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  1. It feels flat because of the missing canned gravel texture effects and massively exaggerated bump effects. if you're one of those people who loves having his wheel shaken to smithereens by such effects then I understand why you don't like the ffb in this game. Id be willing to bet that if Codemsters decide to patch those effects in ( if possible) you guys will suddenly be deliriously happy even if nothing else changes in ffb.
  2. There are definitely different opinions about the ffb, I'm aware of that. At the end of the day the ffb we've got is the ffb that Jon Armstrong has been driving with for months before release ( I doubt they inexplicably changed it immediately prior to release) and in fact he probably steered it in that direction. I happen to quite like the ffb in DR 2.0 ( at least with my wheel on the ps4 pro) and you're free to disagree with me, but there many people who will disagree with you that F1 2018 and GT Sport and PC2 have great ffb.
  3. It certainly doesn't feel screwed for me, but like I said I'm on a different console using a different wheel. I guess well we'll just have to wait for codemasters to make an official announcement.
  4. Can you post you force feedback settings anyway? Tyre slip doesn't matter because the game communicates that by varying the amount of torque through the wheel and the SAT and tyre friction is enough to give you that effect. Wheel friction isnt greyed out for me but I'm on the ps4 pro. Don't you have enable something in the thrustmaster control panel to make the wheel friction available? Btw what is the general feeling of the wheel? Does it feel really light? Not much resistance, ffb deadzone? Or the opposite?
  5. I'm using the humble g29 and can definitely feel everything I need to drive, obviously minus the canned texture effect that I can feel in DR. Is the thrustmaster TX wheel about the same quality as the t300? Because that's even stronger than the g29 so I would think that it would give you an even better feeling.
  6. Indeed the definition of a pure steering column force feedback is that you should feel the bumps through the rig and not so much through the wheel. The bump effects that we can feel in DR 2 are actually exaggerated; in real life you can't even feel that. Like I said, the devs have to decide what kind of ffb they are going to make and evidently they went more towards the pure steering column end of the spectrum this time.
  7. What wheel are you using? Did you calibrate it properly? Did you mess with linearity setting and all that stuff? Also can you post your ffb settings?
  8. Sorry, but you really don't feel anything through the steering wheel in real life when going over bumps or gravel. Next time you are driving your car pay careful attention to what you can actually feel through the steering column. You think you can feel bumps through the steering column but in fact you will find that you feel the bumps and various shocks through the chassis and it feels like it's coming through the wheel. also I never said that the surface texture effect in DR1 is wrong; I said its fake because it's canned as opposed to deriving from the suspension physics.
  9. Not feeling anything is an exaggeration, surely. I'm sure you you can feel compressions, bumps, the steering getting heavier under braking and lighter when the tyres start slipping. The biggest difference is the lack of surface texture compared to DR 1. The problem for the devs is that some people love lots of fake effects and some absolutely detest them, so they have to decide where on the scale their force feedback for a particulate game is going to be. Is it going to be more towards the fake end of the sale, or more towards the pure steering column end of the scale? In this case they went more towards the pure steering column end compared to DR 1, and I suspect it was Jon Armstrong who steered it in that direction because he wanted it to feel more like it feels in the real life rally cars that he drives, and that's why it is the way it is.
  10. If you're not intersted in having a discussion with me that's fine. All I Did was point out that those effects are fake and canned because they do not come from the suspension physics. Obviously in real life you wouldn't feel those effect thru the steering column and there is nothing on the actual surfaces in DR 2 to give those effects thus they have to be faked. But as soon as you start faking things you no longer have a pure steering column feel and not everybody wants that.
  11. Dirt rally communicated road feel through a fake canned effect that did not come from suspension physics, this now appears to have been removed. I will test the wheel friction effect though when I have some time but i don't remember the tyre slip effect actually doing anything in the first dirt game, just like the engine vibration slider didn't do anything and it's now blanket out as well.
  12. FreddieJupiter

    PS4 PRO 4k Samsung TV Blurry

    Increasing sharpness on your tv and turning off any smoothing and noise reduction effects definitely helps. But yeah the art direction in this one does remind me of Colin mc Rea dirt on the PS3 a bit.
  13. Isn't tyre friction basically the same thing a tyre slip, which is why tyre slip is now blanked out? I'm using a g29 and I can definitely feel the tyres lose grip when I lose the rear and go sideways; the wheel basically goes light when they happens. And the suspension seems to work fine as well as it communicates all the compressions, whether the compressions come from bumps or when I'm braking. True it doesn't give the textured feel like in DR rally, but thats probably because that was a fake effect ( it did not come from the actual suspension physics simulation) and they decided to go for a more pure steering colum only ffb this time.
  14. I think with something like a g29 you have to max out the SAT and suspension and add a bit of wheel weight about 40 -50 and tyre friction on about 50 as well. That's what I'm using and it feels pretty amazing to me; it actually feels like the tyres have flex and the gravel surfaces have a softness. The bump and Suspension feel Is also very good especially over the jumps and I can even even feel the road camber. And when I go completely sideways, the wheel goes very light.
  15. FreddieJupiter

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - No FFB Effects has been made?

    Wasn't that before it released on console? Most of the whining here was after the console release. So how was the ffb changed since it came out on console? I don't recall there being any changes.