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  1. Romkslrqusz

    DiRT Rally 2.0: VR FAQ & Performance Guide

    This is incredibly disappointing news, and a spit in the face to everyone who supports Codemasters and the Dirt Rally series. If the Oculus API isn't going to be supported in the Steam version, the right thing to do would be to provide folks who purchased the game with an Oculus Key. Knowind Codies' history, I doubt that will happen. Shame it's too late for me to refund the game - the only reason a lot of people bought it was the promise of VR support.
  2. Romkslrqusz

    Sudden performance issues in Dirt Rally VR

    I eventually got to troubleshooting by eliminating USB peripherals. In doing so, I found that the USB Cable for my breakout box/HMD had been swapped around with the one for the USB hub in my monitor - that port is on a controller with a bunch of other USB3.0 peripherals and seems to have created a bandwidth issue that was only evident in Dirt Rally.
  3. Romkslrqusz

    Sudden performance issues in Dirt Rally VR

    Yeah, deleting it had no impact. I haven't had any BSODs or quirky behaviors in anything else - my RAM settings are hand-tuned, though I suppose I could run memtest/realbench for a long time to reverify - that's just a lot of downtime without my computer available for other tasks. The problem is isolated to Dirt Rally - every other game, pancake or VR, works fine. I haven't tried the 419.35 driver that just came out, but I was on 419.17 when things worked fine (temporarily) on Saturday. Clean installs of the driver I had in place for over a month did not resolve the issue. I've also run verification of DR's files via steam and found nothing of concern.
  4. Romkslrqusz

    Sudden performance issues in Dirt Rally VR

    Seems I spoke too soon. Everything was fine saturday morning, but when I got home from work the issue was there again. Even forcing ASW to 45FPS lock, it dips and I get hitching. I'm at a complete loss with the inconsistency of this problem.
  5. Romkslrqusz

    Sudden performance issues in Dirt Rally VR

    Sorry for late response, I forgot about this thread and had mostly been on reddit. Deleting the XML settings didn't help me out. I was continuing to fiddle around the other night - one user reported being able to force ASW, whereas I could not. It hadn't occurred to me to disable ASW outright. I did so through Oculus Tray Tool using the timer injection method set to 10 - that actually solved the problem. Interestingly, I've got a lot mroe wiggle room for higher settings without frame drops afterwards too! Thanks
  6. Oculus Rift, i7-5820k, GTX1080, 32GB DDR4-3000, Windows 10 I've been playing Dirt Rally since it became available, and in VR since that became available, with pretty much zero issues. After not playing for two days, I am suddenly getting weird "hitching" every few seconds. I've observed this on multiple tracks, different conditions. I'm pretty sure I am noticing it in the main menu as well. Monitoring resources, CPU usage isn't exceeding 40%. GPU Usage seems to fluctuate from 30% to 60%, but my GPU's boost clock doesn't kick in full. Temperatures are all good, and my overclock settings are the same as they've been for the last year+. Framerates seem to be rapidly fluctuating between 90FPS and ASW's 45FPS. I have also tried using Oculus Tray Tool to force Always-on ASW, which doesn't seem to have an impact using the WMI or Timer injection methods. I've tried the ultralow and automatic graphics presets with no change in behavior. My usual graphics settings had been working perfectly for a few years now. The only change that had been made to my system between everything being fine and this problem showing up was updating my nvidia drivers from 418.91 to 419.17. Used DDU to remove my drivers, reinstalled 418.91, rebooted, and the problem persists. There doesn't seem to have been an update to Dirt Rally. I'm sure folks are pretty jazzed about DR2.0 and likely playing that, but I can't race without VR anymore. Any help/ideas/similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.