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  1. Quick question, i really want Monte and Sweden to be in my next career championship. If i generate a championship and then abandon it (due to them being missing), will i be relegated down to the difficulty below?
  2. 2 holidays in as many months?! I’m pretty jealous, not gonna lie.
  3. Yes, those 3 things would be great, just enough new stuff to keep those of us that played dirt rally 1 to death happy. But if we end up with 12 rally’s i can’t help but think they will just be the 6 from dr1. i loved throwing the 2001 impreza around Greece for the past 4 years, blew me away, but even with the improved physics i need something fresh after all this time. Does that “a new stage for old rallies” mean some of the dr1 rally’s will have a new stage, with new corners? Because so far we haven’t had that yet, unless i’ve misunderstood the meaning of that?
  4. Isn’t it already common knowledge that the 2000’s cars for dirt rally 1 and more rally locations from dirt rally 1 are coming? One good question to ask would be, “is there any rally content coming to dirt rally 2 that wasn’t in dirt rally 1?” A positive answer to that question would be worth getting excited about.
  5. Reading through this thread it’s interesting to see how helpful and active codies were on this forum a a couple of months ago.
  6. Hmm, i can’t remember how many gears it has but someone posted in the Roadbook 08/04/19 thread that it will be the third car for the nr4 category, apparently there is a pic of it on the psn store, so it’s not looking hopeful that it’s the wrc car 😩 2 thirds down the page...
  7. That would be a great shame, just as we were getting excited for a new fresh car that wasn’t in the previous game (thinking it was the wrc s14) it turns out it’s the nr4 😩
  8. Yeah, if the F2 class does return i’d be happy with anything that wasn’t in the previous game and is fresh.
  9. Yet in Spain the AI is considerably less competitive, this was the same in dirt rally 1 with Germany. It seems the ai behaves differently on tarmac compared to all other surfaces. Someone once posted that the game engine can’t do AI properly hence why it is poor in both games. But I don’t know whether that is just speculation or whether there is actually some truth in it. it’s certainly an odd trend and you’d think if it was an easy fix codies would have done something about it by now...
  10. News on the 206 dlc has gone quiet, does anyone know if it’s still a possibility?
  11. Great vid. By the way, your save on RBR in the i20 WRC was amazing 🙈 Out of interest, which do you prefer out of rbr abd dr2? I’ve never played rbr but from your videos it looks amazing with all the mods.
  12. True, but if that was the case then they could have added a replacement instead of Dirtfish. god forbid we should get something new. Some people speculated that the reason that the 2000’s cars were not in the game at launch was due to licensing in too, yet a few weeks later they are putting he same cars back in. Again, if licensing was the issue then the c4 and fabia should have been included in release. I forgot about the rally school in d4 too, that was pretty fun, plus the dirt 4 career was better too, and the team management was deeper than dr2. It’s just wei
  13. In the fiesta r5 it often needs a new gearbox which is 50k and sometimes only is option is replacement instead of quick or standard fixes. Bodywork is typically 8k, so i opt for quick fixes instead which changes it to 4k. The biggest engine upgrade is 350,000 so it’s all pretty steep. Didn’t have this problem till i tried r5 class. Yes, the damage stays, yet the cars are always clean for the next stage 🤔
  14. Between career events i now find myself looking for the cheapest way to fix up the car, as opposed to using the allocated 30 mins to fix as much as possible. I’m only really using about 15 of the 30 mins because doing any more working is financially unviable. (R5 class) i know the older cars are cheaper to fix and it’s not as big an issue. Just doesn’t feel right as a gameplay mechanic. May as well not bother buying any more mechanics as unless it reduces the cost to fix things then there is no point. I already have ample time. i’m barely making any profit after each e
  15. Christ, the xbox one x verson looks insane 😳 had no idea the pro/x were that much better than the standard consoles.
  16. I’m surprised to hear that, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need fixing. Masters on dr1 was a piece of cake so dr2 needed to be harder, but Elite (which isn’t even the highest championship) shouldn’t be unbeatable for people who are outside of the top 10, i’m not far off the top 10 myself for daily’s. unless of course the difficulty isn’t consistent across the classes perhaps? But from my own experience r5 and group a seemed bricked, and i’ve seen other users saying the same for some other classes. I have noticed that the ai times aren’t as spread out as dr1, so on an
  17. In its current state the ai in dr2 career is broken. Elite level is unbeatable, and i’m assuming there is still a Master’s above it.
  18. I was going to ask the same thing, it’s strange isn’t it 🤔
  19. Either would be awesome, but I wouldn’t get too excited, seeing as neither were in the first game it’s unlikely they’ll be in this one seeing as 90% of dlc is just the first game content😩 The Fabia and m1 will be good, but i was really looking forward to having MORE 2000’s cars in the dr2, not none, and then most of the original ones as dlc, very naive of me although at least apparently it will be possible to buy each dlc item seperately, so i can buy the fabia and not the c4, so that’s something.
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