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  1. Wow! That's the obviously reason why they ask to post your feedback on the forum: To ignore it! They just began thinking they're gods. I would post my feedback about GRID Autosport in the forum, but this is a waste of time to do. Because in the game, from PC/XBOX 360/PS3, they set an unfair XP points system and almost all of the players don't take the club leaderboard serious. For example (nothing about F1, just showing a non-cautious from Codemasters with your recent games) a club called GR8 (GR8BOOSTERS) only makes XP boost in the personalised match with numerous 1 lap ovals tracks. Codemasters should set playlist events (random games) as Ranked Match and Personalised events as Unraked (as they did with Dirt 2 and 3). And the funniest part is to see a guy who keeps defending it as great jobs of Codemasters with the online system of this game and keep singing "#1 club" as the honorable thing to take seriously (since they only can make boost on ovals events and can lose numerous matches in corners tracks). Showing the great boosters team leader:


    Seriously? Do you think the XP points of this game really give transparency of skills's club? Really think this game has appropriated ranked server as Dirt 2 and 3 have? Keep inviting players to join the club and making a numerous boost in 1 lap oval races is so easy. 90% of the players of GR8BOOSTERS only plays to get the online trophies of this game. Conclusion: BR3N7HOSANG --> Big dummy guy.

    1 lap ovals is not racing

    Watching GR8BOOSTERS gaining more XP and hearing/reading a lot of your nonsense about #1 club. If I calculate a mid of XP points per member, you think your club still being a first? You just invite some players to join your club, keep sending numerous invites for the race (YOUR race) without questioning (disrespecting them) and you discard the player when he's not giving the almost 90% of credit what you expected. Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't follow the boss, you'll be banned directly and no more "friend" of this guy. Thank God I'm no more a part of GR8BOOSTERS!! I always was fooled by him.