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  1. It's honestly ridiculous. There has been a bump to the strength of the DRS which I appreciate but the slipstream is still just pitiful, it's nowhere near strong enough. I know David Greco mentioned that it provides "a good balance" for the game, but the matter of fact is that it just doesn't. Back, many years ago in F1 2013 you'd see league races with drivers constantly going side by side fighting for victory, and that's down to many things and not just the strength of the slipstream, but back then you didn't have to preserve much, sure you might need to keep an eye on your fuel but the KERS s
  2. My setup isn't the best but it is fairly powerful, I have a i7-10700F CPU with a RTX 2060 GPU and while I don't own the game I have played it on one of its free weekends on steam, and running it on fairly high graphical settings I would get a subtle stuttering with the visuals and my GPU would get up to nearly 80 degrees C, I tried turning the settings down, to their ultra-low settings and even though I then got more fps and the stuttering had stopped, my GPU was still running at damn near 80 degrees C. For some context I play Red Dead Redemption 2 at fairly high graphical settings, nearly the
  3. I just want to reiterate that I'm not just here to **** all over the game, I like many others are passionate about this game and want nothing else for this game to be good and just succeed as a racing game for everyone to enjoy, competitively or not. But we need to take a stand about it coming out in such a bad state. All we want is to see the game do well and be fun to drive and watch, and we all need to push to see that change be made
  4. I am watching season 29 of PSGL, round 5 and this is just ridiculous. The cars are phasing through each other and the time gaps are ruined and the commentators are furious, and this simply is not good enough. F1 2020 game out in an awful state, especially on xbox there were soo many bugs and strangely features missing such as the starting lights you usually get when you take control over your car after rejoining the session, which were missing at the launch of the game for some reason, and the bugs were relentless, robbing me of league race wins. I accept that it is difficult, especially being
  5. and you're not full of patience
  6. it'll arrive when they upload it 🙄
  7. We have a formation lap... But no cooldown lap option, I think it could be a nice feature. Possibly quite useless since I feel that some people may just not care. But it could be nice, especially for end of season finales and for smaller leagues, because if it's someone's first league race then it could be a big moment for them, and of course if someone wins the title they can have a slow down lap, do doughnuts and all sorts, instead of having to create an entirely separate lobby or grand prix mode just to celebrate. And it would give a bit more emotion especially if the race is being livestre
  8. On the 2nd page of the MFD it shows you your pit window and what position you are likely to come out in if you were to pit. It could be a big advantage however to have it show gaps, if you were to pit roughly how far ahead and behind would you be of the drivers in your pit window. I think this would be a great addition and make it much more worth using, especially for hot competition. In high tier league racing and esports drivers have their engineers who tell them about the race, but even with that its hard to gauge where they'll come out compared to a rival, especially with under and overcut
  9. I've seen multiple times now that you can gain front wing damage, and it would appear on the mfd but only very slightly, it'd become a shade of green which could barely be differentiated from the standard shade, however it would lead to quite severe understeer, there needs to be a more sensitive damage indicator
  10. yeah cus irl they have a neutral button which also controls the reverse in most cars. the only issue would be finding a button to map it to on consoles since they're only limited on buttons
  11. Make the cars so Neutral can't be selected unless you're not moving at all. I've had a few instances where I've been downshifting aggressively for a tight corner and go into neutral.
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