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  1. CARS Lancia 037 --- Cant believe this isn't one of the default choices in this poll Peugeot 206 --- One of my favorites when I started watching rally {which was later in life due to being American and not even knowing anything about rally until my late 20s} Hyundai i20 R5 --- or the fiesta RS rally ----need more current WRC representation LOCATION Wales --- Flipped a coin between Wales and Finland MISC More and quicker reaction to the force feedback, sound, and other issues in this game that are holding it back from being great.....Oh wait, this wasn't an option to vote on.....
  2. Don't know if this would be a bug fix, or just an improvement.. The turbo blowoff sound is weak, and for some reason seems non-existent when using H-pattern and clutch. Get this in line , and it could make the group B cars even more fun! Also,,,,I know its been said, but as long as I'm here.... Fix the force feedback already.. I've found a work around to get it feeling "good", but with negative feedback for a week straight from all wheel owners on all forums that it is not right, why hasn't this already been addressed by Codemasters?? Its a bad look for the company