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  1. Okay so I guess GIMP 2.0 is not an option for skinning?
  2. Yandere Simulator aka ,,kill everyone who could fall in love with your crush so only you can get him in anime style"
  3. Ok but let's say I have a selfmade skin as a png file, do I have to convert it to .dds and replace the e.g 202_main_d.tga file (for Peugeot 208 R2), then copy the 202_main_s.tga and 202_glass_s.tga from the livery_user file into the livery_00 file, into the 202_tex_high_00_pssg_textures? After that I import all textures into the pssg editor again and can place the 202 folder into the cars folder again?
  4. Well I found this website too but it doesn't tell me what to do with the files etc. What type of file do I have to export the skinned template? What do I with it when exported? I now have the .pssg files extracted but can't open the ,,main_d.tga". What do I have to do to be able to skin it?
  5. Hi so I want to get into skinning but can't find a proper tutorial. Can anyone help me out?
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