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  1. Hi, I switched from a Fanatec H-shifter to a new Pro-Sim H-shifter and no matter what I try I can't get it to show up as device in DR 2. A Pro-Sim H-Shifter is probably not supported as preset device, but it's a simple HID joystick input device, so I guess it should be possible to get it working? The shifter shows up as regular joystick input device, I also know its device ID and tried to add it manually to the device_defines.xml like so: <device id="{ff2272a0-46d8-11eb-8001-444553540000}" name="pro_sim_shifter" priority="100" type="shifter" /> but it still won't show up as input device.. Is there a way to have it shown as input device within DR 2 so I can bind the gears to it? cheers, Bernhard