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  1. There’s a video on youtube showing the 206 in action, it has the silver Clarion (2002) livery. If you type “Dirt Rally 2 206” you will find it, it was posted 2 days ago. Someone has obviously managed to get hold of it early just like with most the dlc that has been released so far.
  2. I take it there is still no news on upping the number of career championship events from 6 to 11 (or 12 once Finland is released)? it’s taking me longer and longer to have to start championships and abandon them until the locations i want appear. this should be such an easy change to make, it should have been upped by one each time a new location is released, it’s so odd that it has never been addressed.
  3. Agreed, the 07 Focus is such a waste of a good car at the moment with its naff liveries 😩
  4. Wish i could say the same! It was my fave location in dr1
  5. Exactly, that’s the crux of the issue. When this happens it really brings the “always online” career mode decision to light. if the servers were bulletproof it wouldn’t be an issue.
  6. Ah ok cool, glad it’s not just me. Thanks for tagging pj
  7. Is Racenet playing up for anyone at the moment? It was working fine for me this morning But now it says “communicating with RaceNet” for ages. Then it just takes me back to the main menu screen, with 0 credits. Have tried restarting the game a few times now 😩 I’ve had the “racenet is unavailable” before but never this. I’m guessing something is up with the server and probably won’t be sorted till they go back to work tomorrow (based on previous issues). I’m also getting an error saying “your My Team Rallycross championship has been reset, because a discrepancy between local and RaceN
  8. That sounds like a pretty good idea tbf
  9. That is true, only problem is the ones we currently have are not the most popular 😂😩 let’s face it, the 97-2000 and 2003/4/5 versions are probs the most popular, yet we have the 2001 and 2008 lol Obvs the 1995 is pretty iconic too so at least we have that
  10. Does anyone think there is any credibility in the 92 Legacy and 97 impreza gossip, or do we think it was more likely for a different game now? They could’ve been used to drum up some serious hype for the release of the new seasons, particularly the 97 impreza.
  11. Haha yeah, all ppl want to know is which VW Golf is coming in the upcoming dlc, and they’re cloak and dagger about that as well 😂😂
  12. Haha nice work, and yes come to think of it, that plain blue 306 livery does hurt my eyes 😂 the liveries just get worse and worse, just when you thought the 2007 Focus liveries couldn’t be beaten 🙈 fingers crossed the 206 has a decent livery, it seems to be close guarded secret at the moment, whereas the Impreza 2001 with the official livery is being flaunted everywhere lol so it worries me that we haven’t seen the 206 yet...fingers crossed folks
  13. https://giphy.com/gifs/television-breaking-bad-serious-a8DfVAblirrOg Edit: damn... i wanted the gif to embed 😩
  14. Touché, that is hilarious 😂😂 I Honestly lost hope that we wouldn’t get anything other than dr1 content... it has to have a proper livery though 😜 just kidding... i’ll get my knife and fork...
  15. Yes the first bunch of season 3 content was easy to predict, just basically finishing off the content from DR1. The dr1 ibiza kit car will probably also be present. Any other locations will surely be Rallycross seeing as there are no more rally locations to port from dr1.
  16. Well, provided none of them were ps4 users lol
  17. Well to be fair it’s pretty much the only thing keeping our hopes up lol
  18. Yeah, F1 2019 🤣 i think Dirt Rally 2 has improved a hell of a lot since release. The patches since since PJ arrived were also a lot more effective at tackling the higher priority issues with the game. May have been a coincidence. Ffb, blurry ps4 graphics and AI all fixed within close proximity of each other. The first few patches back in march and april fixed minor things like font and in game text.
  19. The bog standard player who doesn’t visit the forum (not that there have been many hints/information from codies here either) probably thinks that season 2 will be the end of the dlc. So IF there is going to be some more, i’m a little surprised that codies aren’t trying to drum up some hype to ensure that current users stay with the game and that future content sells well. Things like messages on the menu screen of the game or something.
  20. The few hints there have been have all been to do with content from the previous game. Christina heavily hinted that the f2 ibiza and 306 would make it. And a pic of the 2001 subaru from dr1 was shown too. I would put money on those, but nothing else yet as I have yet to see any hints/ responses regarding any content that would be new to the series. To clarify, im speaking from a rally perspective. We’ve had plenty of fresh RX content so far so that more of that could be a realistic proposition. The extra slots on Steam has given me a bit of hope though
  21. When the devs respond very quickly to the below post, but never respond to your suggestion it worries me that it’s a non starter. it’s a bit like when ppl make requests for cars. Someone asked for the ibiza and 306 f2 cars from dirt rally 1, and they got a wink emoji back from Christina. But when people mention other cars (206, legacy, late 90’s impreza etc) there is never a response from codies. i’m just trying to read between the lines go figure out what future content is likely and what isn’t haha
  22. Yes some sort of new rally would be nice. Plus another car that wasn’t from Dirt Rally 1 would also be cool. Whether we get any is the million dollar question at this stage haha
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