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  1. Here you go: For both of you as well and others wondering, I will update the post to include the methods provided by @Wedgewood. I can confirm that it works and that you actually can make multiple directories of different modded DR's instead of instalations all together. What i did was just make two folders named "Modded Dirt rally [RFPEv0.4 Physics]" and another folder called "Dirt Rally Original Unmodded Files". 1) Placed a FULL copy of my Vanilla files in "Dirt Rally Original Unmodded Files" in a folder just like the one in steamapps/common named "DiRT Rally". So the directo
  2. Well, that applies to almost all mods, sadly. I will probably do the same as I did with Dirt rally. One folder with mods and a vanilla one for online.
  3. Actually, there were cars imported into Dirt Rally from multiple Codemasters games, like Grid and Dirt 2. I remember someone had added the Evo IX in DR, which would be awesome to have in DR 2.0.
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