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  1. JohnParaskevopo

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    Thanks @PJTierney for the update! One thing that we are stil waiting is the "sequential or h-pattern+clutch" option in transmission settings of the game like it was on Dirt Rally 1! Please its annoying to change manually the gearbox configuration every time depending the car that I choose...
  2. JohnParaskevopo

    "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" option!

    Anyone knows if "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" option will finally come to the 1.5 update???? @ChristinaMc???? @PJTierney????
  3. Thanks for the patch. Still no fix for the missing option "h-pattern with clutch or sequential"..... Please! Its annoying to change manually everytime the gearbox option depending on the car...
  4. JohnParaskevopo

    "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" option!

    Any clues that somebody from codemasters heard us for the "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" option???
  5. JohnParaskevopo

    "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" option!

    Patch 1.2 is out and still the same... No "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" anywhere in the gearbox settings..
  6. JohnParaskevopo

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.1 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Great news!!! Please also consider on 1.Trying to make realistic and less floaty the tarmac physics. 2.Give the option "Hpattern + clutch or sequential" on game settings like Dirt rally 1 had!!! Its annoying to change every time the gearbox settings when changing an sequential gearbox car to hpattern gearbox car... Thanks for listening to us!!
  7. JohnParaskevopo

    Tarmac floating physics!!!

    You mean that these physics are correct? Even the powerfull modern WRC's don't move like that on tarmac...
  8. Please fix the tarmac physics.. The cars feel like they are drifting all the time even in low speed small direction changes .. The cars feel like floating on the road.. Its better than Dirt Rally 1 but still wrong..!!!
  9. Dirt rally 2.0 doesn't have "manual H pattern + clutch or sequential" option like Dirt rally 1 on game settings!!! Does anybody know if they are going to add it? Manual cars should be manual and sequential cars should be sequential, without having to manually change it every time when you change cars. This was in Dirt Rally 1 but is not in DR2. It really needs to be added since constantly having to change it gets pretty annoying!