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  1. RacingRic


    You are not half as smart as you think you are. I didnt pre order this game to get 3 days advance play on it. Assuming I did is foolish on your part. I have played CM games probably longer than you have been on this planet and have supported them because 90 percent of their games have been better than any other publishers I have played. I played all the TOCA games, the Garrett and Labonte game, all the Colin dirt games and almost every racing game put out by CM. Almost every one of them was very good. It was because of those experiences over the past 20 years I purchased this and DIRT 2.0. I also bought DIRT when I was still playing on PC as an early access game. I havent found any major bugs in this or DIRT 2.0 and the ones that did arise weren't game breaking and fixed. Project Cars is a game I would not pre order because even after the bugs are found they dont fix them and move on to the next title where most of the same bugs still exist. And I liked the shift and shift 2 games and was why I purchased the 1st PCars. But thanks for your education on how the economy works and had I waited 4 months to play a game I would have known that CM was gonna pull a shady practice and release 3 and 4 which was NEVER mentioned until maybe a few weeks before they did. All the pre release promos said the deluxe version would get ALL DLC. Go back and read that, not we are going to wait 4 months and then announce more DLC. As far as I know, that was the first time that DLC was not mentioned or included in a season pass sale. Of you can educate me on a title that after 4 months decided to release NEW DLC not mentioned at all until just prior to release.; feel free to educate me on that also.
  2. RacingRic


    Eventually people will just stop supporting them no matter how good the games they put out are for shady practices like that. I am very close to it myself and have been buying their games since TOCA touring cars on the PS1
  3. RacingRic


    EXACTLY And if you want these 2 EXTRA unannounced seasons you pay FULL price even though you were the ones who PRE ORDERED and had faith in our company. Slap in the face is what it was. I paid 5 dollars more and I was one of the faithful who pre ordered the game. They should have offered it to the deluxe owners for 5 less than everyone else.
  4. RacingRic


    And a track a month is a little unrealistic. I dont know of any title of late that has done that.
  5. RacingRic


    While I am sure there is a cost to using tracks, cars, ect. And i dont know if they carry over to any game codies makes or if its individual, but; they did warn it was bare on tracks before release and although they have had quite a few tracks in previous titles doesnt mean they can necessarily use them in any title. But i am highly disappointed in the track content and hope to see more than just 3 more tracks for the price I paid for premiums pre order. The thing that really ****** me off is when I bought DIRT 2 DELUXE, they never said they would release 3 and 4 and for those LOYAL customers who pre ordered it had to pay MORE than someone who held off and bought the title after 3 nd 4 were released. That is poor customer regard and if it happens in this title, they wont get a 3rd chance to screw me.
  6. RacingRic


    As I understand it's only 2 weeks out. Surely you are not still debating and making from scratch which circuits you will release? Letting us know what circuits to look forward to whenever they are rereleased shouldn't be a CIA top secret or anything (LOL)
  7. RacingRic


    The game is good, but as you said; they need to add more locations ASAP. Surprised at the few locations released even when the game was delayed. September was original release. They say the locations will be free for anyone who owns the game, not just the deluxe owners. The events and new cars are what the deluxe version has the advantage of.
  8. RacingRic


    I have heard what the seasons are and what they consist of now, just not when they will be released. Each season has 30 events 4 cars and are themed, like hot hatches ect.