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  1. Techstyler81

    Codemasters ist [Removed]

    But that has to be
  2. Techstyler81

    No response to problems

    Es ist ein ziemlicher Arm, dass weder Faya noch Codemasters eine Antwort auf viele Probleme mit der F1 2019 finden werden. Können Codemaster kein gutes F1-Spiel machen? Können Codemaster die Community nicht ernst nehmen und informieren? Ist Faya und Co. hier nur eine Marionette? Leider müssen Sie alle Fragen mit Ja beantworten. F1 2019 has a lot of errors. We all know that. Only codemasters don't seem to know. What are you going to do codemasters?
  3. Techstyler81

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    Of course, we will not receive an answer. Not even by Faya. What else can we say about this? An absolute naughtiness. One can only hope that all developers will become unemployed very quickly and someone more competent will make this F1 game better. Faya also throw out right away. Answer party-grabbing, inconsequential questions. The community doesn't need such mod.
  4. Techstyler81

    Bugfixes coming ? [PS4] [Audio Bug] [Game Crashes]

    However, this is not about the Pc version, but about the Ps4 version. Would be in the title. But i don't think everyone can read. The game is full of errors on the Ps4.
  5. No, I haven't tried F2. I'm absolutely not interested. But I expect a more or less error-free F1 game with 2 years of development time. Finally we bought an F1 game. The F2 is included. I think it's ok if F1 would work properly. But it is far from doing so. That's why I'm a little disappointed with Codemasters. They should focus on F1. You will be paid for this. F2 could be seen as a separst game. Unfortunately, Codemasters is incompetent. You have now proved this several times. Classic Cars, but F1 full of mistakes. What's the point? Other annoyed players who will no longer buy the game? Do you want that? If so, you are well on your way to bankruptcy.
  6. Techstyler81

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    @FayaWe expect an answer. Jetz. Reparians do that! @Faya
  7. Who wants this F2 garbage at all? We want a functioning F1 game. And fast! F2 should be a separate game. But Codemasters don't care.
  8. Techstyler81

    Tire Temp Model Reverted to 2018?

    Es scheint wieder ein Problem zu sein, dass nur Wheel fahrer betrifft. Seit dem patch sind meine Temperaturen viel zu hoch. Ich muss jedes Setup wieder anpassen.
  9. Techstyler81

    Tire Temp Model Reverted to 2018?

    I mean, I always have the same settings. But since the last patch matures parature problems.
  10. Techstyler81

    Tire Temp Model Reverted to 2018?

    no. Discontinued as always
  11. Techstyler81

    Tire Temp Model Reverted to 2018?

    Since the update 1.09 I also suddenly have extremely mature paratures. It's never been so bad before. Codemasters does things they shouldn't change. But things they should change are ignored. Codemasters definitely doesn't get any more money from me. Every year the same garbage.
  12. Techstyler81

    Codemasters are planning to fix safety car?

    This Lee is stupid as bread. Obvious problems are not repaired. But every year a copy and paste game with 100 mistakes they can make. Otherwise Cm will not be able to cope.
  13. Techstyler81

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    As well as adjust the wheel /pad difference again. But unfortunately Bugmasters dad won't do it.
  14. Techstyler81

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    If this is done now or not @Faya
  15. Wow issues much??