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  1. I live in a right-hand traffic (RHT) country and I have only experience from driving left-hand drive (LHD) cars. I find it personally a little annoying that in car games in general you cannot change right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles to LHD. I know some car models were originally built RHD (e.g British rally cars) and that is the reason behind the driving side of these vehicles in games. Nevertheless, it would be historically accurate to also have the possibility to change RHD to LHD as we have seen WRC champions Walter Rörhl's Opel Ascona and Ari Vatanen's Ford Escort to be LHD just to mention a few. I would find a driving side changeability feature to be a nice add to Dirt Rally 2.0, since we are talking about rally simulators and making the driving experience as realistic as possible. I have not tried Dirt Rally 2.0 yet, but I have not found any information on whether is it possible to change RHD to LHD and vice versa. Correct if I'm wrong.