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  1. ForbiddenEra

    FF feels dead in DR2 as compared to DR1

    Finally got my Mac Pro running Windows 10 properly, and got my hands on DR2. Coming from Dirt Rally (I own the PC version, Mac version and PS4 version and tried them all just to compare before posting) and other Codemaster's games (basically everything on multiple platforms) I can confirm this is definitely an issue. I can say that in some areas, the FFB feels MUCH better - I can catch slides easier in some spots and some of it feels better, but it otherwise feels completely dead. The only time there is any sort of rumble effect is when going over a "grid" (cow trap) which feels perfect and like what I should feel in other areas when hitting bumps or edges of the road etc. Besides that, it also just feels sort of dead and also kind of heavy even when I started turning the settings down. For Dirt 2, I am currently only running it under Windows 10 on PC (well, Mac Pro) with an unmodified Logitech G29 and a second Logitech Driving Force GT as a handbrake. I've tried different configurations thinking perhaps the second wheel had an issue but FFB greyed out ("driver" something) and I set it to disabled. I also set the DFGT to a "handbrake" - (I have a piece of a Mic stand taped to the throttle pedal sitting on a snare stand at the right angle for a handbrake, works well enough but I'll be building my own soon from scratch).. It makes it very difficult to play. It's also difficult watching people with a Direct Drive enjoy the game with seemingly no issues (Jimmy Broadbent - a quite popular YT sim-racer guy seems to love the game, but has a DD rig, if he has mentioned any issues I haven't seen them) :( I want to enjoy this game! And please bring VR back! And add clutchless shifting if rev-matched, absolutely need it!@#$ Specs: Mac Pro 3,1 running Windows 10 (native NOT vm, fully updated) 32 GB FB-DIMM Ram SATA SSD as Primary Storage, 2xRAID0 2.5" 500gb as Storage (games on storage) installed on sata card NVidia 960GTX on 419.67 with surround view enabled running at 5140x1050 Logitech G29 w/Shifter as Primary Wheel (Calibrated, Logitech SW installed/updated) Logitech DFGT Brake Pedal rigged as Handbrake (FFB disabled, set as Handbrake in game)
  2. ForbiddenEra

    Clutchless Shifting

    Real rally drivers (myself included) generally only use the clutch to get off the line, especially in a car with a dog engagement or sequential manual. We then rev-match (some cars have ECUs that aid this especially with sequential manual) the rest of the way. Other popular current sims (pCars, AC) allow this and penalize bad shifting with transmission issues. DR, you grind if you don't use the clutch, regardless of RPM and this is not how a real car works nor how rally drivers actually race, everything is two foot. This can kinda be simulated in DR1 with using the autoclutch and clutch override but you don't get penalized for misshifting (because the game is clutching for you) and in a rwd/awd car without a "clutch kicker", the handbrake should bog the rears/stall (as it does with manual clutch) but with autoclutch on, again it clutches for you. This seriously ruins using the game in any true SIM aspect for us. We were hoping to be able to use it with our SIM for extra seat time when training drivers. I haven't played DR2 yet but this is an issue in 1 and as VR is dropped in 2 I hope it gets fixed with both.
  3. ForbiddenEra

    telemetry udp ps4

    I plus one this.
  4. ForbiddenEra

    SIM features that are desperately needed

    Dirt rally 1 allows handbrake to be an axis? I have this configured on my ps4 I +1 everything else here.
  5. I've had an issue recently (perhaps it is my G29, but I haven't experienced it in other games) where sometimes the auto-center on the wheel seems to be constantly on, like the menu spring.. hard to turn, driving feels wrong. If I replug the wheel, it goes away. Another HUGE - nearly GAME BREAKING issue is the manual transmission. I drive rally in real life, thus it is very appealing as a practice sim. In real life, most drivers only use the clutch to get off the line (at least in H-pattern cars and many sequentials too) and then we two-foot gas/brake the rest of the stage..maybe occasional clutch-kick if RWD..but really most shifting is done strictly by rev matching. Many other modern sims will allow you to shift gears without the clutch if you rev match the engine close enough. I can sort of simulate this with Dirt Rally by turning on auto-clutch however it ruins driving RWD cars, especially older ones that don't have ECUs and pneumatics to punch the clutch when you hit the handbrake..hand brake works proper with RWD cars when auto-clutch is off of course. Not just that though, with auto-clutch on, there is no penalty for mis-shifting too. In AC and Pcars1/2, you can clutchless shift like this.. If you go too fast or too slow (depending on the car/transmission) you grind and the gear doesn't take unless you try again or clutch it and it also damages your transmission. You can even clutch-start your car in PC2 and start/stop, etc... Obviously adding ignition/starting controls etc would be a big change and the way it's handled in DR is fine really, but I would almost kill for clutchless shifting in DR. Auto clutch w/clutch override comes close but again, no penalty for mis-shifts and it auto-clutches on handbrake (and it should with auto-clutch on, of course, but with manual clutch, you should be able to shift if the revs are matched on any transmission, syncro or dog...dog will allow faster shifts, more ramming, more rpm difference..syncro has to be a bit more matched but yeah..) I know DR2 is out now, I can't afford it yet but especially being that DR1 is the only version with VR, I really hope you guys can fix this still. Another issue along this line, which sort of breaks the VR mechanic, is when I am two foot gas/brake at the same time and the driver in the game still has his foot on the clutch. It is disorienting in VR and I've turned off the driver for now, which also kills the steering wheel, which kinda sucks, I Do like having that on in VR. A third issue along the line of the second issue is that in VR for my wheel to match 1:1, I have to have the saturation at 100, of course.. but then steering is rediculously slow...a rally car with a steering lock of 270 degrees shouldn't take 900 degrees of motion - of course having adjustable saturation is great, but, there should be a way to match the in-game wheel with your actual wheel regardless of saturation - especially in VR.. again, I've had to turn off in-game steering wheel for now. I do have to say that I am happy to report that the custom handbrake I built works on both the PC and PS4 versions of the game and is fully analog! I am using a pedal set from a Thrustmaster GT 3-in-1 (ps3/pc wheel) with a pole taped to the pedal and mounted nicely for my handbrake. On PC, the game recognizes the TGT (although I do remember some minor issues, I believe that mostly had to do with the Mac Port and I don't remember off hand because I've been using PS4 as my pc needs some work)