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  1. As good as those remaining 3 rallies and cars are (i loved Greece and Wales), it would be great to have some dlc that was new and not from Dirt 1. I only stopped playing it when dirt 2 came out recently... but yeah, fingers crossed either way.
  2. Yes that’s a good idea. One thing is for sure, the event tally needs to increase as locations are added, i’m surprised it hasn’t changed to 7 already to be honest. It’s basic stuff.
  3. Glad it’s not just me. I did countless career championships on dirt rally 1 and never encountered 2 of the same locations . It has to be a glitch surely?
  4. I’m partway through a 2000’s career championship and austrailia appears twice, and Poland is missing. Has anyone else experienced this? I started this championship before patch 1.2 so technically it’s a v1.1 or v1.0 glitch. edit: on ps4
  5. Pieman99

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    True, but if that was the case then they could have added a replacement instead of Dirtfish. god forbid we should get something new. Some people speculated that the reason that the 2000’s cars were not in the game at launch was due to licensing in too, yet a few weeks later they are putting he same cars back in. Again, if licensing was the issue then the c4 and fabia should have been included in release. I forgot about the rally school in d4 too, that was pretty fun, plus the dirt 4 career was better too, and the team management was deeper than dr2. It’s just weird that dr2 is inferior in these aspects that were in the previous game.
  6. Pieman99

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    In the fiesta r5 it often needs a new gearbox which is 50k and sometimes only is option is replacement instead of quick or standard fixes. Bodywork is typically 8k, so i opt for quick fixes instead which changes it to 4k. The biggest engine upgrade is 350,000 so it’s all pretty steep. Didn’t have this problem till i tried r5 class. Yes, the damage stays, yet the cars are always clean for the next stage 🤔
  7. Pieman99

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Between career events i now find myself looking for the cheapest way to fix up the car, as opposed to using the allocated 30 mins to fix as much as possible. I’m only really using about 15 of the 30 mins because doing any more working is financially unviable. (R5 class) i know the older cars are cheaper to fix and it’s not as big an issue. Just doesn’t feel right as a gameplay mechanic. May as well not bother buying any more mechanics as unless it reduces the cost to fix things then there is no point. I already have ample time. i’m barely making any profit after each event on the Master’s championship, it’s just the lump sum after completing the championship thatgives me any meaningful credits.
  8. Pieman99

    how to save the game

    Haha “shame on you” a bit harsh but i agree, there is a lot of room for improvement. We will see what the next patch brings 🤞
  9. Greece, Wales and Finland were all great in dirt 1, but i only recently stopped playing it and seeing as new stages for the Dirt 1 DLC locations seem to be off the agenda then a fresh rally would be welcome. It’s like being penalised for enjoying the previous game too much... for those people that barely played dirt rally 1, or at leasy stopped playing it some time ago i’m sure the dlc will be great...
  10. 20 pages of responses of feedback for v1.1, is there any update on when a patch might be released and which issues will be addressed? I’m assuming that is the point of this thread.
  11. Pieman99

    Where are the Splashes & Audio

    Yeah it’s weird how dirt rally 1 had good watersplashes with water covering the windscreen for a few seconds afterwards. Don’t know why they’ve removed one of the best effects from the first game. I also don’t know why they removed all the 2000’s cars, maybe the realistic watersplashes will be added later too...
  12. Pieman99

    Season 1 content missing

    Can someone confirm if the new cars can be used in career mode please? (As in the clubman, pro, elite, masters rally championship, not just freeplay).
  13. Any content that wasn’t in Dirt 1 would be nice.
  14. Pieman99

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - the car list at launch

    You need to be connected to Racenet to be able to play the career, whether it’s the single player championships or the daily/weekly events, even managing your staff requires a connection. Are you referring to to the Freeplay mode or something? They removed all 4 2000’s cars that were present in the previous game meaning unless you buy the dlc then that class is gone, it’s not really expanding it is it. And then they drop these same cars back in within a few weeks of release as paid content. If a couple of new 2000’s cars were in the base game (e.g. Fabia / 206) and they then charged for the 2000’s cars from the previous game then that would have been better, as that is giving us a genuine choice because we could still use the 2000’s class regardless. If they wanted to truly expand the car list like you said they are, then perhaps they should have left a couple of 2000’s cars in the game AND added the r5 class, not replace one with the other. Granted, the location dlc is easier to defend.
  15. Pieman99

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - the car list at launch

    Yes it would be great to see a car that wasn't in the first game, that’s what i expected in this game...that is the norm afterall, to get new things in a new game, how naive of me. But instead they took out all the 2000’s cars (one of the most popular classes, which codies clearly realise) from dr1 and are putting them back in a few weeks later, and charging for it. It’s unbelievable frankly.