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  1. There are also a lot of hardcore F1 drivers who know what's important in a good game, but are not registered here. I first registered here to find out what went wrong with F1 2018. I've been F1 for almost 10 years and 2018 was the worst F1 ever. Make your opinion as you like, but here it has too many blender. No wonder the game is not qualitatively on the stand as it should be.
  2. Of course, CM will read any stupid comment here, before selection? Lol .. You probably believe in the stork.
  3. I know the facts very well. An acquaintance was 2017 Beta Tester. Clearly, there were also errors that were not in beta. But the fact is .. F1 2018 had so many bugs that it suggests that the beta testers were not good.
  4. Personally, I would find it very horrible if Codemasters for F1 2019 Beta would take the same tester as it did for F1 2018. The game was so bad, and shows that the beta testers did not understand much of F1. This is my personal opinion. We all want a good game. But with beta test people who just want the game, you do not get a good game.