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  1. jvdwijden

    Changing AI Difficulty in Dirt Rally 2.0

    I fully agree, the difficulty should increase, but it should be defined by what championship you're doing (open - clubman - pro - elite - master) not by what car you're driving. That's what I mean saying it should be as easy winning in the Impreza as it is in the Fulvia (doing a championship on 'Open' e.g.).
  2. jvdwijden

    Changing AI Difficulty in Dirt Rally 2.0

    This is what I've been thinking all along. That sucks donkeyballs though. I bought the deluxe edition so the '95 Impreza was available to me right away. If in 'Open' championships you get punished as severely as in Elite or Master, we can't really discuss the AI because it doesn't act like AI, more like it's just programmed times on a roster. I don't think it's far fetched to say that it should be as easy winning in the Impreza than it is in the Fulvia. If not it totally beats the purpose of having 5 cars available from the start.
  3. Thanks for your reply but that doesn't fix my problem 🙂 In Dirt Rally my TH8A shifter was recognized having 'Gear UP' & 'Gear DOWN' functions, which differed from my peddle shifters being mapped as L1 & R1. Here in DR2 they're recognized as L1 & R1 on the TH8A as well so I'm not able to map my handbrake button on R1 as it will be overwritten by the R1 (shift up) mapping of my wheel. I made a workaround and mapped my handbrake on my clutch pedal though, but that's far from ideal. I hope they define the functions of the TH8A the same way as in Dirt Rally. That can't be such a huge undertaking imo.
  4. jvdwijden

    Changing AI Difficulty in Dirt Rally 2.0

    Good to hear you've found a way to enjoy the game! I started doing RX championships and immediately got through open and clubman winning almost all races. It's weird but the AI seems way slower in RX. This way I was able to use my credits for repairment and upgrades so I now have a fully stocked Colin's Subaru. I continued the Open championship and sometimes I'm even winning stages, depending much on my Tyre choice and small changes to the setup of the car. Clean stages usually get me within the top 5 or top 10 but once you make 2-3 mistakes on short stages or 5-6 on the long ones, I'm dead last. I guess that's to be expected though. I'm gonna keep switching between RX and Rallies and try to progress. That's the way I'm enjoying it. I still hope they patch a couple of things like tarmac physics and the AI in the lower difficulties, or put in a slider to adjust the overall AI. I use a T300RS wheelbase with the Sparco mod wheel, loving the feeling on gravel and dirt. The only thing that bugs me is I can't seem to map my TH8 shifter as the handbrake so I mapped my clutch pedal as the HB. Haven't tried playing with a controller, is it enjoyable?
  5. jvdwijden

    Changing AI Difficulty in Dirt Rally 2.0

    I erased all save data, deleted the game, rebooted my PS4 and reinstalled the game only to see it reconnect with Racenet, not giving me the option to redefine AI difficulty. It just loaded and left me with half of the progress (credit and damage wise) from the previously installed game. I don’t mind it being hard. When I took up Dirt Rally 3 years ago it took me 5 hours before I even started enjoying the game. I continued to improve and got through Open and Clubman difficulties playing 2 or 3 championships each, trying to push as hard as possible and doing multiple retries. Professional took me 5 Championships and each of the difficulties I finished either 2nd or 3rd. On Elite I’ve managed to end 6th and 4th, just taking one shot at each stage, embracing mistakes. I mean, I never won a rally, but was able to progress and kept evolving. I love that game for giving me the feeling closest to driving a real rallycar, especially with my VR headset on! The difference is really felt within the balancing of stage times compared to the AI’s times. In Dirt Rally you’d easily get top 10 being 20 to 30 seconds behind. Whereas in DR2.0 it seems to knock you down in the late teens, early twenties. Anyway, I’m gonna try one more time, erasing my Racenet profile and doing another full install. If that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll have to practice even harder and it’ll take me even longer to progress. I hope they patch in the option, rebalancing the game to the point it resembles DIrt Rally. Cheers, A medium skilled Sim enthousiast
  6. jvdwijden

    Changing AI Difficulty in Dirt Rally 2.0

    I’ve tested the Custom Championship on 35 difficulty and immidiately felt it was more ‘fair’. +20 to +35 seconds behnind the leader still got me within the first 10, just LinkedIn Dirt Rally. I decided to reinstall the game to see if I can adjust the difficulty there. I tried everything else: erasing sage data, resetting profile, disconnecting from Racenet. Nothing gave me the option to set the difficulty. The weird thing is it still ‘knew’ the damage to my Subaru and credits I earned but it erased my Career progress. Will get back to you once the 2nd install is done!
  7. jvdwijden

    Changing AI Difficulty in Dirt Rally 2.0

    If you choose Custom Championship you DO have the option to change it. However in Career mode I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Really frustrating to do a clean, semi fast stage and still end up last with 30 seconds down to the person one place ahead of me.
  8. I can’t stem to map the TH8A shifter as a handbrake on my PS4. Plugged in as a separate device, it recognizes the ‘gear up’ as the R1 button, which is already asigned on my wheel. Is there any chance on updating the settings menu for this?