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  1. @BarryBL and any unknow little developer, I like how you guys threat with your customers. A lot of complains here and nothing has done. Masterpiece of disrespect. Congrats for this title. Feel free to give me 3 warning points by getting offended with my text above.
  2. Well... We reached then a consensus here about unrespecting codemaster's customers when close a gaming service without advicing. We have a big list about any others finished services and never adviced about them: Online server of GRID (2008); Dirtnet of Dirt 2 (taking off the functionalities such as ghosts lap and weekly tournament); All old digital games and DLCs from all platforms; Took off F1 2012 and Dirt Showdown from Racenet Legacy; And now... The only useful source of online mode from GRID Autosport: Racenet Challenge. I'm taking the 3 points but I
  3. @BarryBL @ChrisGrovesMCM Just here to require the 3 points warning removal about this reply: Because: Can't understand how Codie could handled bad in XP multiplayer system about leaving a player like @BR3N7HOSANGto boost only in 1 lap oval races, reaching #1 in "clubs leaderboard", all of this in GRID Autosport; I spoke the facts about informing discontinuation services (as you guys still didn't give the information about Dirtnet in Dirt 2 until then); All the bad words I typed were censored, respecting this https://terms.codemasters.com/en Waiting for a c
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