. Try it.
  3. But what it has to do with Dirt Rally? 🙂I think nothing and this has no place in here. You should post these to the WRC 8 official forums.
  4. I have crashes too, 2-4 crashes in 1,5 hours approximately. Sometimes after the stage, sometimes before the stage, sometimes in the middle of the stage, sometimes in the options when it tries to save my settings. Wait for the first patch as I do, then write here again.
  5. Then we must wait for the first patch. I also experienced crashing and many people too, so Codemasters are aware of it if we send the crash reports.
  6. dinput8.dll controls the input devices as the name suggests. Try to remove any unnecessary USB peripherals from you PC and try again.
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