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  1. That’s my point, i can’t categorically say that the 2001 subaru was ready because of the screenshot, but at the same time, you cannot categorically claim that is wasn’t ready back then. Only codies know.
  2. How do you categorically know that none of the dlc was ready for the release of the game? Surely unless you work for codies it’s hard to categorically say one way, or the other? There is a screenshot of of the 2001 impreza in the game that was shown prior to the launch of the game. So if that comes as dlc then that was something that was ready beforehand. Plus the dlc cars that have already been released from the previous game (c4, focus etc), it’s hard to prove whether they were ready for release or not, unless you were involved with working on the game?
  3. Ah my bad, forgot about those 🙈
  4. What were the 3 impreza’s at launch? Surely only the 1995 one was present at launch? And yes, saving all the 2000’s to use as dlc was an interesting choice, certainly sells well as dlc as customers are forced to pay extra if they want to use the 2000’s class, which in previous games was the most popular class. Certainly what the leaderboards suggest anyway.
  5. Begs the question as to why it wasn’t included in the game at launch. One of the most popular cars in the game, with a decent livery too.
  6. Thanks for finding that again. I remember seeing that at the time, and was excited, but no news since has meant i have stopped holding my breath. I remember the 92 legacy and 97 impreza posts too. But at this rate i would be happy if we even got just 1 of those 3 lol
  7. Okay, i will eat my hat if the Xsara or 206 make it lol.
  8. I admire your ideas and enthusiasm, but do we actually think there is any possibility of the 206 or Xsara coming? I know the 2001 focus and impreza are a lot more likely as they were in the previous games.
  9. Fair-play PJTierney, you are a breath of fresh air to the forum and Codemasters. You can use this feedback in your first appraisal 😜
  10. I think he’s referring to Masters AI times (rally mode) being quicker than the world record human times, so unless you are capable of setting world record pace you don’t stand a chance of winning. Having said that, Spain and Germany are significantly easier to win on, similar story to Dr1, in that the AI seem less competitive on tarmac compared to other surfaces. Another issue is the h1, h2 fwd times being too quick, i think that’s pretty much across all difficulties (not just Master’s). Ai was rating in the top 3 of the various polls for fixes that were going round the forum
  11. Congratulations on your new role! was there any truth in the photos of the 97 Impreza and 92 Legacy showing the sounds being recorded? Or was it unrelated to DR2? Unless i’ve missed something that’s the only hint of any gossip there has been so far.
  12. Very true, hadn’t thought of that ☹️ Looks like we’ll get more plain liveries to match the 2007 focus ....
  13. Thanks for posting. Interesting that the 2001 focus was in previous games yet they are recording the sound for it now? that livery would be immense though 😍 i guess it was likely that this car would be recycled, however what i am excited about is that that post helps add weight/credibility to the car sound recordings of the late 90’s impreza and 1992 legacy actually being for dirt rally 2!
  14. ^agreed, anything is better than nothing to be honest.
  15. Does the Focus have any liveries containing sponsors? Is the one from Dr1 present? Or are they just plain liveries?
  16. Do you know if those would be in addition to an official livery, or instead of? If it is then i wish i had a gaming pc so i could get the modded livery lol
  17. All these ideas are great, i would give anything for some of these cars. I would give all the current issues with the game a free pass if they put that subaru in the game. But is it a realistic possibility to have these sort of cars given that we don’t know if season 3 will exist yet? And when the 2000’s class was initially omitted from dr2 (all 4 cars from the previous game) people on here said it was probably due to licensing reasons. If that is the case, then i don’t know how they are going to get a bunch more cars if they were barely able to get the previous wrc cars in, albeit
  18. Hmm, doesn’t leave much hope for any official (ish) liveries then. I remember the c4 was white in dr1 and didn’t have any liveries with sponsors. Guess that doesn’t necessarily mean anything though so hope i’m wrong.
  19. So are we thinking that the livery with all the sponsors on for the 2007 Focus in Dirt Rally 1 won’t be available? Or is it just still speculation at this point?
  20. Thanks for posting that Tbtstt! those two would be insane 😍 are there any other reasons other than for video game purposes that the car’s sound would may be recorded? i guess another option is that these could be in wrc 8? Apparently that game will have some historic rally cars too. Would rather it was Dort Rally 2 though 🤞
  21. Agreed, i’m finding a similar thing. Poland is the other major culprit, yet Monte and Spain are really easy. Reminds me of DR1, Germany and Monte were easy yet Greece was solid, but still significantly easier than a some of the locations on dr2. The common denominator is the tarmac perhaps.
  22. Well they haven’t bothered upping it to 7 or 8 yet so i wouldn’t bet on it 😂
  23. Holy cow, so if the game has been out for approx 60 days you’ve played it on an average of about 8 hours per day 🙈 not sure whether to be impressed or not haha
  24. Ah okay, thanks Stu. In DR1 abandoning relegated you so it’s a bit of a risk 😩 Only thing with regard to the custom championship is the lack of credits. I want more credits to buy cars for the community events. I’m in Masters but still need more credits lol
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