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  1. Hi all, with triple screen setups, there is a big difference in field of view depending on whether you are in windowed mode or in full screen mod. In windowed mode the FOV is correct, while in full screen mode it is really very low for the same value in the parameters / preference
  2. i've a triple screen 32" at a distance of 55 cm from my eyes, so i use 40° vertical FOV (vFOV) Dirt 2.0 FOV slider middle is 55° vFOV , it decreases by 5 ° in 5 ° if you go to the left and increases by 3 ° in 3 ° if you go right, so an amplitude of 30 ° to 70 ° vFOV but this value it's right only in single screen 16/9 or 16/10 or windowned, if it's on triple screen full screen 5760x1080 the rendering and distorted, the FOV is much lower.
  3. it would be really nice to have an angle based FOV setting and not a slider which is not precise. Currently in Dirt2.0, in full screen with a triple screen the FOV is really too small and does not allow you to fully enjoy the game. Support for the triple screen would also be a plus for a game that aims to be "pure simulation". It's a shame that players who have a triple screen, even if they are not in the majority, can feel left out in this aspect of the development of the game. if this feature were developed, I would naturally be ready to be a beta tester 👍
  4. in Dirt 2.0 the crowd is very dense and enormously animated which consumes a lot of graphic resources if you watch carefully a rally video like that of Sébastien Loeb some post above in the WRC you can see that the people on the side of the road are relatively static, there is in reality very little movement, I speak to you knowingly because I myself have done rally, maybe we could save a lot of resources or have the possibility of having a crowd adjustment very very low, static, so as not to consume graphic resource settings
  5. what it would be really very good also is a real support of the triple screen because the current version (ego engine) does not support the triple screen of more the slider which allows to adjust the field of vision only allows adjustment of 5 degrees in 5 degrees which is really too much when you want to refine at best to have a very simulation rendering
  6. evolution of the weather and onboard sound / gearbox sound like what :
  7. with PC, on fullsreen graphic option with triple screen the FOV value( :-5 = 30vfov, -4 = 35vfov, -3 = 40vfov, -2 = 45vfov, -1 = 50vfov, 0 = 55vfov, +1 = 58vfov, +2 = 61vfov, +3 = 64vfov, +4 = 67vfov, +5 = 70vfov) are wrong , for exemple 55 degree vfov = 0 on slider with single sreen 1920x1080 is not the same fov with triple screen 5780x1080 on triple screen the fov is very low and i don't know wy. May be Codemaster dev team can say wath is the measuring scale fov on triple screen hope
  8. I think this value : -5 = 30vfov -4 = 35vfov -3 = 40vfov -2 = 45vfov -1 = 50vfov 0 = 55vfov +1 = 58vfov +2 = 61vfov +3 = 64vfov +4 = 67vfov +5 = 70vfov are right if you play on single monitor 16/9 (without vFov X2) But if you play on triple monitor with Nvidia suround like me, this value are wrong. you can see that : try to change in graphique option full screen to windowed screen without border and restart game . the FOV are changing like single monitor 16/9 expanded and the value become right (without vFov X2)
  9. it's nothing but think it's 4° to 4° like Dirt Rally 1 -5 = 30vfov -4 = 34vfov -3 = 38vfov -2 = 42vfov -1 = 46vfov 0 = 50vfov +1 = 54vfov +2 = 58vfov +3 = 62vfov +4 = 66vfov +5 = 70vfov à voir
  10. it was on Dirt Rally 1 project immersion tips : http://www.projectimmersion.com/fov/howto.php?g=DR don't know if it works for DR2.0
  11. in all game like Rfactor2 Assetto corsa.... your vFov is 30° in Dirt to (first position in slider when you are in single screen setup ) 60 is value if you change Fov in Dirt directory : 'eyefinity_cameras_adjustments.xml' with Wordpad and locate the following section: <CameraAdjustment class="Head"> <Fov angle="70" /> <Tilt percent="100" /> <Position x="0.0" y="0.0" z="30.0" /> </CameraAdjustment>
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