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  1. Pieman99

    DiRTy Gossip

    The 206 is my favourite car in the game but i’m finding it to be one of the less competitive 2000cc cars, is anyone else finding the same thing?
  2. Pieman99

    1.10 update release time.

    People must be really desperate for these 206 flames 😂
  3. Pieman99

    DiRTy Gossip

    I thought i’d put you out of your misery as people’s cryptic responses to you may be a little misleading and making you think you missed something big, when you didn't lol Someone posted a link to a tweet by Seb Ojier’s (spelling) wife complaining about the Citroen WRC team, she also used a pun to describe Citroen, using as swear word which sounds like Citroen. 🤣 therefore i’m baffled as to why a few user’s on this forum have complained about it. I think pj only deleted it because the swearing wasn’t blurred out. if you have twitter you should be able to find it. It wasn’t very interesting to be honest, but it was a bit of rally gossip i guess lol P.s. I never knew the 206 WRC only had 5 gears, i guess you learn something new every day! Chuffed the car is now in the game, i (like many others) have been longing for it for ages 🎉
  4. Pieman99

    Carreer !!

    12 locations? The way you state it makes it sound as they are all new. 6 of them contain the exact same stages of Dirt Rally 1, so they are not unique. Plus 6 of the 12 are dlc so that’s not a fair comparison with the base game of WRC 8 either. If wrc8 decided to release WRC7’s locations as dlc then it would have 26.
  5. Pieman99

    Option to remove tarmac events from championship

    Yes i’ve done it enough to realise they are random, but random does still mean you could get the same bunch again. It is therefore extremely unlikely that after having done 6 events, you will then get the other 6 events next time you start a championship, hence the constant abandoning and restarting a new championship.
  6. Pieman99

    Option to remove tarmac events from championship

    It’s amazing how after all of the dlc we are still unable to have anything other than 6 randomised events in career. i spend so much time generating a championship and then having to start it, choose a car, then wait for it to load and then quit, abandon the championship and then generate a new one hoping it has the locations i want. If you’ve just done 12 stages in 6 locations it’s understandable to then want some different ones generated in the next championship. I’m so surprised they haven’t upped the count of the career events either, or at least make it option to choose between 6 and 11 ( soon to be 12 with Finland). i would put it in the Suggestion Box but people have mentioned this ever since the first dlc location was released. The irony is this sort of function should go without saying lol.
  7. Pieman99

    Golf Skin

    Have Codemasters ever said themselves that the reason some cars are missing official liveries is due to costs?
  8. Pieman99

    DiRTy Gossip

    There’s a video of the 206 on Youtube, if you type “Dirt Rally 2 206” and sort by upload date (it was uploaded about a week ago) you will find it it seems like some users are still able to unlock and use the dlc cars before they officially release.
  9. Pieman99

    DiRTy Gossip

    There’s a video on youtube showing the 206 in action, it has the silver Clarion (2002) livery. If you type “Dirt Rally 2 206” you will find it, it was posted 2 days ago. Someone has obviously managed to get hold of it early just like with most the dlc that has been released so far.
  10. Pieman99

    Why water physics was cut off from DIRT series?

    It’s really peculiar, they were great in Dirt Rally 1 too. Maybe the water effects specialist left codies between Dirt 4 and Dr2 lol
  11. Pieman99

    DiRTy Gossip

    Good news🤗
  12. Pieman99

    Dirt rally 2.0 on Xbox gamepass

    So with Xbox GamesPass does that mean that DR2 is free for a month, and anyone that downloads it during that month gets to keep it forever? Maybe they are hoping a bugger userbase will help with dlc sales? It does seem quite soon to have it for free, it’s only bene out 6 months. I’m sure codies have a strategy for doing this... probably to improve dlc sales.
  13. Pieman99

    DiRTy Gossip

    I take it there is still no news on upping the number of career championship events from 6 to 11 (or 12 once Finland is released)? it’s taking me longer and longer to have to start championships and abandon them until the locations i want appear. this should be such an easy change to make, it should have been upped by one each time a new location is released, it’s so odd that it has never been addressed.
  14. Pieman99

    DiRTy Gossip

    Agreed, the 07 Focus is such a waste of a good car at the moment with its naff liveries 😩
  15. Pieman99

    DiRTy Gossip

    Haha got eem!