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  1. Is this going to be patched, DR1 did this with a wheel plugged in an it was eventually fixed. Not on DR 2.0 every couple seconds I stutter and drop about 10 FPS, unplug my wheel and everything is good. I am not going start disabling USB inputs, that seems ridiculous.
  2. Regardless of anything mentioned, there should never be a scenario where a game is this picky about a USB device. If I remember correctly Dirt Rally 1 had the same issues and it was fixed in a patch. Hopefully the same will happen here. The unfortunate part is not being able to play 2.0 with anything but a controller.
  3. This is also happening to me. I can tie it back to my thrustmaster t300. This doesn't happen with dirt rally 1, or F12018. Doesnt matter what USB i use, or what else is plugged in. The second I unplug the wheel the game is smooth. I can even see the stutter on the menu screens. Has to be a game bug. Also tried Forza Horizon 4 and Forza 7. This is definitely related to the game. My rig. 2080 ti 8700k 32gb ram win10 Samsung NVME HD
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