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  1. Yes i did thanks, and that has resolved it which was a relief. never encountered a dodgy installation with any of my games before but glad it’s sorted. if any mods see this please close the thread.
  2. Update: it just seems to be some tracks that won’t load Silverstone, monaco, Montreal etc i’m hoping it just didn’t install properly, so i’m going to try uninstalling and installing again annoying cos it will take around 10 hours but hopefully it will resolve it.
  3. Hi All, Platform: Xbox One (2013) Game: F1 2020 standard version - disc Issue: Whenever i try to play the game will get stuck on the loading screen (when loading the track) it’s happening nearly every time now so it’s pretty concerning that i can’t play it. i get a black screen with “Please Wait...” appearing in the top left corner what i’ve tried: restarting console. hard reset removing disc cleaning disc (even though it’s brand new) . I really don’t want to have to try uninstalling and installing again just on the off chance that it may
  4. @PJTierney do you know what the price of the Flat Out pack will be yet? i have bought all content individually until now so do not own any full seasons.
  5. When is the 2001 Focus livery coming to the game? How do we get it without having to purchase the GOTY edition? edit: sorry, just read the blog post (properly), coming free on 24th for all existing 2001 Focus owners
  6. That scooby is immense 😍cannot wait @PJTierney do you know roughly how many unique km Scotland will have? Will it be similar to the other locations in dr2?
  7. Haha what platform are you on? i’m on ps4, i get it more than ever on Career rally. Maybe once every 15 stages.
  8. @PJTierney Do you know if the “convertible” car bug where the car looks like a transformer halfway through transforming will ever be resolved?
  9. It’s also interesting that most of it’s 12 locations were seen in in Dr1 and Dirt 4. I know Spain, Usa and aus had different stages though... Which is why i think it is so unlikely that any new locations will be added. Good graphic though!
  10. Has it been confirmed that we will be getting new sounds at all? Are we talking about the Fabia WRC?
  11. It hasn’t been in a Dirt/ Codemasters game for about 15 years though so it’s not guaranteed is it
  12. Yes that’s pretty much everything. And the only thing from Codies themselves has been the Something is Coming video. Without the user posting those sound recordings (which we still don’t know which game they were for), there has bene very little to go on. what things are pointing towards new rally locations?
  13. I’ll be happy if it’s just the Legacy and late 90’s Impreza. Anything more than that would be a nice bonus. Alternatively, if those two cars aren’t coming then all the gossiping since last May when we saw the photos from the (possible) sound recordings will have been for nothing 🙈 i think anyone that thinks there is a possibility of a new rally location is living on another planet, but i would love to be wrong of course 😇
  14. You’re back! You haven’t been here for months when you were normally one of the heaviest posters lol
  15. Yes true, judging by how quiet the forum is there’ll be no-one left to by any more dlc at this rate 😂
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