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  1. JanRooZnBurkk

    VR support in Dirt Rally 2 ?

    why TF shoud you pay a higher price!? its their job to deliver the best possible experience that you pay the price of an AAA game in the first place.people are so willingly to get milked its discusting at times. + embarrassing really, you have to understand that THEIR JOB is to GET YOUR MONEY. its not YOUR JOB to pay them, your job is to DEMAND QUALITY. Simple as that, i woud go this far to call it COMMON SENSE
  2. JanRooZnBurkk

    VR support in Dirt Rally 2 ?

    wow reading this is very scary D: it seems like VR users are some kind of junkys that cant live without VR anymore... really guys.... get your **** together best part is the guy that is telling he gets headaches/feels stressed from playing on a monitor xD what a BS xD xD xD