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  1. _vickolous_

    Neutral when stopped

    Make the cars so Neutral can't be selected unless you're not moving at all. I've had a few instances where I've been downshifting aggressively for a tight corner and go into neutral.
  2. I have no footage of this but it happened and I'm ******. i was disconnected from the race then rejoined like normal, took control of my car and i had no warning, there were no 5 lights telling me when i was gonna regain control, which meant on a 50% league race at china i had no warning of the braking zone and was forced to go into the ******* pits. fix your god damn game
  3. _vickolous_

    Customisation is a MASSIVE disappointment

    Its a good game, and the new things they've added for customisation is really cool. but the fact that we're lacking so many liveries and helmets is a massive disappointment. some of my favourite helmets from f1 2019 just arent present. i hope that they'll add them in updates either for free, or to the item shop, or the level up tree or something
  4. _vickolous_

    F1 2020 Preorder Bonus Query

    the item shop and podium pass has become available now on Xbox, however i haven't received any pitcoins. i preordered from the Xbox playstore, am i still eligible for the 15000 pitcoins, and they'll be added when everything is sorted behind the scenes? also how do you earn pitcoins in game?