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  1. fang436

    new bug with patch 1.06

    Same here. Done all the usual suggested fixes inc 'verified integrity files' even done reinstall. Still no Time Trial Lap Times are saved. Please help....
  2. 100% Agree. It's beyond annoying! Even more so when it's been highlighted by many users since day 1. Even more so when we were told by CM it was being worked on in the pre-patch notes from 2 patches ago. It never got fixed. No explanation why not or when likely to be. Just disappeared off the list as though it never existed. For goodness sake it really can't be that hard! Codemasters you have taken enough of my money over the years to at least warrant an explanation.
  3. Unfortunately this is still not fixed. Despite CM saying it was being worked on for the patch, it did not appear as a fix in their notes or indeed in the released patch. Constant random windscreen wipes still occur as frequently as ever. Irrespective of stage, irrespective of weather, irrespective of car you will still get them. Maybe it doesn't occur if you drive with alternate views but driving in cockpit view it is incredibly distracting and frustrating.
  4. 100% Agree. So frustrating and kills concentration when the wipers kick in automatically (even when set to off in menus). Especially on twisty stages when you really need to concentrate on every bend. There is absolutely no logic in this whatsoever. CM- Why are you forcing the wipers to do a random wipe? Especially when the sun is shining, the windscreen is crystal clear, the road is tarmac and literally I am just 3 seconds into the stage!!!! If and when I need to clean the windscreen I am perfectly capable of doing so. It's a driving game. It is me who is the driver not you! In same way I don't want you to apply the brake, steer the car etc I don't need you to decide for me when to provide a superfluous and offputting animation. Thanks to Shmeefly for raising it again and also for providing the only workaround I have seen. But as he says it is still incredibly frustrating to do it at the restart of every stage. Come on Codemasters, this surely cannot be the hardest thing to fix. I mentioned this in last patch notes also on steam. Lots of others have raised it. Plus it was also flagged from previous Dirt Games.
  5. fang436

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    WIPERS WIPING WITHOUT USER INPUT: Wipers are turned OFF in the menu but still every 30 -40 seconds they automatically turn on for a single sweep across. Usually when trying to navigate a tight corner and throws concentration. I am not hitting the button by mistake, I don't even have wipers bound to a button. It happens on every stage. Particularly illogical with bright sunshine, driving on tarmac, no dust! For me it's a real concentration disrupter. Please fix this. I am the driver, I am perfectly capable of using wiper when I need to. I don't require an imaginary assistant constantly cleaning an already spotless windscreen. Spoiling an otherwise great game for me.