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  1. But PS4 is much faster than Xbox, so it's a lot more easier to fix. How many times do we have to write this? 🙂 What is easier? Buying a Ferrari for 100,000 USD or for 1000 USD? Same applies here. Fixing for Xbox is a lot harder or it's possible that it cannot be fixed, because it's that slow.
  2. Yeah, the new consoles will come out 2 years from now, so you can stay with Xbox One S for now. Next time, buy the console which is the most powerful and you won't have this problem. Also, you can sit further away from your screen, so you will see a sharper image. Everything looks sharp if you watch it from far enough.
  3. Buy an Xbox One X if you want better graphics. It's 5 times more powerful than Xbox One S and has super sharp 4K resolution with almost all games 🙂 When you buy something get some information first, because you could have seen it on the internet that the Xbox One S has the worst resolution and graphics of all the consoles, so you shouldn't expect super sharp image from it.
  4. Defining a custom device in the device_defines.xml solves the problem according to the Input Device Guide section 6: Manual Data Entry. Thank you Codemasters.
  5. Lollerke

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    They said next week....it's above your post and in the v1.4 patch notes. What makes you think we will have it tomorrow? 🙂
  6. Yeah, hopefully it will solve the problem, but my FFB worked before patch v1.2.1. It doesn't take any effort to revert the change that did this, an hour maximum. They could have done it easily in patch 1.3 1 month ago.
  7. Lollerke

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Change the TAA and / or Motion Blur settings, but I think TAA is your main problem, because DR1 doesn't have that 🙂
  8. Between stages or between the menus and stages audio volume can go up or down and I have to readjust it. I have High dynamic range set in audio preferences, so maybe the bug is that it switches to low dynamic range....
  9. If graphics is so important to him, he should have bought az Xbox One X or Playstation 4.
  10. I don't think headlight interacting with rain is 100% wrong, because the same applies to fog in real life too. You can see much better with the headlights off in heavy fog, but you can't do that legally, because other drivers on the road can't see you. If you drive in fog next time and have no other cars on a small road, try it, turn off the headlights for 5 seconds.
  11. Every hardware is more capable if you throw in a lot of money, lot of time and lot of people. You could make 80% of the games more beautiful on every console, but companies don't have infinite resources or even the same resources for every game.
  12. The Forza series are from a first party developer with a lot of help from Microsoft, exclusive to Xbox and PC. Of course it runs better. On Playstation 4 the Uncharted series, the Last of Us and God of War are the same, they look better than other games on Playstation 4 for the same reason. DR2.0 is a multiplatform racing game from a smaller studio without exclusive partnership... you know, it's harder that way.
  13. Lollerke


    Calibration means calibrating the display with a professional calibrator who uses professional tools...in-game settings are another thing.
  14. Other consoles have much more powerful graphics processor, so they can provide a cleaner and more detailed image. Before you buy a console you can look it up which is the fastest. If you purchase a slower console, the graphics will be blurrier. This is the case with every game.